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Paula Abdul finds four a crowd on 'American Idol'

February 25, 2009 |  3:15 pm

Paula Abdul has told "OK Weekly" that adding a fourth judge — Kara DioGuardi — to the "American Idol" panel this year was a mistake. She explains, "It takes up so much time for each of us to give our opinion that it slows down the pace of the show." Of course the great reviews that DioGuardi is getting have nothing to do with this insight from Abdul, do they? According to Abdul, "Kara and I have known each other for years and we get along great." All this talk may be Abdul's way of easing herself out of the show with her dignity somewhat intact. As she says, "It is the last season of my contract, and I have so many other things I want to do."


Critics hailed DioGuardi's addition to "American Idol" this season as a much-needed breath of fresh air. And with the Emmy Awards considering a new category for judges of reality TV shows, she could prove to be a serious contender to any or all of the original trio — Abdul, Randy Jackson and Simon Cowell.

Over the first seven seasons, "American Idol" has won only two of its 34 Emmy nods. The judges were credited as part of the losing team on five consecutive Emmy bids for outstanding reality show program from 2003 to 2007. Interestingly, they were not listed on the 2008 nomination. "The Amazing Race" has won this Emmy Award every year since it was introduced in 2003.

Before DioGuardi debuted on "American Idol," she was introduced as a Grammy Award-nominated songwriter. Though technically true, she is in fact a Latin Grammy nominee for co-writing a 2007 song of the year contender — "Bella Traicion." She shared the nomination with the track's singer, Belinda, as well as Mitch Allan, Ben Moody and Nacho Peregrin. They lost the race to Juan Luis Guerra's "La Llave de Mi Corazon," which also won record of the year. "Bella Traicion" wasn't nominated for that top honor.

DioGuardi has won other kudos. In 2003, she took home a BMI Cable Award for co-writing and performing "Somethin' to Say," the theme to the now-canceled Lifetime Television series "For the People," which starred Lea Thompson, Debbi Morgan, A. Martinez and Cecilia Suarez. And in 2007 she was named BMI's pop songwriter of the year for 2006, as she had accumulated 10 BMI awards in the previous four years for having written the "most performed songs on the radio."

But it is Abdul who has the more impressive collection of showbiz awards hardware. She won a Grammy Award way back in 1990 for best short form music video for the track "Opposites Attract." And she also has a pair of Emmy Awards that she picked up for choreography. Abdul won a Emmy on her own in 1989 for "The Tracy Ullman Show" and was one of three choreographers on the 1990 "American Music Awards (along with Dean Barlow and Michael Darrin) to tie with Walter Painter, who choreographed the opening of the Disney-MGM studios. She had been a solo nominee in 1988 for "The Tracy Ullman Show" but lost to Alan Johnson, who handled the dance numbers in the song-filled "Irving Berlin's 100th Birthday Celebration."

Simon Cowell took the Teen Choice Award for TV personality back in 2003 but has lost that kudo every year since, most recently to Tyra Banks of "America's Next Top Model." In his native England, the National Television Awards gave him a special kudo in 2007, two years after he lost the race for most popular TV expert to his fellow "X Factor" judge Sharon Osbourne. And Randy Jackson is listed on various sites as a Grammy Award winning producer.


Can Kara DioGuardi win 'American Idol' an Emmy Award?

Which 'Dancing With the Stars' judge would win an Emmy?

Photo: Fox

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The comments to this entry are closed.


The New "Anerican Idol Zoo"! 3 Judges was perfect .. 4 is -too much- it makes it look about "them" - not the goal of finding a STAR. And ,,, of God .... help her ... Kara has a negative personality - i can't help it, she is not a good fit; how she got on, when all others are "famous SINGERS" does not make sense A songwriter is not a good match with famous celebrities like Simon, Paula & Randy. I was in shock when they announced her back on. I guess they want to "kill the show". Paula left, now Simon will be leaving - wonder why? - the producers on this show have lost their ability to visualize the perfect judge. Kara has nothing smart to say about anyone, in fact comes off as a b- (people loved that about Paula, she always nurtured) ...the minute Kara speaks - she's a dead personality; no "sparkle", "gift", "aura" a star has. Wosre,the minute you see her, you want to look the other way, its so bad, shes a phony. I stopped watching the show because of her negative presense and while my husband watches (he feels the same about Kara, but looks for the contestants) I hope the shows flops before it stops. Advice: Go back to 3 judges, get rid of Kara, and put in REAL talent judges - not the "Zoo" it has turned out to be.

Kara acts like she's been there longer than anyone. Acts like she's the boss. NOT! Talks too much.

Kara is gorgeous, knowledgeable and articulate. I think she'll get some flirtation in with Simon when Paula leaves. She is less original than Paula, though, and a bit conceited.

Paula's main problems come from her pain medications which make her appear drunk. Too bad, because she is sweet and was a big star in her own right.

I would have picked Debbie Gibson as a replacement: a former star and a smart, nice person to try to fill the void that Paula will leave. But it's too late for that now....

I had enough of Paula Abdul. She is not too articulate to be on the panel. Four is inded too crowded.

the fourth judge was a waste of time.
if simon,randy,and paula all said that you sung like crap she(kara) would agree with them,if they said the opposite she would agree with them.
she cant think for herself.
get rid of her.


Well... Paula has been my girl since day one (I even had a MAJOR crush on her) and being a gay man I deply appreciate the "uniqueness" she brings into a show that embraces differences...
I just wanna say that even though i agree with some of the comments on both sides, I respect both women but I would hate to see Paula go... she´s the heart and soul of the show and we NEED that in American Idol!
You go, Paula... Your faithful followers will forever back you up because you´re a great woman and a positive role model for many people out there.
The show would NEVER be as appeaing without corky Paula!

Who's the clown that thinks Kara Diogurdia knows nothing about the music industry, I guess someone who has had 39 albums in the Top 10 on Billboard's 200 album chart and Her songs are on over 100 million records, really does know nothing about the music industry. Are you kidding??

If American Idol is smart they get rid of Paula Abdul and keep Kara. I am just glad I have a PVR so I can fast forward everytime Paula is about to speak.

I'm seriously wondering what is happening with american idol this year. Even the judges are blah. Watch Simon he is actually nice and does'nt have much to say! Plus none of the singers wows me. Each year I have at least 4 favorites. This year..none. At every show I'm waiting for Paula to go berserk. They need to get her into rehab after the season is over. Kara adds nothing to the show in my opinion. Simon please get back to your own self. Never thought I would prefer the mean Simon to the nice one but least it made the show interesting haha.

Kara! Why is she there. She stinks seriously. She has no idea what she is saying. And she always takes way to long. And then Simon goes to but in and then she like can i talk? It gets annoying i think miss thang should leave. Not Paula i freakin love her she makes the show what it is. It's her and Simons fling that keeps everyone watching. And if Paula goes so does a hole lot of watchers. And this year with Kara here none of the judges are acting the same. It's stupid Paula shouldn't leave. All because she doesn't want Kara there. I think Kara should just be a guest judge. And leave after this year. Because she is a boring person. I mean why is she there. Seriously. And also the biggest reason i watch is because of Paula and Simon. So Paula don't leave Kara needs to leave.

I rllllllllllllllllly hope Paula stays!! She's the only reason I watch, although, I luv the show w/o/ her, it would be nothing. I do like Kara, she does annoy me somtimes (but im easily annoyed x) lol, but yeah, I like her being a judge.

Cara is a pointless additon to the judges. She adds virtually nothing interesting or original in her judgements. Cara also has a tendency to babble on and on. Cara should be sacked~!

The 4th judge idea is not working, but that is the least of Idol's problems this season. They are bleeding viewers in the younger demographics, a demographic that David Archuleta last season had on lock - where are those type of performers this year?

Drama for the sake of drama is not working, too many "personalities" and not enough truly talented vocalists with that WOW factor to spur those watercooler conversations in Idol days of old... Thank God we have Season's 1-7 to watch, to relive those WOW moments and vocalists, because it has been a waste of time finding any of that this year.

I agree, she has nothing constuctive to say...just goes on and on 'blah, blah, blah....' Sometimes she does not make any sense.

Oh! So sorry I thought we were talking about Paula..

Kara's comments are clear and right-on. Fine to keep 4 judges if Idol adjusts the format somehow. As it it doesn't work. Paula is the kind judge, always finding something nice to say about a bad performance rather than cruelly destroying people as Simon does (it is never necessary to be cruel). I like Paula, I like Kara, but would not be happy to see Paula leave to be replaced by Kara.

Randy needs to QUIT booing Simon (or anybody else!) I am so tired of his immaturity and disrespect. At least, Simon has been much more decent about his comments to the contestants. As for Ryan, he needs to get over his homo-gay attitude on television! It hasn't been funny in the past and it's still not funny now!
As for Kara-she could use a little toning down herself. She is not the only judge there and seems to "take over" everyone else with her comments and big mouth.

Paula is the Queen of American Idol! She needs to stay!

i have never missed a show in all the years, this kara is very very annoying. the original three are the best. i often leave the room when she is giving her opinion. simon is still the best, he is honest and gets booed all the time. hang in simon

American idol has got to keep paula! She makes the show more interesting. That's one of the reasons i luv the show. Who wants to miss her and simon fight and flirt! She makes the show good! Stick with the original judges. She goes the show goes!

You guys are all morons. Kara is the best judge by a mile. She hits the nail on the head with every contestant and always gives good advice. Paula is the one who sucks

You guys are insane. Paula makes the show now watchable most of the time because she has absolutley not idea what she is saying. She appears to be drunk, she critiques performances that haven't happened yet (last year anyone) and can't even talk without stuttering 20 times. Get her off, Kara is gorgeous and at least can put together sentences.

I agree with Paula in that it's one too many judges, but it's her that has to go. My family finds Kara to be a breath of fresh air on that show. We've long been tired of listening to Paula try to figure out how to talk through her often alcohol or med-induced stupor. Finally, with Kara, we have a woman who knows what she's talking about, can articulate it well and isn't afraid to disagree with the boys. And she won't embarass Idol with having to cover up her problems and scandals. Keep Kara. Ditch Paula!

I agree with Paula This woman disagreed with everyone on the panel. I do not even know her name or her Bio.

I agree that 4 judges are too many. Last night's show was boring with each of them having to give their opinions & not knowing when to shut up. I have to agree that Kara took up the most time with each of the contestants, so Paula's right: Kara should go & the show should not have to take 2 full hours, most of which is with the judges each trying to out-do each other & get the most air time. Thank you.

Kara sucks compared to Paula. Nowhere near the comaraderie as Paula has ith Randy and Simon. The "critics" are way off on this one. When Paula leaves, so does lots of the chemistry. And let's be honest, the fireworks will be gone too.




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