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Jon Stewart can't win an Emmy for his showdown with Jim Cramer

March 13, 2009 |  8:16 pm

On the same day that Jon Stewart smacked down "Mad Money" host Jim Cramer on "The Daily Show" in a moment of must-see TV, came word that the  academy was eliminating the Emmy for individual performance in a variety series or special from the lineup this year. The powers that be are now going to include performers in the slate of nominated producers for those series and specials that make the cut. This move will cut down on the amount of hardware for which people like Jon Stewart, who is already a credited producer of "The Daily Show," can contend. The show has won the Emmy for best variety series for the past six years running.

For his work as the host of "The Daily Show," Jon Stewart lost his bids for the individual performance Emmy in 2002, 2003, 2005 and 2007. Competing in this catch-all category, he was bested by two singers (Sting in 2002 and Tony Bennett in 2007), a comedian (Wayne Brady for "Whose Line Is It Anyway?" in 2003), and an awards host (Hugh Jackman for the Tonys in 2005). Last year, Stewart was not nominated for his daily work but was a contender for hosting the Oscars. He lost to Don Rickles who won his first Emmy for the HBO documentary "Mr. Warmth: The Don Rickles Project."

Stephen Colbert, a one-time correspondent for "The Daily Show," also lost this individual Emmy for his first three years of hosting "The Colbert Report." When Colbert lost his first race in 2006 to Barry Manilow for the special "Music and Passion," he memorably fumed about it to Stewart later during that same Emmycast. He would go to find comedy fodder in this defeat on many an episode of "The Colbert Report," one of which even included an appearance by Manilow. Take a listen to Stephen Colbert as he talked to us last summer about his Emmy wins (three for writing "The Daily Show") and losses. While he too would lose to Don Rickles at the then-upcoming Emmys, he and his team at "The Colbert Report" did win the writing award for the first time.

Below, highlights of the Stewart smackdown with Cramer. The full clip is here.


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Yes, blame CNBC for all of the problems. It is so much easier to blame someone else when the sh*t hits the fan than yourself. The signs that the real estate market was going to take a dump were there four years ago but most people didn't care. The small amount of people watching Bloomberg and/or CNBC either (a) knew it was going to get bad but didn't know how bad or when or (b) didn't know or care because everything was fine at the time. So now a comedian with a political/comedy show on Comedy Central wants to blame one business cable channel for all of today's economic problems. It sounds like a lovely ploy for ratings. Just think: by raving against the "business people" and demonizing them maybe Stewart will get more long term viewers because they agree with Stewart's wacky view of reality compared to the facts. I guess society is more screwed up than I thought.

I find it utterly fascinating that the GOPers continue to blame Carter and Clinton for the subprime crisis, conveniently skipping THREE Republican Presidents that didn't exactly pride themselves in regulating the activities of the financial sector. If the GOP was THAT concerned about it, just why didn't Bushie Boy take to the Bully Pulpit to force Congress to do anything about it? Hell, he had a Republican Congress for 6 of his 8 years, why didn't he seize any initiative there?

john for a pulitzer? give me a break. what new insight did his interview provide? this one sounded more like a bill oreilly who invites guests all the time only to rather hear himself speak.
i can think of many better stewart interviews in the past where i actually learnt something new as opposed to this one.
separately, not that i think the media does a stellar job, but im sick of TOOLs whining that they bought a particular stock because the media told them to. in case they forgot, the US became a free country a long long time ago.

wonderful. i suppose the world would be better off in john's world receiving serious financial advice from comedy central instead.
what an apt term to describe what John stewart is doing - monday morning quarterbacking.

Perhaps Stewart hasn't heard there are a gillion gurus out there. Perhaps he hasn't heard of personal responsibility either. Anyone who believes one guru or can't do his own research deserves to lose.

Jim Cramer is fun to listen to. Buy his recs? Not without my own analysis.

Both are entertainment journalists. CNBC is a joke. the very thought that someone whom reports what others do, is as knowledgable as an inside in a particular field is ludicrous. whether it be a financial reporter, a democratic party hack whom poses as a reporter/comedian, or a journalist whom reports the news, it doesnt matter. all are equally disconnected. Cramer goes beyond reporting in that he tries make recommendations for building wealth. he has apologized for his mistakes but few give him credit for his recommendation to remove money from the market when it was at 10,000. (30% more than it is today). this fact was not shown in Daly's interview.

Cramer is not a financial genius nor is Daly anyone whom has done anything but make people laugh and selectively belittle people.

"Well, it is so funny people rely on a comedian or their political theory. I mean, considering that comedian's have no understanding of political theory or any understanding of economics."

Yes, all comedians are baffoons that run about flailing their arms. You got it dead on. Thank you for reminding us that stereotypes are infallible.

All jocks play football and are dumb, all nerds know calculus and are socially awkward. Never is there a cross over of the two.

Along the same lines, there could never be a person who is a comedian, hosts a TV show, and is very knowledgable about economics.

Was Cramer a small part of a rapacious, unethical industry? Yes. But not as bad as most and divested from it years ago. The most damaging clips of Cramer were actually what Stewart was opining for. JC wasn't advocating driving down companies for profit, he no longer could. But was giving a rare inside 'how to' on what hedge funds do. He looked culpable because he used a first person analogy, "I would do this.." By revealing it and saying it isn't illegal, "go do it", he actually was advocating that it SHOULD be illegal. The hedge funds didn't need his imprimatur to act unethically. A complicated point and one he did not defend well. As for not protecting the folks, he has been one of the more truthful commentators. He blasted ENRON ahead of their demise and was investigated by the SEC because of it. He shamed the Federal Reserve in his famous "They know nothing!" tirade. He told folks to get out of the stock market last year which if heeded, saved investors another 30% decline. He does continue to recommend specific stocks because that's his living. That he does it in an entertaining and irreverent manner, does not lessen the rigorous analysis he uses.

It isn't Cramer's job to police the hedge funds and banks, or CNBC's as Stewart seems to think. Could they have watched out more for us? Yes. But the job of keeping these crooks under control was the Federal regulators and Congress, both Democrat and GOP. But in our current system of organized bribery, both are the recepients of campaign largesse to look the other way, which they are STILL doing. Stewart, as with all liberals, will blame anyone and anything before they blame the Government. Especially the Obama Government. So, I guess he did his job and got the heat put somewhere else. I'd like to see him eviscerate the former head of the SEC over Maddow and Barney Fwank, who along with Clinton and Carter pushed hard for subprime loans that could never be paid back. The inclination of all parties involved most likley doesn't lean that way, but that's where all his frakking anger SHOULD be focused. Not on the messenger. Skewering Cramer just made the corrupt politicians and Wall St. crooks very happy.

Well, it is so funny people rely on a comedian or their political theory. I mean, considering that comedian's have no understanding of political theory or any understanding of economics. I find it real interesting that the average person doesn't know how our government works. And, then they make uninformed comments about the economy just because the watched a tv show. I guess reading can be taxing....

Jon Stewart is a great asset to this country and even though it is a comedy show, I love how he uses it to call out those that would screw us over and gives us the truth without all the corporate lies. I hope Cramer learned something from this and does more to call out those people as Jon does.

I agree.

Forget the Emmy.

Give him a Pulitzer.

Given the state of journalism today, it would be more appropriate to consider Jon Stewart for a Pulitzer.

Jon Stewart should get an emmy for his one-on-one interview with Cramer.
So where is Kenneth Starr hiding these days? What is his take on Cramer swindling millions, screaming at folks who took their life savings only to buy crappy stock from the advice of Cramer? Go Figure.........
Fidal Castro must be loving what Americans are going through in the worst scam in the American History! Don't get mad at Jon Stewart! He is our Hero! Common Sense will prevail!






Although Stewart won't be able to win an "Emmy" this year, maybe he can win an award for "Best Financial Reporting" instead.

Stewart really nailed it! CNBC bills itself as a financial/business network, but acts as nothing more than cheerleaders for corrupt businesses allowing them a one-sided platform to tout stocks to unsuspecting folks. CNBC would be better served to try to do financial investigative reporting similar to the Wall St. Journal which has broken numerous financial schemes and fraud through their crack reporting team of journalists like the Enron scandal and post dating stock options.

CNBC's Faber does good reporting after the fact, but they should strive to produce a better balanced show where they investigate financial fraud prior to public discovery of the frauds.

For anyone like Cramer or any CNBC regulars to feign not being aware of what was going on - I say BS! Frank Partnoy, who's an ex-trader for large Wall St. firms, wrote "Fiasco - Inside Story of Wall St. Traders" in 1999, where he described in his book the world of structured securities and derivatives by these firms and how it allowed Wall St. to repackage bad debt and sell it as complicated products to unsuspecting investors.

This was in 1999! I'd bet that nearly everyone working for Wall St. firms, and most of the folks at CNBC read Partnoy's book. In 2004, he authored "Infectious Greed", which also exposed much of the corruption that's become routine at Wall St. firms.

I was glad to see that Stewart had found a copy of the tape of Cramer's admission to how hedge funds manipulate trading to profit (at the expense of those long-term investors in pensions and 401K's).

Keep up the good investigative reporting, Jon! Excellent job at exposing the crooks and their network of enablers! Kudos!

To quote Ms. Interpreted at the NOFACTZONE site: NOT COOL!!

Jon and Stephen are the hottest, most relevant acts, in the U.S.

Stewart made a great comment, US economic policy makers, their advisors and those financial media outlets with their pseudo-experts are claiming that no one could have seen this financial crisis coming. So why should we listen to them when they admit they had no clue, especially when others like Peter Schiff, Nassim Taleb, Nouril Roubini, and Med Yones warned us several times about it. Instead those same media outlets, chose to ridicule or ignore them and focus their coverage on the other analysts.

You want evidence? check Peter Schiff CNBC interview

What is even more pathetic about our media and policy makers, is that in Jan 2007, Med Yones, the Economic Oracle of International Institute of Management published a policy white paper that detailed the US economic risks warning the US government and the media. Yones provided an economic recovery plan that both Bush’s and Obama’s Administrations chose to ignore, thus worsening the economic crisis. Check it out

You just have to read the paper and wonder why are we still taking the advice of those who had no clue and keep ignoring the advice of those who warned us? Is it ignorance, incompetence, partisan politics, or dishonesty? You decide.

That's okay - he will still win a Peabody which is better hardware anyway.

While this report may be news for some, this is easily looked over by someone like myself or anybody who cares about real news. However even more interestingly enough, the person who is least interested in winning an Emmy over this "Jon Stewart vs. Jim Cramer" interview, is none other then Jon Stewart. This interview first and foremost was not intended to be sol attack on Jim Cramer alone, but Jon is pointing out the flaws of the entire CNBC network. It is the fault of the media that pitched this dispute idea that Jon is on a rampage to hurt Jim Cramers image or something. I have a real problem with this because i really admire this man and The Daily Show, who turn out to be a better source of news then other news networks!. I's really sad that I find valued news on the comedy network then i would on Fox news, MSNBC, CNN, etc.

I'm in favor of Stewart getting an award from the COUNTRY for his interview with Cramer. I know, Cramer's not to blame for the financial mess, and I appreciate that he took his medicine and pledged to 'do better,' but Jeez what a service to the country simply to try to insist that broadcast journalism serve the public instead of itself and its cronies.

It was a big show down between Jon and Cramer. There be some type of an award given. The madness is like non-other that I have ever seen before. Almost, that of a soap or drama.



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