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Critics' Choice Awards reax: Boos & cheers from our forum posters

January 9, 2009 |  3:27 pm

Below, some of our forum posters' reactions to the Critics' Choice Awards. Disagree? Add your voice to the discussion of the Critics' Choice Awards in the ENVELOPE FORUMS.


Atypical: This was a big night for "Slumdog Millionaire," and I think I'm happiest for Danny Boyle winning best director. That was a great acceptance speech for him. I wish that Dev Patel could have been there, since he probably would have had one of the best reactions of winning an award and just being in the presence of those A-listers. I'm somewhat surprised that Sean Penn was even there, or Brangelina (both of them looking flawless), or Clint Eastwood.

Pacinofan: I do think they try to predict the Oscars a lot of the time (maybe not the year "Sideways" won). "Gladiator" and "A Beautiful Mind" won the Critics' Choice awards and those films did not make many major critics' top 10 lists much less top them. As much as I loved "Chicago," it would apply to that film as well.

Caresa: WTH with giving it to "Slumdog Millionaire" then? This is completely bogus! IMO, "Slumdog" is highly overrated.

Jason Travis: Over all, a dense program, but we can expect this from the Broadcast Film Critics awards. However, the winners were all very deserving. "Slumdog Millionaire" cleans up, no surprise. Glad it won score too, but I was counting on it to win best song too — that's a great track, though we might get sick of hearing it over and over as the film continues to rack up awards, and its theme must be played each time. Surprised that "Benjamin Button" got zilch; perhaps this really is going to be honored as just a technical achievement. I have no doubt that it will win Makeup at the Oscars, but could that be it? Maybe Visual Effects.

AJ: The wins themselves were good overall but the show was just so "blah." Also, what happened to the woman backstage interviewing the winners when they came offstage? She interviewed Josh Brolin and the other guy (was it James Franco or Emile Hirsch? I feel stupid for forgetting) . . . to awkward results . . . and then we never saw her again. It was like they were trying to erase the painful moments of the evening in hopes to salvage as much excitement that they possibly could.

Rockstitution: Ugh . . . the only reason Anne Hathaway and Meryl Streep tied because there was no clear front-runner. Because they didn't nominate Kate Winslet, either Hathaway or Streep would obviously win. They ended up tying so they have a better chance of getting the category right at the Oscars. And Winslet winning in supporting is obviously a make-up award for not nominating her in Lead. Watch Winslet win the Drama Globe and Meryl win the Comedy one.