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Nicollette Sheridan gets 'Desperate Housewives' costar's vote for an Emmy

April 7, 2009 | 11:39 am

There's new tattle claiming that the April 19 episode of "Desperate Housewives" featuring the exit of Nicollette Sheridan is such a doozy that it might finally earn overdue academy notice to the actress who must be truly desperate for an Emmy at this point.

Desperate Housewives Nicollette Sheridan

"It was a fabulously written episode," costar Teri Hatcher tells People. "She should get nominated for an Emmy."

Nicollette Sheridan was snubbed by Emmy voters throughout the first four seasons of "Desperate Housewives." Ditto Eva Longoria Parker, who also portrays a sexually frisky role with gusto. The other, more conservative housewives — Felicity Huffman, Teri Hatcher and Marcia Cross — have all been nominated. Huffman won the Emmy for best actress  in 2005.

Sheridan's character, Edie, has faced lots of gripping drama over the last TV season — literally — at one point having to fight free from the clutches of her monstrous hubby as he tried to strangle her. While fleeing, Edie got in a car crash, then got electrocuted as she stepped out of the crushed vehicle and into a puddle.

On April 19, many more past travails — and triumphs — of Edie will be revisited in her last appearance  on "Desperate Housewives." "Her final episode is really beautiful, and it involves a lot of flashbacks," costar Dana Delaney told E! Online columnist Marc Malkin.


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Photo: ABC

NOTE: An earlier version of this blog article incorrectly stated that Felicity Huffman won the Emmy Award for best lead drama actress. She won in the comedy category. The error has been fixed.

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