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Hey, those Jonas Brothers aren't so hot — but overrated flops?

March 2, 2009 | 11:27 am

"We want a Grammy!" the Jonas Brothers recently told reporters. "It didn't quite happen this year, but that's OK."

Well, maybe it's never going to happen. Maybe the "Burnin' Up" boys are already all burnt up considering how poorly their concert movie just performed.


Last year the Jonas Brothers were the warm-up concert act for Miley Cyrus' Best of Both Worlds Tour. They were bunched because the music acts appeal to the same audience, so it was widely believed that their concert movies would perform similarly too.

Miley Cyrus' movie earned $31 million its opening weekend last year. Since "The Jonas Brothers: The 3D Experience" was unspooling in nearly twice as many theaters, it was expected to top that — landing in the $32 million to $40 million range. Instead, it reaped only $12.7 million.

Are the Jonas Brothers overrated? If so, they're probably going to be a bust on the awards scene ahead. Consider this: They got only a single Grammy nomination last month — for best new artist, which they lost to Adele. Nominees for best new artist aren't decided by the mass membership of the National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences, which is how they're determined for most other categories. There's a secret committee that cooks up the five contenders. The committee might've jammed the Jonas Brothers on the list, thinking they'll be a big TV draw but didn't really have much respect for them as music artists.

That the Jonas Brothers weren't nominated at the Grammys for pop vocal group performance or best dance recording may be telling. Both of those lineups are determined by a popular vote of the music professionals within the academy.

Granted, boy bands don't do well at the Grammys. 'N Sync, Backstreet Boys, Menudo, New Kids on the Block and even the Monkees didn't win. But most hot boy bands at least get nominated frequently. 'N Sync and Backstreet Boys were even nominated for the highest Grammy honor of all — record of the year ('N Sync for "Bye, Bye, Bye" and Backstreet Boys for "I Want It That Way"). Heck, the Backstreet Boys were even nominated for best album ("Millennium")! The Beatles, of course, won ("Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts' Club Band")!


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Yo the Jonas Brothers Suck dick and they are gay !!!

They even wear purity rings like wtf!!!
The never got talent and they will never get some, they never sing its just all playbacks...

And they are ugly as fuck the only one that is 'ok' is Nik but hes still gay

i think you are three problem the 1 is that maybe you eye is has got some problem the 2 you dont know the jonas brothers properly and the 3 you hate them .because half of the world know them and all the girls in america love them very very much their songs are sjmple but sweet and their have the talent to do such work and they are the best celebrity i ever know in my life . they are cute well manner boys and they are very very very very very hot .well that all bye

Hey people did our voices break yet? I know we still sound like school boys but hold on tight soon our voices will break cross fingers for us

my only problem with the jonas brothers that robs me of any respect that they have is their musical "fake-ness" aka the backing band. I'm pretty sure that they are fully capable of sitting down and trying to learn instruments so that one of them plays drums on stage, the other guitar, and the other bass. i don't understand why they simply don't do that

I pretty much agree with all of this. The Jonas brother's lack any real talent. I've read their lyrics which are completely cliche and simple, nothing poetic or deep at all, their guitar riffs aren't impressive at all. Their singing is too whiney also. They are just an image targetted toward pre teen girls who go crazy over them. Real artist and more mature people with a real sense of music and talent don't fall for this because we see right through their image which is ALL they have. Of course they won't get a grammy and it's "bands" like this that just make the whole music industry a joke now because it's just about the media! Music is about TALENT but we've seemed to forget that just to make a few bucks. People like these teen fan girls are retarded and they are just taking your money. And FYI I may be a dude but I can call out that the Jonas Brother's aren't even good looking, I mean you've got to be kidding me, they just look like a couple of jew-bagles with curly hair. Big whoop. Grow some ovaries and listen to real rock.

I think your wrong on all counts about them. I do. Trust me, I have met the man that claims to be all good and super moral and then turn around, they use you and lie about it all, so you lost your argument from more than a month ago, too. So stop it, also Jo Bro, sucks and they don't care about their fans that much, BSB didn't care about them so I can tell you right now, Jo Bro is the same way BSB is with their's just a picture, a lie, sing and dance, and play an instrument, and take your money and anything else they want. Because in at least BSB's case their egomaniacs now more than they were before and way too unable to understand what they are even doing to people with some of the fans that they hire for their company.

I am sorry, I just think any celebrity is overrated, even the friends of them. Also, your wrong about the Beatles. If you actually listened to rock music at all, you would know their better than even Jo Bro or any boyband out there in years. BSB is the only one to even come close as far fame, awards, and overall, it's just sad who they are as people now.

I do think as far as celebrities from my generation. They are all out of touch. Majorally, and that they should try to improve that business and not bring people down that try to help them like fans and other aspiring artists, or the people dating, or sometimes all three. But like I said, BSB is the best, but they need to change in some major ways, at least as adults. I don't want them to become kids or teens again, but I don't want them to be stupid when they're the most likely people to win a real Grammy on there.

BSB and NSYNC have won "honorary" Grammys for their charity work in music and the arts in their hometowns. Althrough I don't think the author is a big fan of them and probably isn't from their demagraphic to keep up with them. Out of all of them, I think BSB and NSYNC deserve them the most, at least that is my opinion. But all Boybands seem the same to me anymore. Also, there have been rumors for years of it being rigged anyways. I mean people expect it from MTV but not the scholatic world. Oh, well. BSB is the best musically out of them. They are the mozarts of that genre of music, all boybands short of The Beatles wish they had been them or want to be them, even Varisty fan club, which is the closest sounding to them at all these days what so ever.

What is wrong with some of you people? Some of you said that people who like the Jonas Brothers are retarded. People can have their opinion and you can have yours. Just stop calling people retarded because of what they think.

THE jonas brothers do not suck u do u lowlife haters that have nothung else to do but to try and ruin others how do you think they got invited to the white house they cant suck okay and also BTW they have great vocals and the reason they bring theyre band is because theyre songs are very upbeat and they need other players and they do play thier own instrument nick plays the drums guitar piano and vocals joe plays the guitar and the tambourine so to those people who say they cant sing well guess wat more people like them than hate them and a couple peoples opinions isnt gunna ruin thier great career they earned it and they deserve tobe where they are so leave them in peace okay and instead of typing u guys dont have the guts to go up to them and tell them they cant so stop leaving rude messages peace love jonas

hey man i agree. the jo bros suck an are the equivelent to 3 ostriches a coconut and a bunch of stringy things that they ARE NOT playing!!!!! they have a big band in back whenever they play! look at his guitar stringsTHEY ARE NOT VIBRATING!!!this leads me to the conclusion that anyone who likes these retarded b**** holes are either an ass or a stupid teenage girl. this is eee signing off.

This has been an interesting thread so far, but I think there needs to be a few points added. It is obvious that the Jonas Brothers do NOT play their instruments, as they have a FULL band at all their concerts and in their videos... ordinary for a pop band. Also, the Jonas Brothers are not like the Beatles, the Beatles wrote hundreds and hundreds of songs and played ALL their instruments, they are DEFINITELY more-so in the category of Hanson... except Hanson played their own instruments too. THEY were actually under rated... if you looked into their old "post teen band" music they played some nasty blues stuff, and I think one of them is in the new band with the guy from the smashing pumpkins (James Iha). In any case, the Jonas Brothers do NOT have the staying power of a lot of modern bands and will undoubtedly fade away in the next few years. That is OK though, they have actually put out a lot more hits then a lot of other "one hit wonder" bands who did play all their instruments, so they definitely deserve props for that. Unfortunately, When they stop making money they stop getting people to write them songs and then they are gone... just like all the rest. I guess it is important to see them now and appreciate them for what they are, a boy band who is still in the spotlight.

OKAY, wait a minute..... I'm a, hmm....shall I say, "mature" progressive music follower? With, yes, children ranging the past decade's genereation (a recently 25 yr. old AND a pre-teen.)
Now, I don't care about, nor judge, musical performers on their financial draw, mass-majority popularity OR celebrity status. I just know that I appreciate the contribution, availability, influence and impact that certain performers have on myself & my kids. Hello??....does anyone actually THINK about WHY they actually like a certain artist or band anymore????
It's not like these guys think they're phenominal "stars of the silver screen"...they just want to perform & ENTERTAIN us! And, yeah be "successful" in making a living doing so.....but they oh, so didn't NEED to release a movie of their past tour & lives beyond/behind it, but guess what? They knew that their fans WANTED it! It is EXACTLY what they want!!
C'mon already....forget about Box Office sales...these kids are agonizing enough over saving for their next concert tour to be announced later this month.
These guys GIVE way more than they probably ever hope to receive anyway....
Hmm, what a concept, huh? Go on, judge, critisize, compare.....just try not to RUIN IT for everyone who APPRECIATES the production of such films- who actually realize the talent & reap the benefits of the work done to please the ones that matter the MOST--their fans (AND their parents!) : ) thanks ~

The Jonases are probably prematurely overhyped, but I think they are UNDERrated.
And I find criticism of the Jonas Brothers to be weirdly full of spite, ignorance and hypocrisy. Why do we tell ourselves that commercial achievements aren't the key to a band's musical worth (I mean look at what usually sells huge)...except when we want to slam a band that's enjoyed some fortune? How does that even make sense? And what other band could open an overpriced movie this way?
Wait for the next album. Maybe it'll sell less than the last two, but it will probably still be really good. They are always evolving. They wouldn't be the first underrated artist to be overlooked in awardsland.
People might not *get* the Jonas Brothers, but I don't *get* the bizarre hateful reaction they get from people. The backlash is WAY out of line.
They are not an NKOTB/BSB/NYSYNC thing - get over it. They aren't PREFAB. Comparing them to the Beatles is describes their band format better than the modern definition of "boyband" - so chill.
It's their marketing that is overcooked plastic, not them. Likely Disney has done all they can do for them, and maybe more harm than good.

hey leave the boys alone, they are cute, respectful and seem like nice lads, so what if they have no talent, have you heard what's out here lately, talent is dead, looks are in.

guess its not their fault they just have lil girls as their fans,they tmslvs have no talent and they suck

JoBro simply suck. They were nominated as Best New Artist at Grammies JUST because the Disney Machine asked it, of course they weren't seriously considered for the honour, they can't play and they can't sing, and all of their records are written (for real) by staff people.
They were invited at Grammies JUST because the show needed ratings and lots of retarded kids thinkin they are "awwww!!! so cute and cool" would have tuned in watchin the show. But all that they got was that ashaming performance where they afforded to make even the legendary Stevie Wonder appear like a fool beside them.
These three are embarassing. Talentless, embarassing, and up just because Disney Machine knows how to sell worthless stuff to generations of unaware preteens. Reality bites back? I truly hope so. JB are a disease for the music scene, and whatever other scene.

They don't have staying power. Honest. I give them 2 years tops and then they will be like the Hansons. As singers they are "average". As performers they have no style. Teen girls like them because they're the ONLY BOY GROUP OUT THERE RIGHT NOW. Get another boy group going and the fickle little girls will turn on the Jonas'.

The Jonas Brothers are awesome and who cares if they didn't win a grammy or earn as much money on a movie as miley cyrus. I still love them

People they are NOT a fabricated boy band like NSYNC or the Backstreet Boys. They are brothers who write their own songs and play their own instruments.
The movie is really good. If Disney tried a "1 week only" scam the way they did with Miley's movie (they extended it) my guess it would have performed better.

Are you somehow trying to relate the Beatles with the Jonas Brothers by tacking them onto that last sentence? To insinuate the Beatles were a Boy Band along the lines of JB or NKOTB is utterly ludicrous...After seeing the Jonas Bros debacles at the Grammys and on SNL - off pitch, weak vocals, second rate playing and third rate songs - I can't see them lasting once they hit adulthood...Maybe one will go on (like Timberlake has) to improve his musical chops, but just like all the boy bands before them, they will fall into the slag heap of misty eyed teenage nostalgia.

okay so whoever wrote this article obv. doesnt know how amazing these boys are and how dedicated their fans are. Also, they must have forgotten that our country is going through a ressesion & maybe people cant afford the $15 movie tickets. just saying.

I agree with this article they are overated, plus they suck Disneys just using their looks as a marketing tool

I think the brothers should hire new promoters or lay low for a while.
Messed up act#1: Dancing and hopping around a blind man on stage during the Grammy's.
Messed up act#2: The country is in deep recession at 10% unemployment. All this music and movie promotion looks out of touch with reality. Who has pocket change to give when DOW is at 50% off?




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