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'Valkyrie' to 'Heil Razzies'?

November 26, 2008 |  9:44 am

Looks like the Razzies are confident in their prophesy that "Valkyrie" will land in their next derby, which commences on Jan. 21 when noms are unveiled. Last year the Razzie ceremony ended with big photos on stage of films they expect to see next year. Tom Cruise in that eyepatch got the biggest play — and the most howls, guffaws and applause from the audience.

Now check out the far left column of their website and follow the link to Courtney Hazlett's "'Scoop" column at She gives her tattle report on a screening of "Valkyrie," which notes, "A scene where Cruise's character, Claus Von Stauffenberg, is forced to give the infamous 'Heil Hitler' salute. 'It's an unsettling scene but you almost start to laugh,' a source says. 'His character is resisting it but you never forget it’s Tom Cruise saying 'Heil Hitler.' It's funny and shocking at the same time . . . . 

"The film just isn't a thriller at all," said one 'Valkyrie' viewer. 'It's a bunch of white guys in Nazi uniforms. It's too bad. And Tom doesn't speak with a German accent — though they did add a voiceover of him speaking German to the beginning of the film. Still, it's as if he could say "I complete you" at any time. This is not his Oscar moment."


Photo: United Artists

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I just saw this movie about ten minutes ago and honestly loved it. I would be one of the first to agree that Tom Cruise is not much of a unique actor and does tend to play the same type of role. With that said, it is a role that he plays extremely well. The film gave an insight behind German lines that has yet to be seen in a WWII movie. The story also shows the difference between those who fight for what they believe, just follow orders, or just want to be on the winning side.

I would firmly recommend this film.

I would suggest that if you dislike an actor so much, why pay money to see his movies? I personally do not plan to see this film for that very reason. There's nothing wrong with making a decision to NOT see a film based on what we know about the people behind it.

Hey losers, reference "The Godfather II". DeNiro, who spoke no Sicilian, learned all of his lines in a perfect Sicilian dialect. He would go on to win the academy award even though his lines were in Sicilian. Linguists remarked that he was uncanny. Fault the direction, but point the middle finger at Cruise for not seeking the authenticity that the film deserved. He is a fucking joke.

Personally I have to say that you better do some History channel surfing or reading up on whol, what, where and when before seeing the film or you will be lost. Tom is okay- the dialect thing is infuriating and annoying- it is also comical to see so many 'germans' with either an American or a British accent but none with German...the first half of the movie is BORING. BUT...the second half introduces some interesting history that is little known. Good rent with the caveat you read up, bad movie to pay $10.00 and stand in line for.

Tom's dialect in 'Far and Away' was impeccable. And it is also a much better film. In my opinion it is Tom's best. He can carry a dialect. The lack of using German dialect here is a directoral choice and an extremely BAD one.

I am astounded at the level of negative publicity that this movie has received. Frankly, I rarely agree with the media about anything so I will certainly make sure that I see it, just because anything that could make the media respond with this much force must be good=)

We went to go see Valkyrie because we were hopeful it would be an interesting WWII movie. Unfortunately, Tom Cruise' acting is soooooooo bad, not merely because he does not have German accent, but because he does not even have a German persona. He remains Tom Cruise in the film. Twenty minutes into the movie we walked out and got our money back. Yes, it was really that bad. Do not see it.

I dont know why you people behind Scientology Scientology and Scientologists .....its really sucks... When i saw Tom on TopGun first time(i mean I saw him for the first time). i was not searching to know wat is his cast and background. I just started to like him coz of his styles and he become one of my fev actor.. Do you people know early About mission ' Valkyrie' . If you all aware of this and you all just want to read books and dont want to see movie then pls... If you want to really see the move just go and watch it first and then give your valuable comments. The main plot for this film is Tom no doubt.
He become the main plot coz he is that much famous and thats y you know lot abt his personal life, if you are a Scientologist no one is going to care or talk abt it coz ur not famous. so y u r going behind that thing leave it talk abt the movie.

As you all know this is a true story. there are lot of films become big success(true stories) with or without big casting . when Troy came out there was one more reason to see that movie Bradpitt. But when I watched Gladiator I was not aware about Russell crow but Gladiator become one of the classic. Some actors can become the character and some Actors can bend the character to them, putting there styles to that particular character. But Both are very difficult to do. And I noticed some people are talking abt the appearance did you people see Hercules in real wat abt Achilles and many more ...hehehe I think Idont have 2 talk abt it... this is just like making a excuse.

And abt the director did you people like x men, x men 2 . x men 3 was also good but the movie was so fast and fast and the film over.

May be this film will become a big flop but I would like to see the movie coz there are lot of things we know but we didnt saw any where. And I to really doubt abt the success coz these days the movies are only unrealistic. And all running behind this type of movies so I think the timing is bad.

I find the people who claim Cruise is 'brainwashed', are brainwashed themselves. It isnt just, Scientologists, who support him. They are scientists, neurosurgeons, MD"s, PhD's, ND's, Investigative Journalists, Meidical Investigators, and citizens and other professionals with open minds who are not necessarily influenced by the ads bombarding the air waves every six minutes; ads which are banned everywhere else in the world except the USA and New Zealand. There are also literally hundreds of books and journals published, some by whistleblowers, who have worked for decades within very telling industries. And, they are NOT Scientologists.
And how derisive to judge what is a religion and what isnt. They dont require blood sacrifices, even symbolically. Their precepts are no less absurd than ANY of the others. And, I'm sick of hearing about 'choice'. Neither side has much choice.
It's Bryan Singer's direction I'm nost worried about.

What is wrong with all of you? All of you have jumped on the attack Tom Cruise bandwagon. Look at his box office history, if he is so terrible why does he have such a good track record. It all comes back to scientology which I know was stupid but come on that is just his opinion. I for one still like his movies and will see this one. I think all of you followers that sit there and say oh the movie is going to be terrible before you even see it or base your decision on over paid losers who write reviews. Who probably have emotional probs and have banded together to trash his career because of what he said to brooke shields. Morons. I am going to happily see this movie like I did all his other movies. Oh and leave history out of this it is Hollywood idiots of course they are going to embellish about the subject. Stop trying to study the subject all the sudden so you can hack up the movie, if you want to learn more that is great.

Tom has always been a mediocre actor. He tries really hard and I will give him that- but at $25million a pop plus an enormous take of the gross- I demand more than mediocre talent with absolutely no chemistry with the ladies. If I ran hollywood, tom would have been put out to pasture in bad cable TV land shortly after marrying Mimi Rogers. Scientology is not a religion and they effect every aspect of your life- tom was finished the first moment he held an E-meter.

Bryan Singer is one of the worst film directors of all time.

He has NO subtlety and only makes crappy pictures. He bought his way into Hollywood and has no clue how to make a decent movie. He is the anti-Hitchcock.

Usual Suspects is a classic example of his heavy-handed make-it-obvious style.

He keeps telling us all through the picture exactly who Kaiser Soze is! Never once does he keep us in suspense as the which character it might be. The first time I watched it I caught every one of his ham-fisted and intentionally obvious 'clues' as to the identity of Soze.

There was about 3 minutes in the middle when I thought I might be wrong, but then he slaps you upside the head with the obvious again:
"Who is Kasier Soze?" Cut to ECU of Kevin Spacey. Duh! How obvious does he have to make it? That was about as subtle as putting a lower-third up saying 'Kasier Soze is played by Kevin Spacey!'.

Bryan Singer is as subtle as a toothache. Just because someone can afford to buy a director's chair doesn't make them a good, or even decent, director. Singer is formulaic and rote. He has yet to make a good picture.

I say boycott the film. Would you pitch in to buy bullets for the Al Qaeda cult too?

Actors should be judged for their acting, not their personal lives. Obviously, he is a very troubled young man. But, from time to time, he gives an excellent performance, as he did in "Rain Man"

Sheila Kieran

While Tom Cruise isn't the most gifted actor in Hollywood, those around him in "Valkyrie" will more than make up for the deficiency just as actors in all his other movies have done. That said, the film looks great with a fascinating storyline and a large group of us intend to see it.

It's Battlefield Earth with an eye patch! LOL!

The movie will probably get some $40 million in box office receipts, if they're lucky, thanks to that insane cultist's frothing insanity whereby nobody can stand to look at him leave along pay money a percentage of which winds up in the off shore bank accounts of the Scientology crime syndicate.

I have to strenuously disagree. I've liked and been engaged by all of Singer's films, including "Apt Pupil." I was genuinely surprised at the twist in "The Usual Suspects" and I thought the second "X-Men" film was the best of the bunch and the first one was a major accomplishment of good summer filmmaking on a small budget.
I think Tom Cruise is a decent (not great) actor but I'll definitely see this film in the theater because of Singer's involvement.

All you worshiped this guy until he got a little kooky in some cheese puff interviews you shouldn't have been watching anyway. Now you all mock him as if he's different or changed. Same guy, decent actor, nutty religion. Christianity is just as absurd as CoS in my estimation, if I held that against Christian actors there would be few movies left to see. GET OFF YOUR SELF-RIGHTEOUS HIGH HORSES.

Tom Cruise is a charismatic, talented person who is human. I love his movies -- am not into Scientology at all -- and think he has a really great heart. Just want to say something positive about him -- haven't seen this movie, but will.

i have to disagree with those who say that the Germans involved in this plot to kill Hitler wanted the war to continue. That's historical revisionism! The truth is that this cabal of generals realized the war was lost and wanted Hitler and the SS out of the way to hopefully end the war with a negotiated settlement with the Allies. It was wishful thinking, because Churchill and Roosevelt had called for unconditional surrender. There were several plots to kill Hitler, and they were being planned by a retired General Beck, who quit the German Army in 1938.
He was shot later in the day on July 20, 1944 by the Gestapo in Berlin.

"just a bunch of white guys in nazi uniforms."
What do you expect? It's about Nazi Germany. Were you expecting a multicultural cast? How about Selma Hayek as Rommel?

I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but they'll never be a Oscar for Tom-Tom. He is a delusional human being, who has been brain washed. Very sad person, but he's so far gone, he doesn't even realize it.

It was made by Bryan Singer, so OF COURSE it's terrible!!!!

That guy never made a decent movie since film school, and not even then. All he wanted to do was waste the class time talking about how famous he was going to be when he used his family's money to buy his way into Hollywood.

The Usual Suspects? Please! He made it SO obvious through the whole film who Kiaser Soze was. There was no suspense, no ... nothing. Singer is terrible he literally sucks!

The only thing I've liked about Curise recently was Last Samurai, and only then because I like ancient Japanese culture. I also think, IMHO, that was the last movie Cruise even bothered to act in. Every picture I see him in, he is exactly the same character.

I liked 'Minority Report', but Cruise played exactly the same character as 'Mission Impossible', only the name was changed...

Since the Usual Suspects was so transparent and plodded thought it's script to it's long anticipated ending, I expect that Valkyrie will be just as uninteresting and painfully obvious, besides, we already know the ending.

Whose cornflakes did Tomcat Pee in to get this much negative backlash? Let me get this right; He gave a lousy interview, He was real Happy and Jumped up on a couch, and his religion is different then most of America. Other than Jumping on Oprah's sofa, The villa's of Hollywood are loaded with actors, and actresses like that. If you hate his movies fine. But damn, get off the mans back . Stop the Hate.

Look at the door gasket of the Nazi staff car in the photo above. What a lack of set decorating detail. The car looks like it had just been pulled out of a 1940's junkyard. Did Singer think the cine camera wouldn't catch this? It looks like 3/4's of the budget went to Cruise's salary, and 2/3rds of that to the Church of Scientology.




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