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Jonas Brothers crushed again as Taylor Swift gets revenge

March 4, 2009 |  2:09 pm

The Jonas Brothers are not having a good week ... and it is only Wednesday. Their concert film — "The Jonas Brothers: The 3D Experience" — was a big box-office disappointment, earning only $12.7 million last weekend. Expectations had been as high as a $40-million opening for this movie version of the recent sell-out tour by the Jonas Brothers. And now comes word that the soundtrack sold only 49,700 copies last week.

Worse, their newest music release came in at No. 3 — that's two slots behind "Fearless," the latest mega-selling CD by Joe Jonas' ex-galpal Taylor Swift. "Fearless" had already topped the charts for 10 previous weeks, so the fact that Joe Jonas and siblings couldn't dislodge it at this late point with fresh new music is sweet revenge for Swift, who says Joe hurt her "deeply" during their failed romance.


How much more humbling can those way-too-cool Jonas Brothers take, eh? Their latest CD is performing disastrously compared to their last — "A Little Bit Longer" — which debuted at No. 1 in August, selling a whopping 525,000 copies. The recent anemic movie and record receipts came after a huge promotional push that saw the boys blanket day-time, prime-time and late-night TV shows.

Last year the Jonas Brothers were the opening act for Miley Cyrus on her Best of Both Worlds tour. They also appeared in the movie version of that show, which made a staggering $31 million in its opening weekend last year. And the soundtrack to that film sold a total of 484,000 copies.

Miley Cyrus does not appear with the Jonas Brothers in their movie, but her friend Taylor Swift does duet with the boys. The crossover country singer is enjoying a long run at the top of the album chart with "Fearless" selling 73,200 more copies this week. And Swift's disc has spent 11 of its 16 weeks in the No. 1 spot with total sales exceeding 2.6 million. Perhaps Disney would have had better luck starring Swift in a concert movie and leaving the Jonas Brothers second on the bill.

After the smash success of her self-titled debut album, which sold more than 2.5 million copies following its release in October 2006, Swift competed for best new artist at last year's Grammy Awards. She lost to British singer-songwriter Amy Winehouse. At this year's Grammys, the Jonas Brothers lost their bid for best new artist to another British female singer-songwriter, Adele. The nominees for that category are determined by a committee rather than the general membership of the Recording Academy. And though both Swift and the Jonas Brothers may have been included in an attempt to boost ratings, she could well be a contender across the board next year.

Taylor Swift has been embraced by the two rival country music award shows. She won best new artist from both the Country Music Assn. and the Academy of Country Music. And she contends for the third time for female vocalist at the upcoming ACM awards. And as for the Jonas Brothers, well they did win favorite group at last year's Kids' Choice Awards, and they contend again for that honor at the end of this month.


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The comments to this entry are closed.


i think they all sing bad, and smell like dookey!

i think the jobros r great taylos a fake n she's waaaaay over rated. n it was not fresh music it was live versions of older music so no duh its not gonna sell millions. who ever wrote this article is extremely dumb. n did ne1 ever think dat maybe mileys movie was a hit cuz of jb n theres was a flop cuz of taylor? n it was like rite after that rotten little barbie doll made a huge deal over ghe break up n lied saying joe cheated on her, (like wat a loser) so naturally bubble headed taylor fans wudnt c the movie.

i personally am inspired by taylor swift. i am 15 and i go through as much as any teen. but honestly, if you want to call someone a barbie, do it to britney spears, not a teenage role model.

but i also like the jonas brothers. yes what joe did to taylor was wrong but they both make great music and they both set great examples for adolescents.

O.k. First of all, why is everyone feeling sorry for Joe Jonas? He deserves a lot worse that what he got! Just think about ladies! If you thought you were in love with this guy and then all of the sudden he dumped over A TELEPHONE MESSAGE, you would do a lot more things to make his life a living hell than Taylor did!

first of taylor and miley look
extra lame in that pic oh
thats it

I'm a mother and I think Jonas Brothers are great rolemodels for children and teenagers (especially)
They are really assume...Their purity rings are and example. This is not what you see today in some other famous people who are popular...
This is very nice and also very unique...


First of all your dear Taylor Swift needs to grow up a little and stop acting like a little Barbie girl...
Just look at what she did to Joe when they broke up...She really tried to ruin Joe and told the media something that none can never belive (that 27 sec. Brea up) which was totally and entirely lie. Then she just repeated it over and over just to show she hates Joe and se made a Youtube video to proove it again! and Forever and always story...which I belive it was just a trick for making her album sell better...
And She STILL talk about it!
But Joe, he really did a grat Job about it...He didn't make a huge thing out of nothing, he remaind respectful and called Taylor a friend!

Oh Come On!
The Jonas Brothers are AMA winners too!
I think Taylor ruind herself with all that kid stuffs in her story with Joe (remember that Youtube video, and that poem "Forever and always"...


OMG THIS IS STUPID! TAYLOR SWIFT IS AN OVERATED PLASTIC BARBIE DOLL AND EVERYONE LOVES HER EVEN THOUGH SHES A TWO FACED SOUR BOTTLE OF MILK! I dont care, but its not just cos shes a hillbilly, but she has such a disgusting attitude, I couldnt care less if she burned in an oven.


why are some people so negative towards the jonas brothers i have 5 kids 4 of them are boys and they want to be just like the jonas brothers which i think is great they are great role models for young people

I am a mom in my early forties who likes listening to the Jonas brothers music.

Do you have kids?

Back when I was growing up (at age 15) Rick Springfield was the love of my life, Sting of the police- was one of my girlfriends favorites, and another friend of mine dreamed of Rod Stewart. Ok. here is the difference -- at age 14-15--we were liking men in their mid twenties to early thirties. That's all we had -- I think it's great that teen girls / boys can now days actually like, relate, and listen to music groups who are more close in age to them.

In my opinion, the Jonas boys have talent. Nick has a very distinct voice, and did you notice how many instruments he can play? What about Nick's back flips? I've never seen Rick, Sting, or Rod do that --- Joe can sing, and yes, he is undeniably-- very cute. Kevin can play the guitar and sings back up vocals. All three together compliment each other. They are having fun on stage and it shows. Have you seen their videos? Their videos are fun to watch, and some throw in a bit of humor.

I have an 11 year old daughter. I'd rather have her look-up to the Jonas Brothers and enjoy listening to their decent music. Than back in my teen era when "Madonna" was hailed queen for her song "Like a Virgin".

May God Bless the Jonas Brothers! I hope they always stay grounded, and don't get all weird like some stars who have had a taste of fame like Britney Spears and Michael Jackson.

Just leave the Jo Bro's alone already.


WHy won't people just leave them alone i have never seen so much hate against teenagers its just horrible. The reason the movie didnt make as much money is because our economy isnt as good and a lot of people cannot afford to take their kids to movies.
Thhe Jonas Brothers are amazing boys and great role models i have no idea what more people want from them.
I cannot beleive how hard people are trying to make these boys fail all because their life isnt as good i guess jeaousy gets the best of us. These boys worked to get where they are unlike many celebs.

The Jonas Brothers did not release new music, rather live versions of their old cd's - obviously its not expected to sell a million copies.....

Why is everybody so negative about the Jonas Brothers. I took my daughter to a concert and the movie on opening day all I saw was everybody having a good time. They are great people and maybe more of our singers, actors and sport stars should take some lessons from this family. They are great role models for our teens and the parents are great models for other parents. Instead of tearing these guys apart why not go to a concert or go see the movie yourself , and I just bet you might come out smiling.

dudes so what if they didnt make it to the huge money mega obsession that evryone was imagining. if i was in america i would have watched it-but it hasnt released in developing countries yet so hmm..anyway..i like miley cyrus-but dont neccisarily think taylor swift is ALL that-she just doesnt really have that kind of target market in africa.
but the jonas brothers are cool-i think they pretty much rock.

Really? You really see no difference between a soundtrack of live versions and an album of new material? Or that the former might not have a broad appeal? Or 18 other references in this article that are out of context?

Taylor is more exceptionally well-repped living Barbie than admirable singer-songwriter, and if that's what people want and who the Grammys want to fete, swell, but don't blow smoke. The critics need to get over their hardon for her. It's gross and embarrassing.

they're not really that good so they should limit their tv exposure before people figure out that they aren't that good



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