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Outrage of the SAG Awards: 'Slumdog Millionaire' snubs its writers

January 25, 2009 |  8:38 pm


When "Slumdog Millionaire" won best ensemble cast at the SAG Awards, Anil Kapoor (who portrays the game show host) got so carried away at the podium thanking the guy who hired him — "the great genius," director Danny Boyle — the producers who signed his paychecks and the film's adorable child actors ("How can I forget the children?!"), he forgot the true great talent that make this movie magical: the guy who wrote it.

Why, oh, why do people always forget to give writers their due? "Slumdog Millionaire" is so brilliant because of the script by Simon Beaufoy, who adapted an inspiring bestselling book ("Q&A") by Indian novelist Vikas Swarup. That's the key source material. That's the story that makes viewers of this film so joyous. And it's told masterfully in a script by Beaufoy, who proved with his last Oscar-nominated screenplay, "The Full Monty," that he knows how to whip audiences into a frenzy when telling tales about the triumph of underdogs. Check out my video chat with both Beaufoy and Doyle in which Beaufoy explains his magic formula.

NOTE: An earlier draft of this article noted that Anil Kappor did not thank the film's codirector Loveleen Tandan, but his costar Freida Pinto did mention her during her portion of the acceptance speech. The text has been updated to reflect that Tandan was not snubbed during the full acceptance speech.


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