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Tina Fey accepts our apology and Matt Weiner pipes in too!

January 11, 2009 | 11:00 pm

"Hey, at least it's good publicity for the website, right?!" Tina Fey said to me in the hallway of the Beverly Hilton once Golden Globes night wound down. She was smiling that mischievous, pixie smile of hers, acknowledging how naughty she'd been when she trashed's forum posters in her Globes acceptance speech. Then, later, back in the press room, she'd discussed the matter further before a room full of reporters. See that video HERE.

But in the quiet of the hallway later, she was meek and very sweet, just wanting to chitchat casually about it all a bit further. I asked her if I could turn on my handy-dandy little video camera and offer our apology to her for all to see. She said, "Sure!"

A few minutes later, I was down the hallway and felt a tap on my shoulder. It was Matt Weiner, the creator of "Mad Men," which had just won a Golden Globe for best drama series.

"Hey, Tom! I hang out in the forums too!" he said. "But I'm just a lurker. I don't post! But I know all those people Tina was talking about! Ha! That had to freak you out tonight when you heard her mention them, eh?"

Still having my little pocket video camera on me, I asked Matt to talk to us about the hubbub. How perfect. Mr. Mad Men himself, piping in on our own little madcap drama here at!