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Why didn't Kate Winslet thank Harvey Weinstein on Oscars night?

February 25, 2009 | 11:32 am

Of all people Kate Winslet should've thanked from the Oscars podium as she finally — after five previous losses — clutched that elusive statuette, Harvey Weinstein should've been first. That Happy Oscar Warrior took enormous abuse for daring to cram "The Reader" into this year's derby while Winslet also competed with "Revolutionary Road," directed by her hubby, Sam Mendes. A producer of both films, Scott Rudin ("The New Harvey," some wags call him after he won best picture last year for "No Country for Old Men") was so irked that he took his name off the credits of "The Reader."


Winslet not only snubbed poor Harvey in her acceptance speech, but she didn't redress the omission in comments she made backstage to the press. Or later. After she exited the Oscar ceremony, she told the London Daily Telegraph, referring to her speech, "I remembered everybody."

Does that mean she intentionally snubbed Harvey at the Oscars? Rumor has it that she was furious with him for challenging her bid for "Revolutionary Road." Trying to negotiate the clash, the Weinstein Co. campaigned her "Reader" role in supporting, where she won at the Golden Globes and SAG, but Oscar voters weren't fooled into buying that second-tier status. They promoted her "Reader" performance to lead and — oops — thereby snubbed that other role entirely. After all, they had to choose between one or the other. Actors are only permitted to be nominated once per category (not true for directors and writers, for some crazy reason).

But Winslet's rep Heidi Slan tells Gold Derby, "I am sure this was an oversight considering she thanked him at SAG and BAFTA."

Granted, Winslet's been a bit flustered of late, so it's likely these snubs weren't intentional. She even confessed to Time magazine that she suffered a panic attack a month before the Oscars.

"I didn't know what it was. It was a little like when your water [breaks]. ... I called my sister and said, 'I can't breathe, and I feel like I've got a brick on my chest and I'm seeing funny, and it sounds like everyone's talking to me in Hebrew.' She said, 'Yeah, that's a panic attack.'"

Later, when she finally held the Oscar, she wouldn't let it out of her grasp, even bringing it along when she appeared on Oprah's chat show the next day.

Strangely, she then suddenly hid it from view. When she landed at JFK airport in New York, photographers asked her to show it. Nope, she said, "I have to show my kids before I show anybody else!"

Photo: Mark Boster, L.A. Times


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The comments to this entry are closed.


who cares!
I don't blame winslet..i would've been super pissed too..
and also..who cares if she didn't take her oscar out for the paparazzi to see!
and i don't blame her for taking her oscar everywhere w/ her....she's wanted one FOREVER ..who's to say where she can and can't bring it..
the fuck kind shit ppl do we have in the world...??

It seems that every single thing Kate does or says has to be criticized. She cried too much and was too flustered at the GG's, hyperventilated at the SAG's, and now forgot someone at the Oscars. Is it just me or is someone overly analyzing an Oscar acceptance speech? Let the girl enjoy her Oscar for crying out loud. She had to lose five times to get it; thus avoiding the title of Oscar's Biggest Loser (of which O'Neil CONSTANTLY reminded us about). It almost seems as if O'Neil wanted her to earn that infamous title, but sorry--she didn't!

didn't winslet also lie to our faces when she said in her speech that "there was no division" in the making of the film? didn't she not try to score points when she, so in a very actressy way looked up to the ceiling, and dedicated her oscar to sydney pollack and anthony minghella only to be met by a non-chalant audience? and is not her post-oscar behavior is bordering on the bizaare already? so sick of her's just a freakin' award won at the expense of the more deserving meryl streep or melissa leo!

KATE WINSLET was truly awesome!

There was no snub. Kate gives awesome heartfelt speeches. Maybe her critics are jealous because she is so good. She wins the Oscar and is the most prettiest woman in the prettiest outfit there!

Other idiots didn't want the Reader to win any awards for how it portrayed the holocaust. Come again? I'm Jewish and it was much ado about absolutely nothing.

Kate you are a winner!

See if you were in that position,you will forget everything.she was very exited at that moment.But dont worry she called later and thanked every one,she told me.

I just wonder how Nicole Kidman would have fared if she did "The Reader" ? Would Nicole picked up a second Oscar for the guys that helped her garner a first one with " The Hours" ? Or would got the big snub because she is Nicole Kidman?
Or is she a much weaker actress than Kate?

Sorry, Tom, I don't believe for one second that the Academy was the reason for Kate's being placed in lead category for "The Reader.

What I do believe is that Oscar Havey behind the scenes campaigned for Kate to be placed in lead for "The Reader" and not "RR" thus clearing the way for his other girl Penelope to take the supporting actress win.

Oscar Harvey's goal is increasing his # of wins not category appropriateness

First people get mad at her for thanking too many people at the Golden Globes (as well as being emotional), and now people are getting mad at her for forgetting to mention someone. Can she evern win?? I think people should let her just enjoy what she has achieved, and stop criticizing her.

Also, have you ever had to do a speech?? You get all flustered, especially when you win something. KATE IS AWESOME

Typical fake controversy.

This snub I wasn't aware of (Thanx Tom for filling us in on the dish...) But one other snub seemed outrageously obvious to me - Sean didn't thank his wife or kids??? Wassup wid dat?

Wow, that's really interesting, Tom... not the stuff about Harvey being snubbed, as much as the fact that the Academy actually looked at her two performances and not only decided that her performance in The Reader was better but also that it was indeed a leading role and weren't going to be tricked into making it supporting and chancing a double win for Kate as what happened with the Globes.



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