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David Archuleta vs. David Cook: Who'll win the most showbiz awards?

November 22, 2008 |  2:18 pm

Sure, David Cook beat David Archuleta on "American Idol," but now they enter their next arena, battling over music sales and critics' huzzahs as their debut CDs hit the market just days apart.


David Archuleta debuted in second place on the Billboard 200 chart last week behind Taylor Swift, selling 183,000 discs. According to MJ's Big Blog, that places Archuleta third in the first week of sales of second-place "American Idol" contestants, after Clay Aiken and Bo Bice, and in 10th place among all "Idol" star releases. MJ warns not to read too much into those numbers, considering that CD sales in general are down 25% this year after falling drastically the previous few years too.

Looks as if Cook will top Achuleta's numbers soundly. Industry estimates project sales of about 300,000. Currently, Cook is No. 1 on both iTunes and Amazon's music charts.

Cook's CD got better reviews from critics, but that's to be expected, frankly. Music journos tend to be macho dudes fond of raging against the kind of dreamy heartthrob ballads that Archuleta croons. At, Cook has a critics score of 67 compared with 58 for Archuleta. However, regular users of the site give Archuleta a towering score over Cook: 9.3 to 7.4.

Entertainment Weekly likes Cook's "husky, expressive vocals," while the New York Times says, "David Archuleta has a lovely, foggy R&B voice out of scale with his small body."

Looking ahead to the awards arena next: They're both nominated for American Music Awards this weekend, but, as all kudos experts know, those don't count. Let's consider the Grammys. Archuleta might have much in common with past Grammy grabbers Michael Bolton, Justin Timberlake and John Mayer. David Cook could become the next Rob Thomas.

Photo: Fox TV

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Is that a question?Of course David Cook...Do you want a teeny winky music?OMG!!!David Cook has a platinum debut album and hit singles..So,what can you conclude?

umm im in love with david archuleta and i hate david cook and archie def shouldve won cook stinkss!!!! and me and david archuleta are married soo yeahh... and he touched my hand at his concert<33333333 love you hubby

Eversince american idol started, I'm already a fan of archie. He was my bet actually for winning the title. Not just I love listening to pop music but he has a different style compare to cook ( like daughtery and nickelback!! It isn't new anyways) I remember randy Jackson told arch after singing when you believe by Mariah Carey, " if you can sing, you can sing any song! And that's you man! "

I don`t understand how Cook won the idols in the beginning. To start of im a Turkish person living in the netherlands age 29. The thing is about Cook he sounds alot other rock singers, not saying he has a bad voice. Its just he has nothing new to offer that you cant hear from nickelback who has more exp. and in my opinion a better voice. Archuleta is you had MAYOR talent, and is only 17 years maybe 18 now. Archies songs are also more pop like who will get more sales worldwide. If David archuleta was at the first IDOLS a couple of years back when the cds where sold i am convinced that no-one could get his sales in the same amount of time. This is my opinion everybody can think otherwise.

david archuleta by far is better

David Archuleta's albums better and i want to say i'm not biasedd or a teeny bopper or wtvr lmfao because i usually would listen to more of cooks genre but i listen to davids even though im not a very pop person hahaha.

I didn't watch American Idol b/c I outgrew that show after Season 4 when Carrie Underwood won but I knew who David Cook and Archuleta were b/c if you watch TV, they were everywhere. A friend of mine had Cook's CD and her sister had Archuleta so I borrowed them both and David Archuleta's CD is by far better.

My genre is Symphonic Metal which is more of a European genre so I really had no favortism towards Rock or Bubble Gum Pop. Cook has some good songs, no doubt but a lot of it sounds the same and there's nothing new. It's what's expected.
With David Archuleta, at least 6 of the songs sound like hits that you would hear on the radio right now and although there are THREE ultra teeny bopper songs I hated, the rest were surprisingly amazing. I went out and bought his CD for myself.


no one these days appreciates good old rock. its all about the pop and loveydovey music. let david ARTICHOKE do his lovey girlie music while the real talented david cook does his thing!!! He is talented in many different instruments and has the versatility that he needs to be a rocker where david artichoke can have his 12 yr old girls!!

No suprise David Archuleta is winning the young one's hearts! Miley Cyrus announced on her Yahoo email that she was a HUGE fan of David now all her young fans will also be fans of David Archuleta..and we all know how many fans miley has ;)

What are showbiz awards?
Not related to technicality awards right?

I don't know. They are both deserving to have awards (not the WORST whatever).

People are still fighting over this. That's ~great~ and very ~mature~.

david Archuleta = pop
david cook = rock


*currently listening to D.A.'s - Crush

Oh, by the way. I have both David's CD's and I seem to drift over and listen to Archuleta more. I guess that tells me why he will out last over time than Cook.

I enjoy all types of music. I never have been a fan of just one person. I think I am more interested in longevity. By statistics, archaleta style will last longer than cook. Cook will do well for a while but I can't really see him as a long term figure....but all this chatter is kinda fun to read.

it's definitely David Archuleta...

omd da's album debuted at 2 on 200 chart, and cook's debut at 3. woohoo. awesome!

Hello correction please, I find Cook Die Hard Fans are SUCKERS and PATHETIC for they try to buy 9 pcs of his CD/individual and his fans was so proud of it - Trying to rigged again and never learned. Two reason he won AI 1. It's RIGGED or 2. A SYMPATHY VOTE DRAMATIZING HIS BROTHER AILMENT VERY CALCULATED MOVED and its very obvious - ITS SUCKS TO WIN WHEN YOU DON'T DESERVED IT. HAHAHAHA, Get over with this is only AI season that people are not satisfied with the result for its obviously still being talked.
Cook single:LIGHT ON - BOMBED didn't even reach #9 in iTune and I believe its already #93 plus his CD ALBUM is already #13 in iTune just for 9 days its just drop so fast and just poor #3 in week released while David Archuleta single: CRUSH - IS OFFICIALLY PLANTINUM and his CD ALBUM is #2 in first week release. COOK die hard fans are just pathetic suckers and Cook CD ALBUM sound all the same and copying Chris Daughtry has no originality and I don't think he will last in a ROCK & ROLL Genre that why he keep switching from ROCK TO POP so confused can't find his identity. SAD, SAD, SAD, The Cook Fans has unstable mind - Don't buy Cook CD ALBUM for there is nothing extra ordinary in it they all sound the same and his A SCREAMER!. IF YOU LIKE ROCK BUY CHRIS DAUGHTRY CD for it sold 6 million copies and the success is based on words of mouth AND IF YOU LIKE POP BUY DAVID ARCHULETA CD FOR EACH SONG IS DIFFERENT AND HAS DIFFERENT TEMPO AND FLAVOR TO IT AND WORTH IT. GOOD FOR HOLIDAY GIFT FOR THIS CHRISTMAS. ASTA LA VISTA!

These stupid polls dont mean anything. Its just whoevers fan base votes the most. Its so stupid. Of course the "arch angels" are gonna vote for archy, and cook fans for cook. I personally love cook , but archy is a sweet kid, and hes a great singer too.

DAVID ARCHULETA is better then DC!!!! Everyone knows that. Even older generations like his songs.

It's definitely David Archuleta. One of the reasons, well. He just take my breath away every time I hear him singing and every time I play his songs. No offend to DC fans but Archie will likely be more successful in their singing career. And it's because Archie got the voice, the looks and of course, the down to earth personality. I'll bet, Archie is going to stay in the business for a very long time. I just don't know DC who just keeps on rocking even though he ain't a rocker. There are lots of rockers out there who are quite better than him. And it's the truth...

David Archuleta will win more awards for sure! Is that even a question????


The Cook and Archie fans are at it again. Both fanbases need to shut the hell up. As far as the awards go, time will tell.

blah, blah, blah.. who cares? i love archie.. and cook.. if I had to choose one over the other, it'd be archie for sure.. he just inspires me .. but this is all nonsense..

My American Idol is David Archuleta. I am 61 years old and I will love David forever. When he sings he just takes my breath away. There is no singer out there that has a voice like David's. David is so grounded, humble, genuine and fanatic. Where in the world did he come from? I am so odd with David some times I wander what is wrong with me. But I do know this much if David sang the phone book I would buy it. I thank God that I am not a young teen. It doesn't matter what David dose he is enbeded into my heart and soul forever.




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