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Experts predict the best-picture winner at the Producers Guild of America Awards

January 23, 2009 |  8:34 pm

Saturday night we'll get the first award results from the movie industry itself — that is, one of the guilds comprised of the same voters who pick the Oscars' champs. Up until now we've heard from film critics and members of the Hollywood Foreign Press Assn., but the Producers Guild of America will give us the first real hunch of what moviemakers think. Then, on Sunday night, envelopes will be opened at the Screen Actors Guild Awards. Next Saturday, Jan. 31, voters at the Directors Guild of America will pipe in.


The PGA has predicted the Academy Awards' best-picture victor 12 times over 19 years. Last year the guild matched up with the Oscars' choice of "No Country for Old Men," but the two kudos went their separate ways the previous three years. PGA opted for "Little Miss Sunshine" over "The Departed," "Brokeback Mountain" rather than "Crash," and "The Aviator" instead of "Million Dollar Baby."

To predict award results, we've pooled the views of a peerless gang of pundits: Brad Brevet (, Edward Douglas (, Greg Ellwood (, Scott Feinberg (Feinberg Files, The Envelope), Marshall Fine (Star magazine,, Pete Hammond (Notes on a Season, The Envelope), Elena Howe (The Envelope), Peter Howell (Toronto Star), Dave Karger (Entertainment Weekly), Kevin Lewin (World Entertainment News Network), Michael Musto (Village Voice), Bob Tourtellotte (Reuters), Peter Travers (Rolling Stone), T.L. Stanley (Gold Rush, Hollywood Reporter), Jeffrey Wells (, Susan Wloszczyna (USA Today) and me.

Check out who our kudos seers forecast will be the big winners at Sunday's Screen Actors Guild Awards.

"The Curious Case of Benjamin Button" — Ellwood, Feinberg, Hammond, Howe, Howell, Stanley
"The Dark Knight"
"Slumdog Millionaire" — Brevet, Douglas, Fine, Howell, Karger, Lewin, Musto, O'Neil, Tourtellotte, Travers, Wells, Wloszczyna

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After careful and thoughtful consideration, I have decided beyond a shadow of a doubt that The Curious Case of Benjamin Button deserves to win, hands down, the Academy Award for Best Picture this year. Shoot, I nearly walked out of Slumdog Millionaire during the first hour. It was only the last half hour that I was impressed with the film. Hollywood loves an epic, and Benjamin Button gives the one. It's a film worth remembering for years and years and besides that, Brad Pitt is outstanding.

i can't believe the "experts" are choosing between CCoBB and Slumdog.

i still do think CCoBB will not win BP. it's the only film in the nominees that does not have a chance.



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