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VIDEO: Sean Penn: 'Lots of people should be ashamed of themsevles over the passage of Prop 8'

January 14, 2009 |  9:06 pm

When we ran into Sean Penn last week at the New York Film Critics Circle Awards where "Milk" won best picture, actor (Penn) and supporting actor (Josh Brolin), my Envelope colleague Scott Feinberg (Feinberg Files) and I challenged him with some tough questions. But that toughie Penn swung back with some brilliantly spot-on answers.

Also, check out our video chats with other best-actor contenders Frank Langella HERE and Mickey Rourke HERE.

Camerawork by Daniel Montgomery

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You people don't get it do you! The Gay community has the EXACT civil right that hetrosexual couples do. The Calif. Legislature passed a bill called AB 43.

This is NOT a civil rights issue, the Gay community decided that they wanted more after they were granted their civil rights, they want to use the term "marriage" to define their unions. I for one don't want it, which is why I voted YES on Prop. 8. My marriage vows were taken in front of God, theirs can not be.

Penn and other like him should be ashamed of themselves. Marriage is a religious cermony that was adopted by the states and federal government and is the foundation of our society. The idea is the nuclear family and tax assistance to those that are married and are raising children.

There is no such thing as separation of chruch and state if you actually read the first admendment.

"Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances"

And 503(c) (3) churches can participate in lobbying as long as it doesn't become a substancial part of the overall church activities. Since this is an amendment to what can be regarded as a religious ceremony, this would be within the churches right to lobby against.

Since Marriage can be considered a religous ceremony the adoption of same-sex marriage could fly in the face of the first amendment due to the term Marriage as it is defined.

The best way for people to approach this issue is to remove the term marriage from the law, allow civil unions for all persons and, make the appropriate definition for the term civil union.

Why isn't he a member of the Academy? Anywho, I agree with him about the whole Prop 8 thing. I don't live in CA so I was shocked when it happened. I thought you guys were smarter than that. And anyone who doesn't want to hear Sean Penn's opinion probably shouldn't click on a video that says "Sean Penn".

Why does Penn and others put the blame on Blacks and Mormons. Does he know a lot of WHITE Heterosexuals voted for the Prop?

Besides, wasn't it true that passing the PROP would allow for lawsuits against churches that would not perform gay marriage?

It's "wrong" dz? That implies morality. Do we legislate morality or not?

It is WRONG for courts to create a new "right" to a state-issued license when the PEOPLE of the state have said "NO". Remember... "No means no!"

1. It is wrong to deny gays equal rights and benefits under the law.

2. It is wrong for Churches to put money and efforts towards influencing elections.

3. It is wrong for people from out of the state to tamper with the Constitution of California.

The churches that supported Prop8 should be denied tax-free status

This is not about evolution, this is about social progress, but obviously too many people in hogwash for there to be any.

Thomas Jefferson said it best: "The majority should never vote on the minority."

Prop. 8 was a disgrace to equal rights. I wouldn't worry, though. States banned interracial couples from getting married, and that was soon overturned. Gay marriage will be legal in American soon, because equal rights isn't something that can be voted on or taken away, and with the separation of church and state, no religious argument is valid here.

Those who voted Yes on Prop 8 should be ashamed. It is sad that we forget that we've been down this road before as the movie "Milk" shows. The majority on people voting for something doesn't make it right. 16 states had bans on interracial marriage before it was overturned by the courts in California.

Wonder how all of you "against Gay Marriage" would feel if there was an amendment passed that stated you could not re-marry if your last marriage ended in divorce...we're talking about the "sanctity of marriage" here.

I don't care what Sean Penn, or any other vapid, shallow, braindead actor or singer believes or feels. No one cares about their opinions except for similarly braindead 15 year old girls, and would-be liberals who can't think for themselves so they look to Hollywood for guidance.

I think one of the subtle-yet-strong points of "Milk" is the on-going theme that the minority is still comprised of HUMAN BEINGS and AMERICANS. And the minority should never have their rights dictated and decided upon by the majority. Bravo to Penn for making this statement. And to those angered by it, consider how you would feel in the next election the majority of people (who are subject to scare tactics and expensive advertising) were able to vote on whether or not you deserve equal rights.

Michael and tommy:
What makes our country great is equal civil rights for all. You have your right to believe in Leviticus 18:22 and I have a right to not have you impose it on me.


Penn needs to read Leviticus 18:22

It's call "DEMOCRACY" The majority voted Prop 8 down, so why would anyone be mad? Its what makes our country so great. If you dont like it, leave.

Sean Penn should be congratulated for accepting such a challenging role. I respect him even more for saying that Prop 8 was a fiasco and that the Mormon Church should be ashamed of themselves.

how difficult an issue is this???



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