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Marisa Tomei on 'The Wrestler' and that weird, pesky rumor that she didn't really win the Oscar for 'Vinny'

December 15, 2008 | 12:35 pm

When I hooked up with Marisa Tomei at the Hollywood Museum to discuss her role in "The Wrestler," I just had to ask her about what she thinks about that odd, persistent rumor that she didn't really win the Oscar as best supporting actress of 1992 for "My Cousin Vinny." According to a can't-kill urban legend, there was really a different name in the envelope, but presenter Jack Palance read off the wrong champ at the podium. (NOTE: There's a spoiler about one aspect of the ending of "The Wrestler" in this video chat.)

Camera work by Marcus Dixon

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She WON the Oscar for VINNY so why in hell bring up some useless rumor that, in my opinion, is an insulting thing to do while you are interviewing her on her latest success. She is one of THE best actresses around today. One thing for certain about the Oscar! You damn sure didn't win it!

That was a great interview, both in the questions being asked and the answers given by Marisa. What a great personality she has; stark contrast to a lot of other stars.

Nice one Tom.



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