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Grammy predictions: Jonas Brothers will lose best new artist

February 4, 2009 | 12:51 pm

When it comes time to make Grammy predictions, our forum moderators David "Guru" Schnelwar and Darrin "DoubleD" Dortch usually clash. However, this year they're in perfect harmony on all four top races. Previously, you read their predix for best record and song. Below: races for best album and new artist of the year.

Favorite - Robert Plant & Alison Krauss, "Raising Sand"
Possible - Coldplay, "Viva La Vida or Death and All His Friends"

I believe rock voters will be split between Coldplay and Radiohead and urban voters will be split between Lil Wayne and Ne-Yo, leaving Robert Plant and Alison Krauss to win.  Plant and Krauss are nominated in multiple fields like pop, country and folk, which helps their chances.

Voters might mark their ballots for Coldplay throughout the general field.  So they are still possible.

No one expected Herbie Hancock to win here last year.  So anything can happen.



Favorite – "Raising Sand," Robert Plant & Alison Krauss
Possible – "Viva la Vida or Death and All His Friends," Coldplay

Robert Plant never won a Grammy while with Led Zeppelin and he has only two Grammys to date. Krauss is a Grammy favorite (and a past winner here for the "O Brother" soundtrack) and Raising Sand got fantastic reviews, so I think Plant/Krauss will easily prevail here. If they lose, it’ll be to Coldplay, who will surely win multiple Grammys this year. Watch out for Lil Wayne’s "Tha Carter III" though. It’s one of the best-reviewed (and bestselling) albums of 2008, but Grammy voters still have a bias toward urban music in the general field.

Favorite - Adele
Possible - Duffy

Last year, I was the lone person to predict Taylor Swift instead of Amy Winehouse.  A year later, Taylor Swift has the No. 1 album in the U.S. for six weeks and counting, and Amy Winehouse's future musical status is a mystery.

One thing I learned from predicting Taylor Swift last year is that only twice in 20 years has an artist with one nomination won best new artist — Milli Vanilli in 1989 and Shelby Lynne in 2000.  This is what hurts the Jonas Brothers' chances, despite being the biggest name and seller in this category.

Lady Antebellum and Jazmine Sullivan are not crossover enough to win.

It is between Adele and Duffy.  Adele has the upper hand because she is nominated for record of the year and song of the year.  But do not count out Duffy.  She is a critical favorite and still poses competition.

Favorite  - Adele
Possible – Jonas Brothers

Adele’s exposure from "Saturday Night Live" garnered her four unexpected Grammy nominations; I think her nods for record, song and pop female make her a favorite here. Watch out for the Jonas Brothers though. They are easily the most recognizable name in this category, and they’ve been campaigning hard to win this Grammy.


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HAHA they lost

For all of you Disney or JoBros haterz... who cares coz there's 99.9% that they will win. You know why? It's coz fans adore them and they're great role models. I admit that I'm a fan too, but they work so much harder than everyone else and think about... Nick got discovered when he was like what, 12? That's pretty talented right there. I <3 them all. So if you're a hater, who cares. Don't just tell everyone that you are coz it gets super annoying and fans will get pissed off. KEEP YOUR OPINION TO YOURSELF!!! Just go cheer for your favorite people as we cheer for ours... which of course, The Jonas Brothers! = )

lil wayne is the best he definely deserved all those nominations he is the best i lve him <3

okayyyyy the jonas brothers are going to win weather you like it or nott.
there gonna.
and all of you haters out there can suck it because they deserve to win more than any other personn running for best new aritists. theyve come a long way this past year and a half and they worked harder than any solo artist/ band out there. soo news flashhh sunday when your watching the grammys dont be shocked when the jonas brothers are on stage saying there speech because they won. :D trust mee, they got this.

ok three out of the 5 people or groups nominated for this award, I have never even heard of!! Ive heard of Lady A, and of course Jonas. The boys truly deserve to win. They do have musical talent (who doesnt love Nick playing his green guitar?) and they all have good, strong voices. They write a lot of their own songs... you may not like them or their music but their is no denying what is right there in front of your face.

Oh and to A.J... their latest album was number one for two weeks, and in the top ten for over a month. It's sold about 1.5 million copies already...check your facts next time.

WHAT! JB wont be winning? JB is extremely successful and there loosing to the guru? That sucks! Im not hating on anybody, but i think JB should win best artist!

My sisters and I happen to be big fans of the Jonas Brothers, and we think they have the biggest chance of winning the nomination. Let's face it, thier musical ability is twice that of any of the other preformers, excluding Lady Antebellum they are pretty good too. Our society is going down the tubes when it comes to thier taste in music. These rappers all stink; seriously. I could make up a rap about how bananas rock and it would be the new download of the week. The Jonas Brothers are TRUE musicians. They actually play thier own instruments, and the eldest self-taught himself guitar. Not only can they play outstandingly, they can also sing as well. They are very gifted, not to mention unlike some other musicians they keep a clean image. Never once have I heard them talk down a fellow musician or swear openly. They stick to thier good family values and morals and they are also very articulate and charming. The girls and I can personally speak out on thier behalf because we attended one of thier concerts. IT WAS PHENOMENAL. Great lighting, effects, the band was amazing, and they sounded just as good if not better than off the record. Most people try to diminish all of the great things they have done and all of the accomplishments they have made in a short amount of time, but it takes true character and talent to even be considered for a grammy nomination. The Jonas Brothers fans like us are also the most kind and loyal fans you will ever see, and we always stand by the boys. There is a reason they got that nomination: After all they did sell over a million copies of thier new CD and also even completed thier third album and released a new 3D Movie. If anything, society needs to learn to appreciate people like the Jonas Brothers for making the world a litter brighter for others. So everyone else needs to stand aside, because the Jonas Brothers are making the scene. And we for one are not afraid to stand by them. They deserve the very best of luck on Sunday night because they worked hard to get there. So do Kevin, Joe and Nick suck? Heck no. But they DO Shine. :)

Rant over. :)

We love you guys

I think that the Jonas Brothers have a chance too. They are working just as hard as the other nominees and deserve to be nominated for this category. They wouldn't have been nominated in the first place if they weren't good enough to stand with the rest.

Ok whether the Jonas Brothers are good or not, think about all their fans. If they weren't good, their concerts wouldn't be selling out and they wouldn't be as big as they are. The Grammys are supposed to celebrate every single genre of music...not just the kind you ppl like...and if everyone just gave em a chance just like they did with Duffy, Adele, and Jazmine then you might find that they're not half bad.

did anyone ever think that the Jonas Brothers would lose because they suck?

if the jonass won! i will literally into a comas for a week,seriously they suck,they sound bad in cd version,live? hmm..i think they better start lipsinging on stage,they sound like they being chocked or giving birth to an animal,they just terrible and the worse thing is they got nominated while they're album never top 5 or plat

Jazmine doesn't need to be crossover. Her album is crazy, her voice is amazing and she has awesome stage presence. She didn't get five nominations for nothing!



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