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VIDEO: Michael Musto on the Oscars' best-actor slugfest: Leo is down and out, the champ will be . . .

December 29, 2008 |  2:12 pm


Just before Christmas I checked in with that savvy — and snarky — Oscarologist Michael Musto of the Village Voice to get his take on the derby. Last week he promised that this year's race will be gayer than ever (is that possible for the Gay Super Bowl? - READ MORE). But will that include a Sean Penn victory for "Milk"?

Now let's hear Michael's view on the best-actor matchup. It's a bit unfair to run this video more than a week after Michael and I dished. He was seeing "The Curious Case of Benjamin Button" later that night, so he had to equivocate a bit on Brad Pitt's chances for a nomination.

What you may find surprising is whom Michael picks to win!