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Will Rob Pattinson sing with Mary Poppins at the Oscars?

February 21, 2009 |  8:41 am

Be honest. This same devilish thought — or one quite similar — crossed your mind when you heard the leaks about all of the heartthrob hipsters who'll be part of the Oscars show this Sunday! Rob Lowe wasn't known for his singing chops when he was enlisted by producer Allan Carr ("Grease," "Grease 2," "Can't Stop the Music," "Where the Boys Are '84") to perform "Proud Mary" with Snow White at the 1989 ceremony, resulting in the most disastrous, ridiculed and infamous production number in Oscars history.

"Twilight" star Rob Pattinson seems a bit similar in chiseled profile to Lowe, doesn't he? And this year's producers Bill Condon and Laurence Mark have socko reputations, just like Carr, for mounting spectacular musical productions ("Dreamgirls").

Memo to Bill and Larry: Sorry for this snarky post. Couldn't resist. Admit it: You chuckled.

Oh, come on! None of us are really worried. At the very least we're sure you'd have the good taste and smarts to have Mary Poppins sing and dance with Zac Efron.

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Robert Pattinson is a great singer/musician. He plays guitar, piano and the trumpet among other instruments and he's actually got an incredible voice. Many attribute the success of the Twilght soundtrack to his featured song on it. He'll have another 4 songs for the upcoming soundtrack to ''How to Be'. He sounds Jeff Buckleyesque.

^ Pattinson singing (I believe he composed the song as well)



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