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Will 'Twilight' shine come awards time?

November 9, 2008 |  9:01 am

Although it is still two weeks till "Twilight" opens, the buzz is building for this screen adaptation of the Stephenie Meyer bestseller about star-crossed lovers set against the backdrop of a world with vampires. The film's relatively unknown stars — Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart — appear on the latest "Entertainment Weekly" cover. And reports are that advance ticket sales for "Twilight" far outpace those for the new Bond picture, "Quantum of Solace."


This hot commodity is helmed by Catherine Hardwicke, who worked as a production designer for almost two decades before making an impressive directorial debut with the indie flick "Thirteen" five years ago. Holly Hunter as a wayward mother earned a supporting actress Oscar nod for the film (she lost to Renee Zellweger, "Cold Mountain"). Since then, Hardwicke has directed two other teen-focused features: "Lords of Dogtown" and "The Nativity Story."

"Twilight" is the first film based on the mega-successful series of books by housewife-turned-horrormeister Stephenie Meyer. The fourth installment of the franchise, "Breaking Dawn," was released in August with "Harry Potter"-style hoopla, including midnight bookstore parties, and sold 1.3 million copies that first day. And now that the film version of "Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince" has been shunted off to next summer, "Twilight" looks to fill that void this fall. However, though the "Harry Potter" pictures boast budgets upward of $150 million, "Twilight" was made for a mere $37 million.

This means that the special effects in the film will inevitably lack the big bang for the buck that has dominated this category at the Oscars in recent years, with such franchises as "The Lord of the Rings" and "Pirates of the Caribbean" prevailing. Indeed, the last relatively low-key film to win this award was "Babe" back in 1995.  But the film should figure into the nominations for the Saturn Awards. These kudos honor horror, sci-fi and fantasy films like "Twilight." Also look for the movie to make a big splash at next summer's Teen Choice Awards in categories including breakout male and female as well as best actor and actress in a horror or thriller.

Photo credit: Summit Entertainment

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no I don't think so, but I KNOW it will be a big hit!!!!

Unfortunately, I hardly expect the critics to even be nice to Twilight let alone it get nominations for Oscars. Get serious people. Stephenie Meyer is a writer, not someone with film experience. She is not a good judge for Oscars. As much as I want Twilight to be super successful, I think it will be mostly in box office reciepts than awards.

I think that everyone will be surprised by the intensity and complexity of Pattinson's and Stewart's performances. If the movie does well, maybe there will be a best adapted screenplay nomination for Rosenberg & best original song for Decode nomination.

If Twighlight does not win some awards, then I know something is being done wrong in the movie industry. Rob Pattinson is by far the best person to have been cast as Edward and he is a great actor not to mention he has to die for looks, I am way past my teen years and I can't get his gorgeous face out of my head. He doesn't give himself enough credit for his talen. He acts, he sings, he play instruments and he is beautiful...what more could you want!!!

Award circuit? - probably MTV and Teen Choice only, unfortunately...I have to say - even though it seems to be aimed at the teen/young adult crowd, there are a TON of us in older 20s-mid 30s that are seeing the film and loving the four-part book series! This is not just for the teens, seriously. These books just draw you in and keep you there - you overlook the fact that they are *supposed* to be teenagers (though Edward is over 100)...not to mention the fact that just seeing Pattinson makes all of us want to see the movie - he is great for Edward!

i don't think rob is great actor and he will nom oscar.his act not good.looks very important for a actor.but rob looks bizarre and weak.
and first watch and i think its series.but no its movie.
im reading movieticket news.its say twilight sales less hsm 3.

Twilight will most likely be nominated for the Scream awards next year...

Award for the teen choice YES, but award for the oscars NO!!!


I am very excited for this movie...but oscar?? Probably not. Maybe it has a chance for book to movie adaptation or music, etc But it is what it is, of course. And Oscars belong to movies like Cold Mountain and Titanic... this is a great story but it's not an oscar movie

even though i LUV twilight and is mildly obsessed with it. i don't think it's will shine in the awards. it's just not the type of movie that gets to the oscars. maybe the teen choice awrds. but i tihnk the MUSIC will probably get an oscar nomination.

I believe that Robert Pattinson should be able to get an award, if not the film itself. When everyone found out the mystery person who was to be starring as the dazzling Edward Cullen, mostly everyone didn't agree that he would be a very good choice or that it would actually work out. But now look at him! He's won over millions of teenage girls' hearts ( not to mention their moms ) and has done amazingly in all of the clips that have been relased so far by Summit Entertainment! Now that to me deserves something. :)

I don't think this movie is going to be getting any noms either...just because like Stephenie Meyer says, it's a teen oriented/young adult oriented novel and movie. I'd be really surprised if it did win any Oscars but in all probability not. Rob's talent is awesome but at the same time he's relatively new compared to other Oscar buzzed stars such as Brad Pitt...who's work in The Curious Case of Benjamin Button is already being buzzed about in Academy Awards circle.

Who knows... This seems to be a bare year for the Original Song category. Maybe Summit should really push one of the Paramore songs as they are actually quite good and written specifically for the film. I wouldn't mind seeing that happen.


Too bad the source material is subpar to even the lesser of the Potter adventures. Melissa Rosenberg's only other screenplay came in the form of "Step Up" oh yes Oscar is just oozing out of this one...

Dude, this film is gonna sweep the MTV awards too--just hand KS and RP the best kiss award already! I'm sold, those two make me want to find my old honda civic I drove in high school and make out with my old man in the backseat in the parking lot of Denny's at 2:00 AM.

Stephanie Meyer said this on EW:-
"Were you worried when fans were outraged over his casting?
It broke my heart. Because I've had my tiny bit of celebrity, I'm aware of how hurtful those things can be. I apologized to him for ruining his life. He said his mom was sending him links like, ''Oh no, they called you a gargoyle!'' They just raked him over the coals. The way he took it was a lot more positive than the way I would've handled it. He was like, ''I'm going to prove them wrong. I'm going to go out there and prove them wrong.'' The movie hasn't come out yet and he's won over 99.9 percent of the people who didn't approve of him as Edward. And when they see the movie, oh my gosh, there's no way not to love him! It's really too bad in some ways because Twilight is going to be limited by the fact that this is a vampire romance and it's basically aimed at teens. If not for that, his performance in my opinion is Oscar-worthy. "

From what ';ve seen of Rob's performance I think its fantastic. Intense, threatening when it needs to be and with good humour and charm at other moments. He shows tremendous skill and lightness of touch in a role that could have been disastrous for him. I think he was very brave to ignore the interference of Summit on set.

I would love Rob Pattinson to get an award of some sort because it was highlighted in his interview with Entertainment Weekly that he was pressurised by Summit to change his interpretation of the role. Make it more lightweight and simplistic but he held his nerve and focused on what he wanted to do with the role. That I think took a lot of guts for someone who was staring in his first film. Based on fottage its clear he was right. That desrves some recognition.

The author Stephanie Meyer (who has seen the film said in her recent EW interview that she thought Rob Pattinson's performance was oscar worthy but was realistic in saying that as its tagged teen romance it was unlikely he'd get the attention he deserves.



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