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Outrage of the SAG Awards: 'Slumdog Millionaire' snubs its writers

January 25, 2009 |  8:38 pm


When "Slumdog Millionaire" won best ensemble cast at the SAG Awards, Anil Kapoor (who portrays the game show host) got so carried away at the podium thanking the guy who hired him — "the great genius," director Danny Boyle — the producers who signed his paychecks and the film's adorable child actors ("How can I forget the children?!"), he forgot the true great talent that make this movie magical: the guy who wrote it.

Why, oh, why do people always forget to give writers their due? "Slumdog Millionaire" is so brilliant because of the script by Simon Beaufoy, who adapted an inspiring bestselling book ("Q&A") by Indian novelist Vikas Swarup. That's the key source material. That's the story that makes viewers of this film so joyous. And it's told masterfully in a script by Beaufoy, who proved with his last Oscar-nominated screenplay, "The Full Monty," that he knows how to whip audiences into a frenzy when telling tales about the triumph of underdogs. Check out my video chat with both Beaufoy and Doyle in which Beaufoy explains his magic formula.

NOTE: An earlier draft of this article noted that Anil Kappor did not thank the film's codirector Loveleen Tandan, but his costar Freida Pinto did mention her during her portion of the acceptance speech. The text has been updated to reflect that Tandan was not snubbed during the full acceptance speech.


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The comments to this entry are closed.


Not an outrage at all.

If a screenwriter doesn't want to get "snubbed" like this, all he has to do is... direct the films he writes. A lot of people both write and direct.

Actors never, ever thank the screenwriter. Neither do directors. I don't know why. Maybe it's because the actors don't ever have any actual contact with the screenwriters, and the script they are given has been edited by the director...

Bitter, party of one.

What a silly article. Is that all the author of this article could find to criticize slumdog?
Anyways, no one is obligated to thank anyone. Period. They can come on stage, simply say thank you and walk off. People have done that in the past.
This was an actors night, actors awards, so the right people were thanked (the kids). The casting director was thanked by name to (I think Freida did that). Also a casting directors gets credit when the cast does well and thats what the award was for - Best Ensemble Cast. They really dont have to thank her in my opinion.
If all they had done was come on stage, express their gratitude to the members of the guild for considering them worthy of the award and thats it... that would have been fine too.

All in all lousy headline, cheap publicity by the author of this article trying to spin some bad publicity for the movie ahead of the Oscars.

This is an outrage? Give me a break. You're just mad because Milk didn't win. Stop trying to create controversy.

It's no outrage -- I think this headline is unwarranted. Danny Boyle and the cast themselves has thanked the writers and producers very often. This was an actors' evening, so they remembered the actors. It's only a western tradition to be so 'correct' all the time! Plus, Anil and Freida, and Dev and Irrfan were very gracious and genuinely surprised. Can you imagine how they felt? In Hollywood, among their own idols, in foreign land, they were recognized by Hollywood itself in exchange for its insiders. They must also feel slightly odd. And here is the LA Times writing a silly headline about an outrage because they did not publicly express two people's names, just this one time??

I think this is stupid, it's natural to forget some names during those un-rehearsed acceptance speeches.
Media creates an issue out of nothing, if they are not doing it on stage, they will thank people personally!...
It was nice & short acceptance speech where the kids of the movie were credit, the kids had been left out of every acceptance speech, it was an 'actors' award...and the right people, the kids were thanked for it.

Yup.. And this actor( Anil Kapoor) is hovering all over the main cast of Slumdog Millionaire in every photo opportuinity and interviews as if he was the only soul acted in this film. It seems he behaving very very desperate to get noticed in Hollywood to get the job cause no one was and is giving him work in Bollywood much. He was not even rated actor in box office for last 10 years.

so ? the production crew has left out the third lead in the movie (salim's character) in all their
award ceremony promotions and publicity campaigns across the globe. thankfully freida had the sense to bring up his name in her speech. i think he did a better job than the 'british-accented' jamal in the movie.

Funny how there seems to be an outrage for not mentioning Simon Beaufoy when both Beaufoy and Danny Boyle didn't credit Vikas Swarup in their Golden Globe speech.

Yeah, sad, that. Tho' I remember John Travolta forgetting to thank wife Kelly Preston when he won - was it the GG? He thanked her later at the PC. Doesn't mean he didn't care, he just forgot during an overwhelming moment. Saw Kapoor & Beaufoy celebrate together at the Mumbai premiere, so I would imagine Beaufoy hasn't taken too much offense.

But they did mention Ms. Tandas at the end! Only they credited her as the casting director, a role - I believe - she also served.

A few of them have had their due in other award shows. It was a refreshing change to pay tribute to the children of Slumdog Millionaire. I mean this IS an acting award after all.

What a pointless article this is.

Actually, Loveleen was mentioned by Freida.

Freida Pinto spoke after Anil Kapoor did and she did specifically mention Loveleen Tandon.

Uhm.....Freida Pinto did thank Loveleen during their acceptance......


I'm sure time was short HA !

Frieda Pinto thanked Loveleen Tandon when she spoke after Kapoor.

She said something like "Without her, none of us would be here."



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