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Will 'Kung Fu Panda' dropkick 'Wall-E' at the Annie Awards?

December 1, 2008 |  2:10 pm

Today's Annie Awards nominations could be the first sign that "Wall-E" is less of a lock for the animated feature Oscar than we thought. Although the Pixar picture was hailed by critics, ranking as one of the top-rated films of the year, it managed only eight nods from those truly in the know about the art of making animation — the Kung_fu_panda_walle_3_edited1 International Animated Film Society. Just as "Kung Fu Panda" trumped it in the worldwide box office race ($633 million to $488 million), so too did that DreamWorks feature prevail here, reaping a staggering 17 nominations.

Both films are up for the top award of best animated feature, competing against  "Bolt" (five noms total), "Waltz with Bashir" with four nods, and double nominee "$9.99." Although "WALL-E" did reasonably well across the board, "Kung Fu Panda" pulled off triple nominations in both character animation and voice acting and double nods in storyboarding and production design.

Since the Academy Awards introduced a best animated feature award of their own in 2001, the winners of the two awards have matched up every year but 2006, when "Cars" won the Annie but "Happy Feet" danced off with the Oscar. However, last year's double winner "Ratatouille" was also the clear leader at the Annies, winning 10 of its 14 nominations and far outpacing the other two eventual Oscar nominees "Surf's Up," which won two of 10 nods while "Persepolis" went zero for four.

As with all the animated-feature Oscar races but 2002's, there will only be three nominees this year. So, it looks like "Bolt" and "Waltzing with Bashir" will be battling it out for that last spot. Perhaps "Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa" too, but although it has topped the $200-million mark worldwide, it managed only a pair of nominations today.

Cablecaster Nickelodeon led on the TV side with a dozen nominations. Winners will be announced at a Jan. 30 kudofest at UCLA's Royce Hall.

For the complete list of nominees, click here.

Photo credits: DreamWorks Animation, Walt Disney Co.

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I hope WALL-E ends up on the Best Picture Nod. If it doesn't I will not watch the oscars.

WALL-E costed 180,000,000 to make, just as much as the Dark Knight. So many people worked so hard on it. Ben Burtt did amazing sound design, Stanton wrote his most daring script, the computer graphics were realistic, Newman did a beautiful themed score (WHY DID HE NOT GET A NOD FOR BEST MUSIC AT THE ANNIES?!), etc.,etc.

I also find WALL-E to be better than Beauty and the Beast. That was a great movie, but WALL-E told the better story.

WALL-E is not one of the bloated romance films like the great, but overrated Titanic. Titanic did nothing but circled around Jack and Rose romance. There were many things going on beside WALL-E's and EVE's romance- There was a lethargic society, a polluted Earth, and machines discovering life. And WALL-E romance with EVE affected humanity.

WALL-E is certainly better than Kung Fu Panda. Kung Fu Panda i s certainly funnier, but comedy is not enough to define a good movie. Kung Fu Panda had a excellent storyline, but it is what it is, it was only meant to make children laugh and enjoy it. Kung Fu Panda is not of the universal. Young children will love the cuteness of WALL-E, and teens and adults will love the allegorical story.

What use is an Annie Award to WALL-E? WALL-E is no animated movie, it's a romance made by animation. Saying that WALL-E is an animated movie is discriminating.
If WALL-E doesn't show up on the Best Picture category, I will never watch the Oscars again. Mark my words.

Well three of KFP's nominations came from voice acting and wall-e had like three characters that spoke. So that's -2. Three are for character animation, wall-e had so many less characters/animators so it only got one nomination, this is -2 for Kung Fu Panda. Wall-e didn't get a music nomination...uh what? Kung Fu Panda got 2 in production design, again more animators -1. Double story boarding nominations, see production design and character animation, -1. Wall-e didn't get writing but Waltz with Bashir did, the "documentry" ...uh double what. So that's 11 for KFP.



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