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Jennifer Hudson sings at Super Bowl

February 1, 2009 | 10:40 am


Jennifer Hudson sings the national anthem at today's Super Bowl in Tampa. This is the first public appearance for the 2006 Oscar winner ("Dreamgirls") since her mother, Darnell Donerson, brother Jason Hudson, and nephew Julian King were murdered in their Chicago home Oct. 28. Expect Jennifer Hudson's performance to equal the emotional one delivered by Whitney Houston back in 1991 when the Super Bowl was played (also in Tampa) against the backdrop of the start of the first Gulf War. Houston's performance of "The Star Spangled Banner" was released as a single and reached the top 20 on Billboard.

Another Oscar winner — Bruce Springsteen — will be performing during the half-time show today. Bruce Springsteen won his Oscar in 1993 for the song "Streets of Philadelphia" from the film "Philadelphia." He was nominated two years later for the title song of "Dead Man Walking" but lost to "Colors of the Wind" from "Pocahontas." Bruce Springsteen was snubbed this year for his Golden Globe-winning title track for "The Wrestler."

Though the Oscars are referred to as the Super Bowl of entertainment, the real one has a surprising (and long-running) connection to the awards fest. Jennifer Hudson will not be the first Oscar winner to sing at the Super Bowl. Back in 1999, Cher — the 1987 best actress winner for "Moonstruck" — performed the national anthem. The following year, Phil Collins appeared in the half-time show just weeks before winning an Oscar for the song "You'll Be in My Heart" from "Tarzan." In 2005, Paul McCartney performed at the half-time show. He, along with the other three Beatles — George Harrison, John Lennon and Ringo Starr — won the 1970 original song score Oscar for "Let It Be." And Prince, the 1984 song score winner for "Purple Rain," performed in the 2007 half-time show.

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WoW!!!! I am amazed at everything Jenny does and for me to hear her beautiful voice live for the first time singing the NATIONAL ANTHEM just put the icing on the CAKE FOR ME!!! She is great talent and she did a EXCELLENT job. May God continue to bless her and keep her. Just like Whitney, Beyonce', Marvin, etc. she got her chance to shine and she did it damn good and it will truly be remembered!!!!!

Her singing brought tears to my eyes,what a diva. yes I always loved whiteys rendition, but Jenifer is awesome.........

Get your research correct before arbitrarily rewriting academy history. In 1970 the Original Song winner was "For All We Know" from the film "Lovers & Other Strangers". In 1988 I think Carly Simon would be surprised to learn that her Oscar for best song from "Working Girl" ("Let the River Run") was instead awarded to Phil Collins. Next time go to to get it from the Academy's official website.

Jennifer did really well but Whitney Houston's rendition is still No.1 to me.

jennifer did a great job on the national anthem. I am so proud of you. you use the strength of your mom, brother and nephew to get you through ,i must say the best performances of your career.

I think that Jennifer did an awsome job, but I think she was lipsinging. The song had been pre-recorded

Jennifer, you are awesome!

I would like to commend Jennifer Hudson on a job well done! EXCELLENT!!! She hit EVERY note... Outstanding!!!

I agree with one of the earlier posts, times are changing and so is music. I think it is no less honorable to sing the national anthem with a different time signature or a different arrangement. What is important are the words. She should be lauded for having the creativity to interpret a great song with such skill and precision. I think it's a bit extreme to say that she "butchered" it. I can understand if you didn't like her rendition, but she is an amazing singer regardless of the way she sang it.

Jennifer Hudson did a great on the National Athem and may God continue to bless and strengthen her.

I think jenifer hudson did a great job on the national anthem.Whitney, Marvin and Jenifer. The best three I have ever heard. It is hard to say which one is the best.

Whoops, cancel my last comment. He said she was a Grammy nominee --but got the Academy Award winner part correctly.

My bad, my bad, my bad!!!

Wow, I can't believe no one's commented yet on the EGREGIOUS error on the Super Bowl announcer's part. He introduced Hudson as an Academy Award nominee -- NOT an Academy Award winner.

This being an awards site, I can't believe I'm the only one who noticed this error.

Wonderful job Jennifer! Listen... people who state that she did not do a good rendition of that song, all i have to say is JEALOUSY will get you no where in life. Jennifer is a survivor, despite the adversity that she is still facing. Great job Jennifer!! It is so refreshing to see another black female artist with SPECTACULAR God Given vocal ability....few can compare.

From a Canadian: Jennifer Hudson is one of the greatest singers of our time; from her place of overcoming adversity,her gracious arrangement of the national anthem was inspiring for all Americans as they overcome the national economic adversity of the day.

I was brought to tears when I saw Jennifer's performance all I can say. As a musician myself who has trained many voices for performances, I cannot think of any better example of the perfect performance than Jennifer's tonight. May God continue to strenghten and bless her.

To the people who say that her performance was bad I want to say...I bet you think you sound good in the shower, don't cha? She was amazing! brought tears to my eyes. God bless that girl and her talent. She is going to go far in this world.

she butchered the national anthem, made me ashamed to be an american.

Jennifer Hudson is a wonderful songstress that just suffered a tragedy! Her performance at today's start of the Superbowl was great! If you didn't like the way she sung it, then you should have sung in church all your life, prayed that your dream would come true, win an Oscar before ever reaching 30 years old and actually have people think you're one of the few "sangers" today and been invited to perform! Since you weren't, shut the hell up! I Love you Jennifer and may God continue to keep you and rain down blessings on your life and everything that you touch!

unbelievable! the best /EVER!!!!!!

Jennifer Hudon voice is so beautiful . The National Athem song by her loving voice along with the beautiful music brought tear to my heart and eyes.What a gift.

jennifer hudson brought tear to my eyes.
the sound of her voice is so beautiful.

Wow!! She's lost sooo much weight.

Jennifer Hudson did an outstanding job singing this song. It was not butchered nor was the rendition inappropriate. When are we going to wake up and realize that if people are going to sing the song the exact same way it becomes stale and boring? Get with the times please! It was very graceful.

She did a wonderful job...I get chills just thinking about it




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