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Can Barack Obama win '60 Minutes' another Emmy?

November 14, 2008 | 10:39 am

Last week was a very good one for TV newsmagazine "60 Minutes" — it was the No. 1 show and it scored five nominations for the Business and Financial Reporting Emmys. Now Barack_obama2 comes the news that veteran reporter Steve Kroft is sitting down today with president-elect Barack Obama for his first post-victory interview. This exclusive will air Sunday night on CBS.

The pioneering show, now in its 41st season, won three more News and Documentary Emmys in September, including kudos for its trademark investigative journalism as well as for the continuing coverage of a news story. And most certainly the newsmagazine's ongoing reporting on the presidential election qualifies as continuing coverage. Indeed, last week, Steve Kroft sat down with the winning team that ran the Obama campaign. Now, with this interview with the man himself, Kroft is spoiled for choice when it comes time to deciding what to submit for Emmy consideration next year.

Obama may also become a factor at the prime-time Emmys or the Oscars, depending on the release fate of the new documentary about his presidential campaign being produced by Edward Norton and HBO. If it gets a theatrical release before being aired on TV, it'll only qualify for an Oscar run. Otherwise, its first airing will be on TV, which makes it Emmy eligible. At this point HBO execs are not sure of its distribution plans. READ MORE.

Photo: Emmanuel Dunand /AFP/Getty Images