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GLAAD Award winners receive a new statuette

March 28, 2009 |  3:49 pm

When the first batch of GLAAD Awards are bestowed tonight at the Marriott Marquis Hotel in New York City, winners will be clutching a new statuette. Here are its vital stats:

• 12 inches high (3-inch base, 9-inch metal sculpture)

• Weight: approximately 7 pounds

• Sculpture is die-cast zinc, hand finished with a satin texture and plated with a custom nickel and rhodium finish for a dark luster

• Base is black-stained ash


After tonight's GLAAD Awards presentation, there will be additional kudos ceremonies in Los Angeles on April 18 and in San Francisco on May 9. You can see a full list of nominees here.

That list of GLAAD Awards nominations doesn't make all award-watchers glad. Nelson Branco of TV Guide Canada, in fact, is furious about the nomination of "homophobic" "As The World Turns" for outstanding daytime drama.

Nelson fumes: "Predictably, the seemingly self-professed anti-discrimination organization is recognizing 'ATWT' despite the fact that the CBS sudser ordered a highly controversial kissing ban on their lone gay couple, Luke and Noah, in the beginning of 2008. Also, 'ATWT' banned any kind of sexual intimacy or lovemaking between Nuke since their almost two-year reign on the soap. This, on a series in which every other heterosexual couple could act as the official spokespeople for sexually transmitted diseases. A couple of months ago, Nuke finally consummated their relationship. Unless you were in Peapack, or in a coma, you know the lack of publicity regarding this historic milestone set off a firestorm of controversy over the fact that Nuke’s lovemaking was treated differently than the promotion of their straight counterparts."

Photo: GLAAD

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