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Should 'Dancing with the Stars' contestant Donny Osmond be eligible for an Emmy Award?

January 28, 2009 | 11:46 am

The news that Donny Osmond is to compete on the upcoming eighth season of "Dancing With the Stars" prompts the question: Should the Emmy Awards add a new category for best reality show contestant? After all, the hosts of reality fare just got an Emmy category last year — "DWTS" emcee Tom Bergeron Dancing_with_the_stars_donny_osmo_2 lost to Jeff Probst of "Survivor" — and there's a pretty solid rumor that the judges of these shows will get their own new category at the next Emmy smackdown. But, come on, the competitors make these shows so irresistibly watchable. They are not Emmy eligible. That's an outrage!

Marie Osmond delivered some of the more "memorable" moments on TV last year with her appearance on Season 5 of the celebrity dance-off. Who can forget her baby doll routine, try as they might, or her fainting spell? During a taping of daytime talker "The Bonnie Hunt Show," their put-upon sibling rivalry was on display.

Donny Osmond told Bonnie Hunt, "Who do you think taught her how to dance?"

Marie Osmond replied, "I just want to see him in stretchy pants!"

Donny Osmond admitted, "It is going to be very difficult because I am going to be doing Vegas on top of doing 'Dancing With the Stars.' "

Donny and Marie Osmond are currently starring in a variety show reminiscent of their 1970s TV series at the Flamingo Hotel.

At the Emmy Awards, "Dancing With the Stars" has received 23 nominations, but managed only four technical wins. Unbelievably, this superhit dancefest has failed to win the Emmy for best choreography! In 2006, it had three noms in the category but lost to "High School Musical." In 2007 there was a three-way tie as "So You Think You Can Dance" took two Emmys and "Tony Bennett: An American Classic" also won, leaving "Dancing With the Stars" the sole loser. And last year, "So You Think You Can Dance" waltzed off with another win. "Dancing With the Stars" has also lost the reality competition category three years running to "The Amazing Race."


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Photo: Flamingo Hotel and Casino

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Donny Osmond should not have won "Dancing With The Stars". The second place winner blew Donny away. Donny shouldn't even be eligible - he doesn't need more attention because he has a show of his own!! Dancing With The Stars need a new and more fair way to pick the winner.

No one that has a dancing back ground should be on Dancing with the Stars!!! It ruins the whole show when they are on. Because they think they are entitled to the trophy!!!

It is absolutely wrong to give an Emmy to Reality Show Contestants. They have nothing to do with acting and It mocks the awards themselves. People should not be rewarded for behaving like idiots, jerks, etc. Shouldn't it be enough that they are on TV with a possibility of winning a prize on the show they signed on to do?

Donny Osmond is not doing "Dancing with the Stars". I GUARANTEE it. He was joking. this article is totally inaccurate.

If they do, Sugar from Survivor: Gabon better win!

NO WAY IN HELL should reality contestants be eligible for Emmys. It seriously makes no sense. Reality hosts I still hate, reality judges are even worse, but reality contestants?! How exactly would they be judged? Best personality, most successful, most entertaining, trashiest? You can't really reward someone with an EMMY for being themselves, can you? Aren't Emmys supposed to reward excellence in television? I really hope they won't consider this an option in the future. I actually like the Emmys more than the Oscars but with the way things are going...I don't know.

I think hosts are fine because NOT ALL of them are trained monkeys. Tom Bergeron has to put up with the trained monkey in Samantha Harris. Jeff Probst knows the just right question to ask survivors during tribal councils. Now judges, not so much they typically are just giving opinions and comments about performances. A reality contestent should not be nominated for an Emmy for just "being themselves"

No, no, no, no, no!

Never in this world should reality show contestants be eligible for Emmy Awards. Never. Never ever!

ATAS damaged its credibility enough by choosing to nominate reality hosts who stand around like trained monkeys and recite the rules for mini-challenges -- reality-host would have been a worthy Emmy category if voters had selected nominees who demonstrate, say, talent (like Mike Rowe, who presides over the literal muck of "Dirty Jobs" with consummate wit and charisma). Instead, they picked the hosts of the biggest hit shows, who demonstrated their inability so perfectly when they tried to host the Emmys. (The irony, I'm sure, was lost on ATAS.)

Now they're making it worse with the Reality Judge category. To what end? So we can finally honor the incoherent rambling of Paula Abdul and the monosyllabic critiques of Randy Jackson? As judges of "American Idol," TV's biggest hit, we know they'll be nominated, because the Reality Host category proved voters aren't discerning.

Opening the floor to reality contestants makes sense, because if you're going to cheapen the Emmy, why not go all the way? Granted, I would rather have Emmy recognize the likes of Carrie Underwood than Paula Abdul, but it's a slippery slope to finally awarding the Omarosas of the world: dramatic people with personality disorders who entertain us with their train-wreck personalities.

This is the same organization that nominated Ellen Burstyn for a fifteen-second performance they didn't even watch. Let's not give them any more opportunities to embarrass themselves.



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