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Oscars for 'Twilight' and Rob Pattinson?

November 11, 2008 | 10:29 am

After seeing the film version of her hit vampire tale, "Twilight" author Stephenie Meyer said about Robert Pattinson, "His performance, in my opinion, is Oscar-worthy."

Of course, she realizes that the hope of "Twilight" getting Oscar respect may have the blood drained out of it "by the fact that this is a vampire romance and it's basically aimed at teens," she told EW, but "when they see the movie — oh, my gosh — there's no way not to love him!"


When Gold Derby recently sized up the award prospects of "Twilight," we cited the obvious — Teen Choice, Saturn Awards and forgot to mention MTV Movie Awards (oops! "Twilight" will romp there, natch, and Rob Pattinson and Kristen Stewart have practically won the best kiss award already, even before the movie opens) — but we got chastised by our readers for not aiming higher. As high as lofty Oscar!

A poster named "cullenista" wrote in the comments section of our earlier blog item: "I think that everyone will be surprised by the intensity and complexity of Rob Pattinson's and Kristen Stewart's performances. If the movie does well, maybe there will be a best adapted screenplay nomination for Rosenberg & best original song for Decode nomination."

Poster "Stephen" agreed about the music hopes of "Twilight": "Who knows . . . This seems to be a bare year for the original song category. Maybe Summit should really push one of the Paramore songs as they are actually quite good and written specifically for the film. I wouldn't mind seeing that happen."

But poster "AJ" howled at the suggestion that its scriptwriter could be nominated: "Melissa Rosenberg's only other screenplay came in the form of 'Step Up.' Oh, yes, Oscar is just oozing out of this one."

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this is silly even if twilight is a qteen film . its still a great movie and when people say that its not nominated because of that fact its pafectic if teens love it then im sure it should have been nomination , Xo
Love ROB !! x

Well, would you look at that. No Oscar nominations at all for Twilight. Sorry to bring you back to earth, kids.

Come on he is super talented. How many of you can sing, play piano and guitar and act. Edward isnt Rob, edward is suppossed to be the first real love who does it all for you, do you even know him personally how can he do it for you. He is hot though, so at least he should send chills down your spine while your watching the film about that crazy sickening love that everyone wants , not vampires, thats just the fantasy.

Well, AJ, "hip" has been nominated and has won time and time again. It wouldn't be a first. With potentially five nominations, it wouldn't be out of the question. The "Twilight" soundtrack just became the new #1 album on the Billboard charts. Nominating "Twilight" in the Original Song category certainly would be "hip." Not to mention, it would draw a lot of people to the telecast, not that it should be a deciding factor on who is best.


I got quoted! I feel so special. Two weeks ago people were hoping this wouldn't be absolute shit. Now people are wondering how many oscar nominations it can get. Really? The best chance it has is Original Song, but I see no reason why the music branch would go for something 'hip' like Paramore when they can go for Springsteen and Gabriel. Best Actor for Pattinson? I won't go into how ridiculous this suggestion is, but will they really go for the star of a teen vampire drama when they have Mickey Rourke, Sean Penn, Leonardo DiCaprio, Frank Langella, Richard Jenkins, Brad Pitt, Benicio Del Toro, Hugh Jackman, Clint Eastwood, Viggo Mortensen, Michael Sheen, Philip Seymour Hoffman, Dustin Hoffman, Will Smith, Josh Brolin, and even Christian Bale to chose from?

I think the point of the original quote (as it reads in EW) was that Twilight would never be considered for an oscar, but R.Patz performance transcends the genre of a teen flick. This is a bit out of context.

And I do think that that sort of thing should be considered. Sure, a guy plays a vet with one leg and a cutting problem, and it's probably going to be considered for the heavy hitting awards. But what if someone does something amazing with a fluff role like a vampire boyfriend? Shouldn't the fact that he was able to make something with little to work with be considered?

I think it's important that Twilight and Rob fans don't overhype the poor guy. I'm a fan of the series and of Rob too, but fans are so insistent on selling him to everyone else on every online outlet, they are kinda overshooting the mark. Let his work speak for himself. He's got Twilight and Little Ashes coming out. The guy's got talent, so I think all his fans just need to ease back a little and I feel really bad for him actually, because the kid's movie hasn't even come out and the expectations are just getting ridiculous at this point for the movie and for him. I've got faith in the kid, I think he'll go far. Now, I'm just going to sit back and let him do his thing.

I think Robert's hot and a good actor, but he's not getting any Oscar noms. He is doing man on man in Little Ashes though---you know Oscar loves giving nods to young bucks who either act like they are mentally handicapped(leo ring a bell), go haggy and ugly up their pretty face(charlize, anyone?), or have some man on man time onscreen. Roberto, wearing that silly Dali mustache may just pay off!

no oscars are happening for twilight, and i"m a huge fan. But you know what? That Roberto's got that hot cha cha factor going on that may bag him a Golden Globe nomination: hear me out. Grown women look at Robert and want to cook him homemade soup and feel his forehead for a fever--while simultaneously wanting to molest him. Enough broads in the GG voting community could see his memorizing performance, and then cast their vote for him--because they'd love to get their Golden Globes all over him in real life. It can happen people, it can happen.

Robert deserves an Oscar for LIttle Ashes. Twilight is a teen vampire movie, and although i LOVE it personally, i don't see it being taken seriously at the Oscars. Rob however, is one of the best actors on the planet and deserves an oscar for his heart-stopping performnace in Little Ashes. Anyone agree?

Thanks for quoting me in the article, but you've misspelled my name: it's "Steven," not "Stephen." :)


Nicole, I disagree. Fans of Robert Pattinson have seen his previous works which are extraordinary. With all the released Twilight footage, I think fans can safely say his performance has depth. It's not about his looks, it is about the way he approached the role which is already evident through promos and interviews.

Good grief.

Razzie noms are much more likely. The trailer was simply awful.

I do think a role like Edward Cullen is extremely dificult to play as Anne Thompson on Variety said to Pattinson. The actor also had a huge amount of pressure on his shoulders before he even started the film because of fans criticisms of him being picked. He also resisted Summits attempt to make ithe role a more obvious character which took a lot of guts considering it was hsi first staring role. From what I've seen its a rather unique interpretation. refreshing and different so why shouldnt he be thought of in terms of awards. Actually from what I've heard from people who have seen his role as Dali in Little Ashes its worthy of a best supporting actor nomination.

I'm a huge Twilight fan, but Rob's performance would have to be absolutely brilliant to even get an Oscar nod, he's a spectacular actor, his smaller works were more complex however. Seeing as how the film is geared towards a less mature audience, I highly doubt that any Oscars are in the future. Then again, who knows. I'm still crossing my fingers for Heath Ledgers legendary performance as the Joker in this summers Dark Knight. Don't worry, I have no doubt that Rob will earn a tiny golden man of of his own...some day.

I don't think people realize that just because an actor is hot, doesn't mean he will win an Oscar. That is not to say he won't give a good performance, but fans are getting ahead of themselves, and mistaking hype for depth.



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