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Chris Brown wants your vote for the Kids' Choice Awards

March 7, 2009 | 10:42 am

The current PR problems that Chris Brown is experiencing over his alleged smackdown with Rihanna apparently aren't stifling his drive to win Kids' Choice Awards on March 28.

At his MySpace page, there's a plea for fans to vote for Brown in two top races — favorite song, in which he's nominated opposite Rihanna — and favorite male singer. The request for support was posted one day after online voting commenced Monday.


In the face-off for best song, Chris Brown competes with his No. 1 single "Kiss Kiss" opposite Rihanna's "Don't Stop the Music," Beyonce's "Single Ladies (Put a Ring on It)" and Katy Perry's "I Kissed a Girl." In the race for favorite male singer — a prize he won last year — Brown squares off against his "Kiss Kiss" collaborator T-Pain, 2006 winner Jesse McCartney and Kid Rock. Brown also competed in the category in 2007, but lost to Justin Timberlake.

Rihanna is nominated for favorite female singer for the first time, taking on last year's champ Miley Cyrus, 2007 winner Beyonce and three-time nominee Alicia Keys.

The Kids' Choice Awards will not mark the first time that Brown and Rihanna have been rivals in the same category. Last year Rihanna and Jay-Z ("Umbrella") beat Chris Brown and T-Pain ("Kiss Kiss") at the Grammys for best rap/sung collaboration.

At this year's Grammys, they both contended in the pop vocal collaboration category. Brown and Jordin Sparks were nominated for "No Air" while Rihanna and Maroon 5 were up for "If I Never See Your Face Again." They lost to Robert Plant and Alison Krauss ("Rich Woman").

There is no word on whether either Brown or Rihanna will attend the Kids' Choice Awards, which will be telecast live on Nickelodeon and hosted by "The Rock," Dwayne Johnson. They both skipped the NAACP Image Awards, which came only five days after the Grammy-eve incident that catapulted them into the headlines. At the Image Awards,  Brown lost the male vocalist prize to Jamie Foxx, and Rihanna was bested by Beyonce for female vocalist.


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Photos: Rihanna. Credit: Getty Images. Chris Brown. Credit: Associated Press

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The comments to this entry are closed.


whatev u mad cause u ain't him so go somewhere with ya life

i love chris brown he's the best bye everybody who don't like him

chris and rihanna shoulda never went together!!!!

Yeah right!! That comment posted by "chris browns number 1 fan" is probably Chris Brown himself. Sorry buddy, you don't deserve this anymore!!

No way!! I will never support you!! You psycho abuser!!!!

What about Michael Phelps smoking weed.. he's also nominated. People be fair and keep it real. I hope CB or Rhianna wins, I'm sure Micahel Phelps will win... People in America are so Fake

I think people do make mistakes. people do things that are not ment to be done. i think Chris deserves to keep his career. its bad enough he's goin through court. Yes it is wrong for what he did to her but she seems to be taking it well... i mean if some one was to beat you will u still continue to see that person? No. i wouldnt but Rihanna is. What i am sayin is that if Rihanna is giving him another chance everyone else should to.

I thought it was kinda funny for Kid Rock to be Nominated, But out of the choices..... KID ROCK GETS MY VOTE LOL

As for the Kids choice Award they need to disqualify him. It will hurt them to allow him to be part of this. He is a woman Beater and no example to kids and as a parent I do not want him even close to being an option for a vote. I was sad for Rihanna but now that she has taken him back she should not be an option either. I wouldn't want my kids voting for her either. She is saying it's OK to be beaten by a man by taking him back. I won't feel sorry for her when he does it again and he will do it again once the heat is off of him.

i have read some of the posts on this site and i am not happy with what i am hearing....i am not a chris brown fan and i know that the majority of the country has already passed judgement but i think some things should be is neither naive nor vulnerable...u cannot be either and be successful in the music is NOT acceptable for a man to hit a woman, but it is also NOT acceptable for a woman to hit a man either....third....i dont think anyone said it here...but a text message does not constitute cheating and since no one (including me) was there i think we should all stop condemning him for this....if u really want to talk about bad role models then take a look at miley cyrus

This guy does not deserve ANY award. He deserve a jail cell. She is absolutely NUTS if she is back with this loser!!!!

Chris Brown and Rihanna should definitely appear at this award show together ... IF THE KID'S CHOICE AWARDS WANTS TO GO OFF THE AIR FOREVER.

The underage drinking that led to this assault is bad enough. Not only should he be punished, the Grammy people who served him the alcohol that caused this situation should be punished also. Not to mention the bar in Beverly Hills that served him for hours following his court appearance on Friday. Not acceptable, people.

NO, NO, NO, WHAT R THEY CRAZY! HE SHOULDNT EVEN BE NOMINATED, THEY NEED TO WITHDRAW HIM FROM THE AWARD SHOW. I heard she hit him first and that she deserved it, from a woman of color, i dont care what she did, she didnt derserve that. No man should ever, ever hit a woman. Jerk !!!!!

Is he for real? does he really think he deserves anyones vote.i vote they put him in jail

@chris browns number 1 fan...The fact that YOU can't even spell career is sad on so many levels for you...And there are so many women out there who do not have the means to get out of Bad situations, I am sick of hearing just about this one domestic situation. We were not there, and quite frankly I would rather spend my time helping those who do not have the abilities to do so themselves...then gossip and judge these unimportant ENTERTAINTERS.

get real chris, we should all vote to put him in jail for 5 years to think about his
abuse problem

I just want to say to the people that keep saying, "everyone makes mistakes", and that Chris should keep his career after this, what would you say if it were your daughter that he beat up? I have two daughters and I could hold my own, but if someone beat my naive and vulnerable daughter like he beat her, I would be all over him. "Everyone makes mistakes" would be the last thing out of my mouth. People who say that obviously don't have children and/or have never been a victim of abuse themselves.

he needs to go to jail, the xxxxx xxxxxxx ,and she needs to stay away from him or she'll end up really hurt or dxxx, and so would, God forbid, any kids.... fact.

You've got to be joking. What he did is not like some teenage prank. What he did would be considered felonious assault (if it was anyone other than some overpaid celebrity). What has he done to deserve special consideration? Just wasted his golden opportunity for a career, is all. And now he seriously expects to win at a KIDS award? For what? Best criminal activity by a pop star? If you're a still a fan you're also either too stupid or too naive to understand that beating someone else and threatening to kill them is not an indicator of adult, or even acceptable, behavior. Grow up!

he's a loser.........

Anybody thats hits a women do that degree deserves to have his ass kicked by a prison inmate.

Brown has shown faked remorse since he turned himself in to police. I truly don't believe he feels a sense a regret about any of it. He strikes me as someone going through the motions of whatever his publicist is telling him to do. His publicist doesn't strike me as too smart either, already parading him around to events. Sad to see someone that has missed the boat intellectually.

Is anyone else appalled that "I Kissed a Girl and I Liked It" is nominated for Best Song at a "KIDS" award show?

Seeing the LAPD police report detaling Rihanna's account of what happened is very scary...if this guy did 25% of what she claims, then I never want to see of or hear anything of Chris Brown anymore...

He stinks. He's just a thug. He should be discarded. Lousy example of man, fame, black culture.
Rihanna - needs to move on. Her father's reaction is not normal. He just wants his money and drugs. He may also be a wife abuser. There is no way a daughter with a normal life doesn't think going back to the abuser isn't strange. The repugnant excuse for a human would have no remorse in bringing as close to death as he can get, to show his diseased power. Usher is right.




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