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'Twilight' enters only two Oscars races! Rob Pattinson snubbed!

November 21, 2008 | 11:41 am

"Twilight" author Stephenie Meyer may believe that Robert Pattinson's "performance, in my opinion, is Oscar-worthy," but the film's producers don't agree. His name isn't being entered in the race for best actor. Ditto Kristen Stewart: she's not being entered in the best-actress contest.


In fact, even though it looks like "Twilight" will emerge as a big box-officer winner just a month before academy members receive their nomination ballots, it's only being entered in two Oscar races: best music score and song.

Both of those categories make sense. "Twilight"'s hit song "Decode" is written and sung by Paramore. Its larger music score is the handiwork of Carter Burwell, who's never been nominated for an Oscar, but he's well known and highly respected within Hollywood's music circle. Burwell did receive other honors for his scores to "O Brother Where Art Thou?" (BAFTA nomination), "Gods and Monsters" (L.A. Film Critics Assn. Award) and "Before Night Falls" (Venice Film Festival Award).

"Twilight" isn't being submitted for best visual effects, not even as a salute to the fanciful scene where Pattinson and Stewart dance on the tops of pine trees in the wilderness. It's not even being submitted for makeup — and that's a giant shockeroo.

Oscar voters swoon like spellbound victims before vampire films. Two have been nominated for best makeup in recent years: "Shadow of the Vampire" (2000) and Francis Ford Coppola's "Dracula" (1992).

But "Twilight" probably feels that it doesn't measure up in the fangs department. As Manohla Dargis points out in the New York Times, "Edward (Rob Pattinson), you see, burns but doesn’t bite . . . . He keeps his fangs in his mouth . . . . The poor boy has been defanged and almost entirely drained. He’s so lifeless, he might as well be dead — oops, he already is."

Edward Douglas of tells Gold Derby: "No, you don't see a single set of fangs or anything. I don't even really consider it a vampire movie. There is a lot of make-up, though. Pattinson wears more eyeliner and lipstick than some women I know."

How have other notable vampire films fared at Oscars past — classics like Bela Lugosi's "Dracula"? Is there really a curse against vampire flicks at the Academy Awards? READ MORE - CLICK HERE!

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Avatar cost $310 million to make. Twilight cost $37 million to make, grossed estimated $380 Million, actors were offered plenty other gigs. Author had best selling book. Who cares about an award!!

anybody that thinks twilight is an oscar worthy movie, for picture or acting is insane. Those people are what makes twilight fans look bad, and what generates the hate. Seriously if you think it deserved acting or pic oscars you are an embarassment to filmgoers everywhere. I know everybody has their own taste but that argument only goes so far. If somebody said the godfather was a terrible movie and that "gigli" should have been nominated for 10 oscars nobody would support them. The argument that everybody has different tastes, and these are all legitimate only goes so far. Twilight wasnt the worst movie of the year but it was pretty terible, as was the acting. Seriously people do you have any brains at all?

Well that's aloud of CRAP! What the hell ?! Twilight is an AMAZING book/film! and devenetly deserves an award Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner should deffinetly be up for best actress/actresses.
my opinion its not even worth watching the OSCARS now ! urghh [Angryy facee!!!]

Twilight is a great fanmonable book and an amazing movie.. I dont undersand why it didn't get that many oscars.. So for all u haters out there shut up and leave... And stop posting ur nasty coments and love it!!!!

First off Vampires are dark and treacherous creatures. They are demons, evil souls, that seek out blood...

...NOT pretty little dollies that sparkle in the sun! I mean, come ON. Vampires are SUPPOSED to be EVIL. The ULTIMATE evil. They don't want to be friends with humans, to LOVE them. They want to KILL them.

Twilight IS ruining the Image of Vampires. Now everyone thinks they are 'sexy, sparkly Barbie dolls' who fall in love with random girls. Why do we need vampires for that, when there are plenty of eligible young bachelors around?

Normal vampires= Cool, Epic, and Evil
Twilight 'vampires= A pathetic excuse of a vampire.

I know many of you are going to say she wanted them out of the cliche vampire image but she barely kept any real vampire things with them, they are just humans who are immortal.

BTW these books just show pedophilia, stalking, controlling and emotional abuse, but most of you are just to obsessive with Edward that you don't see these obvious themes. Stephanie just wrote this book after a wet dream(I bet she did) and didn't even bother adding real themes to it..

Oh forgot to mention the racist themes that pervade the entire series(the bad guy is African-American, Bella picks the white guy over the Native American, and the South American maid is unintelligent) and the way it ruins the image of woman. The way Bella can't live without Edward(He leaves her and she curls up in a ball in the middle of the forest, thats not TRUE LOVE but obsessive behavior).

Its depressing that this is considered classic literature--whats is going to happen to our society if today's youth regards this as a novel?

i loved the movie then i read the books. but i think the books are that good the movies could never live up to them. but the movie should have some more oscars. also i think the speeded things up to much in the first film hope they dont do this in new moon.

"Never Let Me Go" is a swedish masterpiece about a relationship between a teenage boy and a vampire. They used part of the mythology but the director created a new dynamism between the lead characters.

"Twilight" is a trashy book and film about a pathetic show of a teenage MTV culture... The teenage girls who said this is the best film of the year and deserves Oscars, sorry for you...

I can't believe you sick fangirls think this movie is about love. Do you find pedophilia, stalking, controlling and emotional abuse to be reminiscent of love?

Are you kidding me? Twilight is the best film ever. Please don’t even come up with the excuse that Edward doesn’t have fangs, if you’ve read the book Stephenie states clearly that this isn’t your typical rubbish Dracula with stupid fangs but a love story with vampires trying to blend in. I men seriously the whole casts acted their parts perfectly. I love Alice… Anyway it’s a pity that people just talk without thinking; in my opinion twilight should be recommended to everyone, it’s not about drugs, sex and all that crap that we teenagers are exposed to but love and making though decisions… I seriously can’t wait for them to materialise the other books… The film really is for people who have bothered to read the book so you understand it better and you get what the director is trying to say. It should be nominated for as many Oscars as possible and I bet you it’s gonna get better as they produce the others (can’t wait) Now I would have to stop typing and go watch the DVD for the thousandth time…

Why do people think that its about vampires it has to be cliche???? screw that!!! rpattz(rob p.) and kstew(kristen s) are great actors. big friigin woop, the guys wear a little make-up. trust me. they dont wear a lot. there are sluts in my school and they would agree that the guys barley wear aby make-up. the effects of the movie could have been a bit better... but i loved it. twilihgt is for any body who wants to watch or read it. i can name litterally about 50 guys who like twilihgt and they are straight as a board. straiter even. you cant have the greatest movies in the world on a not very big budget!! have the critics even read the book??? if they had then they would understand were all theilight lovers stand. why the hell does there need to be fangs???? its not like the book is all about fangs!!! now back tot the actors... kstew has been in so many great movies and they saying she not that good??? dude!! shes not frikin super- actress!!! she cant "portray(thought id make myself look a lil smart... lol jkjk)" every character the way each frikin stick up ass person wants it to be done!!! rpattz... dont get me frikin started.!!! it was a prettty good movie!!! ok. im done ranting... i think. but, people should be careful what they say becuz a 13 year old beat up an 18 cuz he said twilihgt was gay. so ppl, beware!!!

the book was absolutely amazing-all 4 of them- i loved the movie but no disrespect to the director but shes not that good... my fav scenes are the tree-tops and the ballet studio. they werent as good aas they could be but who cares? its still amazing... and who cares tht rob wears make-up? so does jakson(jasper). they have to. it probably wasnt their choice.

uhm.....people REALLY thought that this would be nominated for Oscars? like THE Oscars? like the Oscars Oscars Oscars? wow.....that's.....special.....I read the books.....I haven't seen the movie however I'm PRETTY sure I can tell from the trailer that its not, uhm, exactly Academy Awards-worthy.....sorry to all the Twihards that read this

The book was amazing, and the movie was good, but I don't believe it was Oscar worthy. I do think that it's very deserving of the big box-office numbers it received but we all know the Academy Awards tend to focus more on less popular drama types.

While I'm annoyed at the critics for misinterpreting the level of "Vamp" required to play Edward Cullen, we must remember that most of them probably haven't read the book, and I'm pretty sure they didn't specify in the movie that these vampires don't have fangs; rather, they have razor sharp teeth (but I may be wrong)...just one of those important notes that gets lost between novel and screenplay.

The problem with the intense Twilight fangirls is that they're so close minded. It's like they can't see the bad things about anything to do with Twilight. The movie was nothing compared to all the other movies nominated. It didn't have a chance of winning.

well i think that the movie was good...but the book was awesome...and those idiot critics dont know what they r talking about what fangs the book doesnt have any fangs in it..stupid ...but i didnt think it was going to be nominated in the oscars sorry

these critics are morons you dont see lipstick on pattinson what so ever i think these idiotic critics have a visual as of what vampires should be white paint on the face and blood spewing from there mouth.The whole idea of this story is for the cullens even though vampires to seem normal these critics have no idea what they are talking about and id love to give who ever said (pattinson weres more eyeliner and lipstick than women i know) a good punch in the face twilight movie of the year

I'm a huge Twilight fan but the film was not totally Oscar worthy in my eyes but give it time I'm sure that if they make the rest of the films they are going to take a bunch of awards the books are loaded with special effects and really deep feelings There is no way they wont win! They are just getting started :D

Iam a twilght book fan but not the move fan it didnt seem that they work good on it.I alomost went back to my car to go home but my sis said to stay .I dont think Twilight is oscer whorthy im sorry that twilight fans are mad at me.

OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!! there talking about how you dont see fangs!!!!!!!!!!!!!! if you read the book stephanie meyer made it where the vampires dont have fangs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! gosh these "critics" obviously have not read the book. Jeesh people.

ohmygod, these idiots don't understand. it was based on a book the book states that there vampitres who try to lead a normal life and they wanna see fangs? my goshhh, twilight definitely deserved an oscarr!!!!

i thought the effects were great and he was oscar worthy and so was his co star

This film, there is no better everything is fine actors play wonderfully good, very good film and especially faithful to the book, I think it deserving of the Oscar:
Best Actor Robert Pattinson
Kristen Stewart best actresses best film best best music director
The article seem to say that like the Twilight vampires are not cliché they can not have an Oscar! This is absurd! This is because the players are not 20 years of experiences that joiuent bad! Rob and Kristen did a great job!

I too loves the books and for the most part the movie was good. That's right, good not great. Bella was portrayed horribley. She never came across like a teenager in love. She seemed angry or in pain most of the movie, she talks and behaves the same way she does in interviews which says she wasn't really acting in the movie just being her. The Bella in the books is easy to feel for because she is so apparently in love. I hope a new director can fix this. I thought Edward was played terrifically, he timed his responses wonderfully. I was glad to hear the music got nominations, but as for the rest, the book was great the movie just didn't live up.

Listen, Twilight is a terrific book. It does everything right , it's just the exact opposite was true with the movie (in my personal opinion). Twilight as a movie does not measure up to oscar standards, but please don't bash and hate on the books just because the movie was no good. Stephenie Meyer's creation lives in the books, and if you were to put aside your skeptisism and read it with an open mind you could find the beauty so many people have already found. Don't assume that because the Twilight movie wasn't good, the books won't be. That's what I hear all the time and it's one of the few things that really makes angry. Just to drive my point through, no, Twilight the movie adaption doesn't deserve the oscar recognation many of the other movies this year did, but the books deserve all the recognition and praise in the world. At this point the oscars don't mean much to me anymore, but respect for Twilight the book series is somgething I'll always demand.

I also think it is the best movie ever made. They are both hot. I have read all the book and would love to see them materialise into movies. The director of twilight did her job very well and the movie is exactly what it sould be. I have seen it at least a dozen times and ordered the dvd, could the other nominated films say that?




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