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CW network to telecast Daytime Emmys in late August

March 25, 2009 | 10:14 am

Gold Derby has learned exclusively that the Daytime Emmys will be held in Los Angeles in late summer, probably on Aug. 31 at the Orpheum Theatre, telecast by the CW network. Some details are still sketchy, but the National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences hopes to have everything ironed out and unveiled by late next week.


The fate of the soap opera Emmycast has been a virtual soap opera itself this past year after ABC, CBS and NBC, which used to air the Emmys on a rotating basis, decided not to telecast this year due to a recent decline in Nielsen ratings. The fact that the CW has picked up the telecast is great news for the award franchise, since the network, famous for hip shows like "Gossip Girl" and "America's Next Top Model," targets the young demographic needed to bolster the declining genre of soaps and other daytime fare. While the CW does not air traditional daytime soaps like "The Young and the Restless" (arguably, "Gossip Girl" is a prime-time version), it does telecast programs like "Judge Mathis" and "Maury" in many TV markets that compete at the Daytime Emmys.

Today DVD samples of award competitors' work are being shipped to voters for evaluation. Ballots will go out in a week or so and are due back by April 20. Again, this year there will be just one round of voting, so whoever receives the highest judging scores over the next few weeks will win, but we won't know that outcome till Aug. 31.

Meantime, nominees will be announced May 14. About a half-dozen top categories, like drama series, talk shows and lead acting, will be unveiled during the fourth hour of the "Today" show on NBC. Another half-dozen categories, like supporting acting, will be announced during a reception at the Hearst Building in New York that evening, followed by the release of the full list of nominees a few minutes later.

Although the Primetime Emmys just announced that they're expanding the number of nominees in many top categories to six or seven, the Daytime Emmys will continue to feature the traditional five. One big change may occur next year. NATAS is exploring ways to alter voting so that it can eliminate the controversial pre-nom system that requires the casts of TV soaps to put forth two actors per category to be judged by voters who view the sample DVDs. Next year it may be possible for all actors to put themselves up for nomination and be evaluated by the judges.


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Photos: CW, NATAS

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I think nbc, fox, cbs, abc passed on it bc the awards are stupid. This & the primetive emmys award the WRONG person the win & we the ppl arent interested.

Like boidiva said
--"The CW ... it should get good ratings there--probrally higher than anything that the CW broadcasts now. " --
. . . it might get hi ratings for CW bc no 1 watches the Crappy White network,. But the ratings will still be low. If it get 7mill I'll be very surprised.

Well it's great that they found somewhere to air the Daytime Emmys...too bad CW doesn't broadcast in Canada!

Well, I think it is cool that it will be on the CW not everyone has Soapnet. And also not all the awards are soaps. Soapnet might be the backup because I think they aired it before. But game shows, talkshows and kids shows are also included in the awards and CW sounds like a good fit.

LATE summer? To award an eligibility year that ended in DECEMBER? NATAS is really getting ridiculous. The DVD samples, especially for those from topical shows, will seem really dated already. And as for airing on the CW, it would have probably been better off on SOAPNET at this point (maybe that is the network with the back-up offer?).

Well the good news is that the show is being broadcast---which is a heaven sent---and on a quasi-major network at that too... the problem---they are once again being held in L.A. which well it doesn't feel like daytime emmy.. New York should be there home.

But i'm grateful to be able to see the broadcast this year. and The CW is a great fit for the show... it should get good ratings there--probrally higher than anything that the CW broadcasts now.

Does that mean ABC, CBS and NBC have totally given up on ever airing the daytime emmys again? the original story was that they weren't planning on airing it this year and that they would probrally air it next year (ABC).



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