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Which actor is most overdue to win an Oscar?

March 8, 2009 |  9:24 am

Now that Kate Winslet is no longer poor Kate Winslet, five-time loser of the Academy Award, it's time to decide who deserves our pity next.

Nathaniel Rogers got this new pity party started over at Film Experience, combining male and female performers and deciding that we should all be boo-hoo-hoo-ing over Michelle Pfeiffer. Not a bad choice. She's lost three times and may be nominated next year for "Chéri," director Stephen Frears' adaptation of the romance novel penned by Colette. But there are so many snubbed stars in the Hollywood firmament, frankly, we'd like to break up this Oscars discussion into two parts based upon gender.

Let's start with the guys and have you pick the star you think we should all be rooting for.


Of course, Peter O'Toole is most overdue in the literal sense, being the Oscars' biggest loser (eight defeats). But at this point, let's be honest, his hopes look dim. Besides, he's already got an honorary Oscar.

Poor Albert Finney doesn't have one of those and he's lost five times in the competitive races, but, truth be told, he also looks like a lost cause. He should have been nominated for "Big Fish" in 2003 but was snubbed. That tells us something, probably that the Oscar  voters don't appreciate how often he snubs them back, usually not bothering to attend the ceremony when he gets into the race. That started with his first big nom as best actor in 1963. The night "Tom Jones" won best picture at the Oscars, its star preferred to be in Hawaii partying with some foxy gals, so press reports tattled.

There are many others too, but our poll can only accommodate 10 names, so I had to be selective. Obvious choices are highly regarded, red-hot actors such as Johnny Depp, Leonardo DiCaprio, Tom Cruise and Brad Pitt. Johnny Depp could be back in the running soon with Michael Mann's "Public Enemies," Brad Pitt with Quentin Tarantino's "Inglourious Basterds" and Leo DiCaprio with Martin Scorsese's "Shutter Island."

Stars like Donald Sutherland aren't here because they've never been nominated. Some chaps like Bill Murray and Edward Norton aren't listed because, well, they have PR problems within the industry and winning would be difficult for them, though not impossible. Others, including Liam Neeson and Dennis Hopper, aren't here because of my whim, but they were carefully considered. Really! Feel free to vote for whomever you like by clicking on the "Comments" link below. And please join in the heated discussion on this topic on our message boards.


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Leo DiCaprio, Johnny Depp, Ian McKellan, Ralph Fiennes, Albert Finney, Glenn Close, Michelle Pfeiffer, Julianne Moore, Sigourney Weaver, Laura Linney, Joan Allen and Annette Bening are most overdue. Im actually surprised that they dont have oscars already.

Ed Norton should be on the list.

here are the actors and actresses who are overdue with
juliann moore
johnny depp
michelle pfeiffer
leonardo dicaprio
glenn close

Definetly Mr. Edward Norton is looooong overdue.


Ed Norton deserves it more than anybody else.

Johnny Depp! I think it is ridiculous how he was snubbed by critics and the industry until he was in Pirates. I guess because that movie made a lot of money? that he finally got some recognition. While some of his greatest work...Ed Wood, Dead Man, Donnie Brasco, The Brave, F&LV, Blow, The Libertine and Sweeney Todd seem to get overlooked. PE looks great! I hope he will get another nomination but I have a feeling he's not going to win. The academy most likely does not even appreciate the work he has done…is doing. I believe they started nominating him to get ratings for the show...they know how popular he is now :/

JOHNNY DEPP!!! I absolutely LOVE his work! He is awesome and has been since jump street! and I don't think he is over rated!! There are alot of good actors out there but Johnny is so artistic and of course extremely good looking-I have all his movies and look forward to any and everything he does. Go for it Johnny and keep up the excellent work!

Miranda Richardson, this brilliant British actress has been nominated twice and should have won for Damage (damn you Marisa Tomei), the fearless leading lady should have been nominated for Spider in 2003 but somehow missed out. This is a true snub! Naomi Watts was nominated 2 years to late for 21 Grams, she first should have been nominated for Mulholland Drive, while King Kong (yes a wham bam action film but let's face it she was brilliant) and The Painted Veil (how did this romantic drama gain so little attention?). Amy Adams was first nominated for Junebug but lost to Rachel Weisz, while she was sensational in Doubt which earned her nomination #2 she missed again. Had this been the 60s she would have been nominated for Enchanted. Bale should have gotten nominated for Empire of the Sun when he was only 12.

My vote is for the best Edward Norton

Vote for Jeff! The nicest guy and the BEST ACTOR of them all!

Umm, Hello? Excuse me but what about John Malkovich??? I mean you have heard of him right? I know most people think he's too weird to win one or just strange anyway so he's not really a good actor. Well I beg to differ. I mean this man can play anything, because he has incredible range. And he was definitely overlooked for at least 2 of his roles. I mean for "In the Line of Fire" and "Being John Malkovich" alone, he should have already won 2 times over. Granted he probably will win one and in my opinion, he better win one.
But if anybody is overdue for an Oscar it's Malkovich!

Edward Norton has been overdue for an Oscar since Primal Fear in 1996. It really isn't fair for him to not be included because of "PR" issues as none of us will ever have the full story. He is wicked smart, intelligent and goes for what he wants and I admire that. I wish everyone would just give him a break. He gives so much more than his amazing acting abilities.

He is involved in so many organizations that he puts a lot of time and energy into that helps so many people all over the world.

I am excited to see him in Leaves of Grass, as he is someone I would go to the movies for.

Jeff Bridges. He is the best actor alive. That is why he deserves an Oscar.

How about Harrison Ford? 1 Oscar nomination for Witness in 1985. I can see him actually getting a life time achievement Oscar.

I vote for Edward Norton because he is one of the most acomplished actors at this moment, brilliant and he deseves it

Ed Norton leads the pack. He has a better handle on what makes a role work than most directors. Ego keeps some from seeing his point of view and some see their films benefit from letting him create.

Edward Norton!
Bad PR is a lame excuse to disregard his acting skills.

Jeff Bridges should've won for his performance in "Door In The Floor." Val Kilmer should've won for his role as Doc Holliday in "Tombstone." Depp is terrific in everything. I hope he gets his Oscar one day. And I'd love to see Bale and Norton get their due, as well. Pitt is great in character roles such as the ones he played in "Seven" and "Fight Club", but I don't think he's capable of carrying a big-budget film by himself. At least not so that he could win an Oscar for it. But what does the acadmy know? They overlooked Burton, Grant, O'Toole, and until this year, the always brilliant Ms. Winslet. Go figure.

I love to watch both brad pitt and tom cruise movies but I would not consider either for oscars. I am not baised just realistic. Brad is too inconsistent (good in one scene, awful in the next). Cruise just can't separate from Cruise. He is Cruise in all his roles.

And the winner is...Edward Norton!

My vote is with Ed Norton 100%.

I am surprised to see Christian Bale's name missing! His performances are amazing in the two batman movies and The Prestige. I am pretty sure he's doing a great job in Terminator Salvation (perhaps that's why his tirade on the lighting person). My vote for him.

People are displaying their unfounded biases and the facts that they are media w*****. No suprise that people are lashing out at the Pitt and Cruise mention. Typical, people are so easily brainwashed against guys who don't deserve it. Pitt and Cruise
are both underrated talents. His nomination for the less impressive Benjamin Button was calculated by the industry to provoke scorn and publicity.

He has given many memorable performances"
Seven, Fight Club, Thelma & Louise, Kalifornia, Ocean's Eleven, Snatch,
Legends of the Fall,
A River Runs Through It,
Legend of the Vampire,
12 Monkeys, Seven Years in Tibet, Babel, and Jesse James. I heard he was great in Tree of Life.

He is also a wonderful man who did not earn
his downfall because the whole basis for disliking him his over a false accusation. He did not cheat on the overrated, overhyped fake and manipulative Aniston who is a mediocre film actress.

Tom Cruise did not earn his downfall either, a few wacky displays of behavior, and that is what it takes for the world to turn against the former King of Hollywood. The list of good performances is too long for Cruise.

Depp is overrated but I think the campaign for him in the upcoming race just like with Cruz and Winselt is that he is overdue.
Peter O'Toole and Julianne Moore are overdue. There are too many to mention.

Honestly, let's ask ourselves why Edward Norton would have 'PR problems' within the industry? He's creative, he's opinionated, tempermental, a diva (so they say) and talent wise he's practically capable of producing a movie by himself - directing, writing, filming(?) and editing... oh, yeah, and acting.

Or, could it be because he is down to earth enough to scold the industry for being bloated with a disproportionate sense of self-importance and out of touch with it's audience (Oscar goody bags, anyone)?

Oh hell, I vote for Edward Norton. He's been nominated before. And even though his broad talent scares the pants off 99.9% of film professionals, and he seems to not give a damn what other superficial Hollywood-ites think, he deserves to win.

Sean Penn just won and NOBODY ten years ago would have thought that possible for similar reasons. Does anyone remember the pictures of Penn riding around in a John boat after Katrina pulling people out of the water (while shunning cameras and recognition)? Sean Penn, like Norton, is real and he's concerned about things that really matter. And yes, he's also difficult. After all, he's an artist.

But that's why we love them, eh?




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