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Stevie Wonder awarded Gershwin Prize by first fan Barack Obama

February 26, 2009 | 12:32 pm

President Barack Obama says he won Michelle Obama over with their shared love of the music of Stevie Wonder. During Wednesday's White House presentation to Wonder of the Gershwin Prize — an honor bestowed by the Library of Congress — the president said, "I think it's fair to say that had I not been a Stevie Wonder fan, Michelle might not have dated me, we might not have married. The fact that we agreed on Stevie was part of the essence of our courtship."


And Michelle Obama reminisced about listening to Stevie Wonder's albums with her grandfather: "He'd blast music throughout the house and that's where he and I would sit and listen to Stevie's music together — songs about life, love, romance, heartache, despair." The Obamas chose Stevie Wonder's "You and I" from his breakthrough 1972 album "Talking Book" as the first song at their 1992 wedding.

The Library of Congress established the Gershwin Prize two years ago to "celebrate the work of an artist whose career reflects lifetime achievement in promoting song as a vehicle of musical expression and cultural understanding." The first recipient was Paul Simon while Stevie Wonder is the second. During the White House ceremony,  Wonder performed for the first couple and an invited audience. That concert will air tonight on most PBS stations.

Stevie Wonder has won a record 22 Grammy Awards, tying him with U2, and he was given the lifetime achievement Grammy in 1996. He has been inducted into both the songwriters (1983) and rock and roll (1989) halls of fame.  Wonder won best song at the 1994 Oscars for "I Just Called to Say I Love You" from "The Woman in Red" and in 1999 he was awarded the Kennedy Center Honors.


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congratulations stevie on

....from Saginaw, MI... of few LEGITAMATLY talented contemporary music artists...

...and there are not that many...

Right on Stevie,

It's been a long time coming, but a change have come to honor your incredible talent that GOD have us to enjoy your music.

Right today, I still have that up lift version when you played at "The Circle" in Menlo park.

Stevie Wonder awarded Gershwin Prize by first fan Barack Obama
President Barack Obama says he won Michelle Obama over with their shared love of the music of Stevie Wonder.
Montreal, February 26, 2009


The whole world has its eyes on you, on The United States Of America and its people.

Everyone congratulates you to be to be the new President of the United States Of America and see that something happen in America.

In March 1983, one of humanity's most famous spokesmen, Pope John Paul II, came to our country - 'Haîti' - and loudly proclaimed what each and every one of us had been whispering:

'Something must change here.'

Today, more than ever, a lot of people of The United States of America stand up, longing for something and working to make something happen.

And, like in March 9, 1983, beloved Haiti, History - (which from then and now on rests in thy hands) - tells thee: "it is now time to let people speak to thee of love!.

Let's say today': 'Go thou America ahead and show us thy true countenance in a positive light.' It is up to everyone to play his or her part in order to let thee regain thy mark of excellence !"

With this letter, I am communicating with You, President Obama an First Lady Micelle Obama, and with the whole people of The United States of America.

You offer this country what it takes to be a 'Wonderfull Land.' Yes, let us say 'with a great people living and working together.'

Go thou, America, go ahead, following in the footsteps of one of thy sons who is now one of thy statesmen.

With this in mind, Mr.Obama, to whom else could I entrust this letter sent to his Holiness Pope John Paul II when he set foot on Haitian soil for the first time, as well as its acknowledgment by the Vatican?

That letter to Pope John Paul II is intended to draw attention to the problem posed by anti-Black discrimination and its negative repercussions on the advancement of scientific progress in the West, and more precisely in the realm of Optics.

In the Western world, according to Newton's widely accepted theory, white is considered to be the synthesis of all colors. Actually, the opposite is true. White constitutes the analysis or 'visible' decoding of light or color, whereas black is its synthesis or 'invisible' composition.

In other words, darkness or blackness and, we might add, "Black Holes'"- a scientific misnomer designating invisible stars or 'Black Suns' - are a source of energy and light.

That basic raw material of light energy culminates, in its most radiant form, in the neutralization of all the colors of the spectrum in the form of so-called "white light."

Therefore "absolute blackness", the absorption of all the colors, is a divisible component of light. Needless to say, Newton's theory gives only a partial interpretation of the notion of light, by excluding black. Our contribution aims at demonstrating that the black color is not only an integral part of the color process, but its true synthesis. Light is therefore shown to be a divisible whole comprising an intensity or color scale in which black is the invisible or 'absorbed' form of the energy in question.

Allow me, Senator Obama, in order to support my statement concerning Black Holes and radiation, to pose a question asked by Hubert Reeves, Doctor of nuclear astrophysics and Scientific Consultant to NASA:

What would have become of the Sun, if it were plunged into a high temperature radiance like the one that existed at the beginning of the Universe? [our translation]

Instead of emitting light, it would absorb it and, in the end, it would be completely reabsorbed into the cosmic fluid.

The cosmic fluid is what, due to an "optical mistake", is called "darkness" or the "blackness of space". We are talking about the electromagnetic flux, that immeasurable ocean in which the planets and stars are bathed, like the sea which links all the continents together. Darkness is thus "The Sea of Space."

"What would have happened if, instead of an ordinary star like the "White Sun", a Black Hole or "Black Sun" were injected into that primordial radiation?

"According to Einsteinian Physics, a Black Hole is a place where gravity is so formidably intense that nothing can escape it, not even visible light. Such a hole should suck in and absorb radiation and increase its own mass: E=MC2, always."

"But after Einstein came Bohr, Heisenberg, and Quantum Physic. From then on, nothing was the same as before.

"The Einsteinian version of the Black Hole is equivalent to a statement that the matter inside the Black Hole is definitely there to stay, in that volume of space. Let us quote Hubert Reeves: "Such an absolute statement is thus contrary to the "Quantum spirit", affirming that nothing is definitely localized in one place. There is always a probability of escape. If the enclosing wall is too high, a tunnel will be dug; if the prisoners are patient, they will escape. One has only to wait. [our translation]"

"According to that principle, Black Holes "evaporate." Matter constantly escapes as radiation. Black Holes "shine!" Their surfaces behave like those of any body heated to a certain temperature and that radiation endlessly feeds that marvelous "Cosmic Fluid" which, wrongly and in bad faith, people keep calling "Darkness."

'Nigra sum -(Latin form of that sentence without any kind of prjudice) - "sed" formosa.'

Yes, but should we not say instead, I am black "and" comely?

Darkness, which is both source and vehicle of light, does not have to defend itself for being the beautiful and infinitely discreet raw material of the Universe. Darkness is the "Mother of the Universe."

Also, beautiful and discreet art thou, Haiti. Discreet, yes, but never outshone! Just like the Black Virgin who inspires and sheds her love on thee from the hilltop and even beyond Cité Soleil (Sun City).

Our purpose was to offer a more constructive approach aiming at correcting the abusive traditional, so-called scientific, theories of Optics. That is why, we wrote to that authentic witness to the signs of this age, His Holiness Pope John Paul II, the prophet of the new era.

Congratulations to You, Sir, and congratulations to the people of The United States Of America, for having made it possible for this day to mark the beginning of a "New Era of Hope !"

Lucien Bonnet

PLease, SEE :
PLEASE SEE: (The CERN Large Hadron Collider)

RE : Lucien Bonnet - (His interest led him to carry out research on Western concepts r elated to the study of color - by the way of Newton's Theory of Colors - as following):

Newton's Theory of Colors!

First of all, what is Newton's Theory of Colors?

Let me remind readers that the concept of "color" that stems from scientific experimentation is based on the demonstration in 1665 by the well-known scientist Isaac Newton.

This experiment consists in running a visible light ray called "white light" through a prism in a dark room, breaking down that light into a continuous spectrum encompassing all the colors.

Newton thought he had there by proven that white light is broken down by the prism into a series of seven refracted rays which produced the colors from red to violet on the screen on which they are projected. He therefore concluded that white light contains various lights, each one of which is darker than the white light itself and each of which is part of the whole. And the darkest of all (real blackness), according to Newton, is simply an absence of light.

My point of view, which is shared by many scientists, is that when the dark room, which is actually black, is penetrated by the "visible light ray", it turns into an area with a mixture of darkness and white light, so that it is no longer a "dark room". This is the origin of "Newton's error", which is the result of an incorrect observation.

In other words, the basic elements of his experiment are not what he thought they were: in the course of the experiment, we are actually dealing with a quasi-dark or quasi-white room. Consequently, the prism in that quasi-dark room reflects the real situation; that is to say, the prism itself is already under the influence of this mixture of white light and darkness. That fact escaped Newton's notice.

In fact, the prism in the dark room where the experiment was carried out receives darkness from one angle and a beam of white light from the other. The prism thereby puts these two elements into action. The incident light ray is transformed, softened under the effect of the surrounding shade. Acting as a wave mixer, the prism integrates the white light and the darkness. It synthesizes them in vitro based on a given degree in the well-known "Gray scale" used in photography and color television. Under the effect of the incident ray, which acts like a projector, the refracted, very subtle gray ray passes through the prism. The continuous spectrum of all the colors is formed in a quasi-dark room on a quasi-white screen, given that the spectrum was born of both white light and darkness.

We therefore find that the continuous color scale, as we know it, is constituted by the breaking down, not of white light, but a mixture of white light and darkness - that is, of "gray". As the German scholar Johann Wolfgang von Goethe wrote: "This is the proof of the existence of the law where by light is nothing else than a mixture of light and darkness, to different degrees." [our translation] Thus, Newton's theory of colors proves to be completely false.

Nevertheless, the techniques used in industries dealing with photography, cinematography and television are still based on that erroneous theory.

In photography, laboratories are quick to discover in their work that the sum of the colors of the spectrum is gray, not white. That is why they are compelled to introduce the black color to obtain the white. There you have a demonstration in reverse that black is an integral part of light and color processes. Remember that this fact completely escaped Newton's notice. Unfortunately, even though, in their use and application of the color scale, photo labs notice Newton's error and correct it in practice, they still do not make the error more widely known.


Some people might say that big industries using color processes - printing, photography, movies, television and even microprocessors - keep to that erroneous theory for the sake of major financial interests, especially concerning patents and trade secrets. In addition, certain anti-Black prejudices, deeply rooted in Western culture as well as in the field of optics, have to be taken into account at this "phase of rest and almost stagnation, rather than theoretical progress".

It is then up to the scientific world today - researchers, university professors, etc. - to overcome such hindrances and correct Newton's theory, in order to free the way for progress.

Lucien Bonnet

Article published in the Montreal daily newspaper Le Devoir on April 15, 1986. The author of the article, a Haitian-born Montrealer, has made a movie entitled "Where are you Headed, Haiti?" and makes mention of that concept: The incorrect observation of the experiment and the origin of "Newton's error".

- Lucien BONNET

Stevie Wonders talent and skill are Master Class.
His long time international contributions to music make him a National Treasure.
Ann S.,
Washington, DC



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