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Which 'American Idol' rivals have the best shot to win awards?

March 19, 2009 | 11:30 am

Let's forget for a moment who has the best shot to win "American Idol." Who among the  live show participants has the best chance to go on and contend for the top showbiz awards?

Remember that Jennifer Hudson only came in seventh place in Season 3, but went on win the Oscar, Golden Globe, SAG, Critics Choice, BAFTA and New York Film Critics Circle awards for her performance in "Dreamgirls" as well as best R&B album at the recent Grammys for her debut disc "Jennifer Hudson."


Season 3 champ Fantasia recorded a R&B duet with Hudson — "I'm His Only Woman" — that contended at those Grammys. Fantasia earned four Grammy nominations in 2006 for her first album ("Free Yourself") and  three more in 2008 for her second ("Fantasia"). She has three Billboard Awards, including the prize for top-selling single of 2004 ("I Believe").

Ruben Studdard, who won Season 2 by a whisker, picked up a Grammy nod in 2004 for best male R&B vocal performance ("Superstar"), but he lost to his idol, Luther Vandross. Runner-up Clay Aiken, who won three Billboard awards and was fan choice at the 2003 American Music Awards, has yet to pick up any Grammy noms.

Season 1 champ Kelly Clarkson won Grammys in 2006 for best female pop vocal performance ("Since U Been Gone") and pop album ("Breakaway"). She also won best female video twice at the MTV Music Video Awards — "Since U Been Gone" (2005) and "Because of You" (2006)  — as well as six Teen Choice Awards, four American Music Awards, and a People's Choice Award. And now that  Clarkson's fourth album — "All I Ever Wanted" — just entered the Billboard charts at No. 1, it's likely that more kudos are ahead.

Season 6 winner Jordin Sparks released her self-titled debut album in the fall of 2007 to good reviews and sales, including two platinum singles ("Tattoo" and "No Air"). The latter of those was with Chris Brown and landed them a recent Grammy nod for pop vocal collaboration.

While Taylor Hicks won Season 5 of "American Idol," he has never been nominated for any showbiz prize (and, let's be honest, has little hope in the future — what were voters thinking in 2006, eh?). However, fourth-place finisher Chris Daughtry scored four Grammy nominations for his group's self-titled debut "Daughtry." And they won four American Music Awards in 2007.

Season 4 champ Carrie Underwood is the only "American Idol" ever  nominated for best new artist at the Grammys, which she won in 2007, in addition to best female country vocal performance ("Jesus, Take the Wheel"). She repeated in that category in both 2008 ("Before He Cheats") and 2009 ("Last Name"). Carrie Underwood has also won five American Music Awards, five Country Music Assn. Awards, six Academy of Country Music Awards, and six CMTs.

So what about the current crop of "American Idol" contestants? Which ones have the best awards potential? I posed that question in The Envelope's Gold Derby forums and discovered that most support goes to Kris Allen, Allison Iraheta, Adam Lambert and Lil' Rounds. Here are just a sample of comments from our posters:

Try Again: "Adam —  If the material is good or popular, he will no doubt get an AMA, VMA nomination. Allison — She seem the most poised to earn multiple nominations from the AMAs, VMAs and Grammys. She could do well with the right material to get a couple of nominations."

Gucci: "At this point, Lil' Rounds is the only one to me that has potential to land some Grammy nominations within the R&B field."

LKMOSCAR: "Allison is the only one as of now."

DJWolff: "Kris Allen seems to be the only contestant with some viable marketability. However, Adam Lambert has a huge following. He can definitely exploit the emo-Tokio Hotel route and win VMAs on his own (especially if they're fan-voted)."

Vinny: "Adam - I can see him winning a Tony someday. He can easily play larger-than-life characters on stage. Allison — She will be the next Kim Carnes / Kelly Clarkson. Lil' Rounds — She has the package (including the cute name), but she must NOT be another Mary J Blige, because there need only be one."

Read more posters' comments in the forums.

Editor's Note: An earlier version of this blog item mistakening reported that Michael Sarver, Alexis Grace and Scott MacIntyre have the best chances to win "Idol," according to L.A. Times experts. In fact, the Times' Buzzmeter section identifies them has having the least chance. The correction has been made.


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i think it will be out of Adam and Danny

If Adam Lambert doesn't win, something is fishy.
I don't think anyone in that group can touch him.

Adam Lambert will be a superstar-
he's the only one I would buy an album or go see in concert.
He could will a Grammy for pop

Best AI contestant ever.

Tom -- I see that now. My error this time!


Whenever an original blog item is changed due to an error made in the original, it is L.A. Times policy that we note so. I did that immediately after fixing the post upon seeing the mistake I made that you all pointed out. Apparently, you missed the Editor's Note at the bottom of the post that indicates the change was made. Tx for pointing out the goof. I appreciate you doing so and I responded soonest by fixing it promptly and noting so with the editor's note. Tx much


Tom -- when you post an error in your article, and then a bunch of people post responses that point out the error, you shouldn't CHANGE your article so that the error no longer appears. It makes those of us who posted our comments look like we are making things up.

Also, your comment "let's forget for a moment who has the best shot to win American Idol" is insulting -- it makes all of us sound like whiny nit-pickers for pointing out your error. No, let's not forget for a moment who has the best chance to win, if your discussion of that is based on an error.

If you make an error (which is fine, we all do) then if people comment on it, be a man and leave the error as is so that readers understand what has happened.

ADAM IS NEXT MUSIC ICON! He sets himself apart from rest of karaoke kids singing into their hairbrushes in bedrooms.... He is so FRESH< HOT< CURRENT< AMAZING...True ARTIST! Adam is BRILLIANT! ....he is hypnotizing.... I am a woman after 30 but I know talent when I see it...Have not seen a talent of his measures for a looooong time.... I am glad that Randy gets it!

Tom, when I read your blog that Michael Sarver, Alexis Grace, and Scott were the picks by your Buzzmeter to win the show, I nearly fell out of my chair. Those are three of the WORST singers, not the best! Michael was in the bottom two last night, and Alexis actually went home!

So curiously, I looked at the Buzzmeter link, and was happy to see that I was correct: that poll was tracking WHO WOULD GO HOME, not who would win the show.

For my picks to win, it's Danny Gokey, Adam Lambert, or Kris Allen.

Whoever wrote this is incredibly ignorant and obviously didn't even read the website they are sighting. Alexis, Michael and Scott were voted as most likely to get booted , not to win, sheesh. In fact Alexis left last night and the others will soon follow. Get a clue!

The Buzzmeter does NOT say that Michael Sarver, Alexis Grace and Scott MacIntyre have the best chance to win this year's competition.

It says those three were the most likely to be eliminated on Wednesday night's show.

A slight difference...

Hey, check the link to the Buzzmeter. Those three aren't tops to win... They were sure bets to be eliminated. Nice reporting there.



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