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Katherine Heigl may live to win another Emmy for 'Grey's Anatomy'

March 28, 2009 |  3:37 pm

On last week's episode of "Grey's Anatomy," Katherine Heigl's character Izzie survived iffy brain surgery. Yikes! That may mean that the rumor isn't true that the program's producers have been secretly plotting to kill off the role of the past Emmy champ (Heigl won best supporting drama actress in 2007) to punish her for a gripe she made against them last year. If they really wanted Izzie dead, they just missed a big chance. So what's ahead?

"I don't know if I live or die," Heigl told the Associated Press. "I don't know how Izzie fares." But she wants Izzy to endure her bout with cancer, which recently seemed to be a fatal case when it spread to Izzy's brain. "I'm there" if Izzie remains part of "Grey's Anatomy," Heigl added, because she says she's great pals with her colleagues and the set is "one of my favorite places to be."


Blame Gold Derby for how this whole flapdoodle started. It was in June 2008 that we noticed that Heigl's name wasn't on the list to be considered for another Emmy. That could only mean one thing: She didn't put her name up for nomination. Why? When we inquired, her response to us triggered a huge media uproar: "I did not feel that I was given the material this season to warrant an Emmy nomination."

Some gossipmeisters claimed that Heigl was suddenly acting like a pompous diva one year after her break-out film success in "Knocked Up," which earned $219 million worldwide. Why couldn't she be grateful for what TV screen time was given by the series' writers who obviously felt they had to be conservative with her involvement due to her growing film career.

At least one "Grey's Anatomy" insider was furious about her public complaint, fuming to Entertainment Weekly: "The show bent over backwards to accommodate her film schedule and then she criticizes the show for lack of material? It's an ungrateful slap in the face to the very writers responsible for her Emmy win in the first place."

E! Online reported that the "Grey's Anatomy" writers were really angry at Heigl: "They want Izzie dead."

But Izzie, hurrah, seems to be surviving a death threat on the series right now.

"On Friday, Heigl said she's comfortable balancing movies and TV by working on big-screen projects during the summer hiatus for 'Grey's Anatomy,'" reports the Associated Press.

"I'm more than happy to make that compromise," she says. "As my agent likes to say, 'High-class problems. I don't know if I want to continue for five years working 12 months a year, but I can take at least another year or two."


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This show and its ghost-humping, bus-jumping plotlines has officially jumped the shark for me. Its so unbelieveable that at this point it's only a matter of time before Derek and Meredith perform brain surgery on a space alien who will probably have the key to saving Izzy from brain tumors. ....Just one person's opinion though. I'm sure many will disagree.

if izzy dies the whole show will slowly die unless they replace her with another character that has the same qualities. izzy is my, and everyone i know's favorite character. she is the reason greys was so good this season!

Please let Izzie Steven survive from the cancer,my whole family are so like her. If izzie been kick out from Grey's Anatomy,i think my whole family will gonna stop watching it!

I love Katherine Heigl and think she is a very versatile actress. She was correct in her statement about her lousy storylines last season but this season , even with dead Denny, things are picking up for her and Alex. I love watching her onscreen, more thanthe other 2 ladies...
If Izzie dies, i wont bother with Greys anymore. I love JC but it will not be enough for me to tune inwithout Izzie and ALex.

I stopped watching the show long ago because of her and I will only consider watching again if she is out of it for EVER.

Keep her on, take her off, I could care less. This has to be one of the worst seasons I have seen for grey's. I can't say that I am unsympathetic if this is what the actors have to work with. I mean having sex with a dead guy? I thought this was Grey's Anatomy. Not Supernatural.

Get a grip, William. Most actors don't film year round; that's all she meant.

That last quote just makes her sound like the pompous diva she's not supposed to be. Yeah, they work long hours, but we're supposed to feel sorry for someone who can choose to ONLY work 12 months a year for "another year or two"? I guess the rest of us Americans are just suckers for having to work year-round.



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