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Sean Penn snubs the Golden Globes again!

January 11, 2009 |  5:39 pm

For the past few weeks, Sean Penn promised the Golden Globes that, yes, he really will attend tonight's ceremony.


Golden Globes leaders were a bit surprised, but pleased with the news. Sean Penn snubbed the show when he won for "Mystic River" (2003) and the no-show was so embarrassing that, when his name was announced as winner, director Clint Eastwood raced up to the podium to accept on his behalf. Clint conveyed how sorry Penn was that he couldn't be there, but he said that Penn would return the next year to present.

Penn didn't show up that next year either. No surprise. He has a history of snubbing key HFPA events. This year, for example, he didn't bother to attend the HFPA press conference for "Milk," so director Gus Van Sant and Penn's costars had to carry on.

Well, now that Golden Globes ballots are in and there's widespread suspicion that voters may snub him back despite his sweep of early derby awards bestowed by the New York, L.A. and broadcast critics, he just sent word a short while ago, that, oops, he can't attend this year, after all. Will he be missed? Golden Globe voters don't seem to like "Milk" much. Aside from the best actor category, the movie got shut out of other top categories.

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I'm so sorry that Milk didn't receive any recognition from the HFPA. I fear once, again, the gay issue will prevent these award shows from bestowing any big accolades on a film centered around a gay theme.
Penn was incredible. The film was just good. The documentary from 20 years ago, The Life Of Harvey Milk, was better.

I had to go for a drive after I saw it too. If you have any kind of empathy or a modim of brain cells, this movie will reduce you to tears. But it will also make you laugh.

I lived 1/2 a mile from the Castro in those days. After I saw Milk with a friend (who was going for the second time), we discussed whether or not much has changed in 30 years. Yes, it some ways --yet not at all in others. Thanks to all involved with this great film and most of all, to Harvey.

Saw Milk last night.
Wasn't enthused about going - but felt it important to go because I really knew so little about Milk, yet as a gay man, felt I should have more awareness of the work he did.
Am so glad I went. This movie was so powerfully emotional for me and others. I was in tears at times - and cannot explain why other than it emotionally hit me hard.
Sean Penn was terrific. I never saw him as Sean Penn acting as a gay man - I saw him as Milk, his character.
An elderly Jewish gentlemen was so moved by the movie that upon its ending he stood and loudly announced to the audience that everyone needed to do as Milk said and did or potentially suffer the fate of the Jews under Nazism. He was passionate in his exhortations that only by silence can suffering be allowed to continue. He was profoundly moved by the movie as were others - I had to go for a drive afterwards to collect my composure again.
In short - I'm glad I saw this movie.
Thank you Sean Penn for the courage to do such honor to the role.



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