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Do you think Johnny Depp is the actor most overdue to win an Oscar?

March 11, 2009 |  6:05 pm

In our poll on actors most overdue to win at the Oscars, Johnny Depp is leading by a wide margin. Currently he has received almost 44% of the votes while Leonardo DiCaprio sits in second place with 16% of the total. And none of the remaining eight choices — Jeff Bridges, Tom Cruise, Robert Downey Jr., Ralph Fiennes, Ed Harris, Samuel L. Jackson, Jude Law or Brad Pitt — is above 7% in the latest results.


All of the actors in our poll have been jilted by the Oscars at least once. At 60, Samuel L. Jackson is the oldest of them and he picked up his lone supporting nod for "Pulp Fiction" in 1994. Jeff Bridges, 59, has four Oscar nods under his belt — supporting: "The Last Picture Show" (1971); "Thunderbolt & Lightfoot" (1974); and "The Contender" (2000); and lead: "Starman" (1984). Ed Harris, 58, also has four Oscar nominations that follow the same pattern — supporting: "Apollo 13" (1995); "The Truman Show" (1998); and "The Hours" (2002); and lead: "Pollock" (2000).

Of those men in their 40s, Cruise and Fiennes are both 46. Tom Cruise has three losing bids — lead for "Born on the Fourth of July" (1989) and "Jerry Maguire" (1996); and supporting for "Magnolia" (1999). Ralph Fiennes was nominated for his roles in two best picture champs — supporting in "Schindler's List" (1993) and lead for "The English Patient" (1996). Both Depp and Pitt are 45. Johnny Depp has earned three lead actor bids in the last six years: "Pirates of the Caribbean" (2003); "Finding Neverland" (2004); and "Sweeney Todd" (2007). Brad Pitt lost supporting actor in 1995 for "Twelve Monkeys" and was a lead actor nominee last month for "The Curious Case of Benjamin Button." Now 43, Robert Downey Jr. was a lead actor contender for "Chaplin" in 1992 and just lost the supporting race for "Tropic Thunder."

Jude Law is 36 and has contended once for supporting ("The Talented Mr. Ripley," 1999) and once for lead ("Cold Mountain," 2003). And while Leonardo DiCaprio is the youngest of these actors at 33, he has already earned three Oscar nominations: supporting for "What's Eating Gilbert Grape" (1993) and lead for "The Aviator" (2004) and "Blood Diamond" (2006).

Of these 10 men, three appear in upcoming pictures that appear to be viable Oscar vehicles, at least on paper. Johnny Depp stars in Michael Mann's "Public Enemies." Leonardo DiCaprio has reunited with Martin Scorsese for "Shutter Island." And Brad Pitt has the lead in Quentin Tarantino's "Inglourious Basterds"

Cast your vote here. Then check back to see how your choice is doing. If your pick is not among the 10 in this poll, vote for whomever you like by clicking on the "Comments" link below. Ed Norton has already earned a load of write-in votes. And join in the heated discussion on this topic in our message boards.


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The comments to this entry are closed.


Christian Bale is long overdue. I imagine he'll have to tow the line for a few more years as he's "punished" for his outburst on Terminator: Salvation. I can't believe he's never even been nominated. It's kind of astounding.

Yes, he LONG overdue for an Academy Award! He is brilliant!

yes johnny depp deserve

an oscar for his performance in public enemies

he is agreat actor

please give it to him next year :*

Johnny Depp is way overdue to win an oscar although I know that he would be very honored I think it would embarass him to win...he is so sweet and shy!! I am still hoping that the Oscars will recognize this wonderful actor and human being JOHNNY DEPP!!!!

Edward Noron of course!! and after all these comments he has to be in the list

edward norton should win, great actor, director, even knows japanese and spanish!

Johnny Depp is the most incredible and talented actor I have ever seen, so why no oscar?

Edward Norton should have by now received an oscar. He should have received one for Primar Fear and the other for American History X.

Edward is an amazing actor, no-one even comes close to him.

johnny depp is the best actor of his generation

and he is great with oscar or with out it

but why they wont give him an oscar
l mean he is really good
my vot goes to the no 1 johnny depp
sorry my english not perfect :)
am from kuwait and her we love johnny so much


he defenitely DESERVES OSCAR THE MOST. because they didn t see his beautiful performance and didn t pay any attention to them. I really disapointed. if you see the libertine, blow,the brave,dead man, you will understand.i blieve his acting in sweeney todd & pirates of the caribbean DESERVED WINING OSCAR.I m too mad for them

For guys under 50, yeah.

My vote goes to Jude Law !

EDWARD NORTON!!!!!!!!!!!!! he's one of the best actor around...........but Depp too!

Johnny Depp as been seriously overlooked for years. Thank God he's given us more unique and sensational characters to love - Isn't it time Johnny gets his Oscar!!!!

I agree with panador. Johnny Depp's performance in the Libertine was overlooked. He was snubbed for that as well as Donnie Brasco and Blow.

to Missie Trujilo, Edward Norton have amazing performances in threee movies, American History X, Primal Fear and Fight Club. However Depp is the most unique actor I've ever seen in my entire life. And to answer your question, watch the Libertine, one of the most intense and overrated performances I've ever seen in my entire Life. I can easily name other 5 or 6 movies that he deserved an Oscar for.

Jim Carrey deserves at least a nom. He won golden globes for best actor for the truman show and man on the moon and got snubbed by the academy both times.

Considering some of the PR issues with past winners, I think that's a poor excuse for ignoring Edward Norton in this poll. Almost all of his films are intelligent, passionate films that are worth far more than the blockbusters than usually get all the attention.


I vote for Edward Norton.

Edward Norton all the way. One of the most underrated actors around today.


Johnny Depp is certainly over due. Sweeney Todd was absolutely amazing. Hopefully, he will get another nod for playing John Dillinger in PE....just read the screening reviews and watch the trailer.

Edward Norton is amazing. He is very passionate about his craft and it shows in every movie he makes. He grossly overdue for an Oscar. Just to name a few: American History X, The Painted Veil, Down in the Valley, 25th Hour... Can't wait to see him in Leaves of Grass where he will play twins. Maybe this means he will win 2 Oscars :-)




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