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Photo gallery: Let's revisit 21 Emmy-nominated guest turns on 'ER'

April 1, 2009 | 11:50 am

ER NBC TV During its first 14 years on NBC, "ER" reaped a record number of Emmy Award nominations (122), resulting in 22 wins, including a victory as best drama series of 1996. After it exits the television airwaves on Thursday, "ER" will have one last shot at Emmy glory.

In its early TV years, most of "ER's" Emmy acting bids were for ongoing series stars George Clooney, Noah Wyle, Anthony Edwards, Sherry Stringfield and Eriq La Salle. The only regularly featured star to win was Julianne Margulies as best supporting actress of 1995.

Later in the TV life of "ER," its acting nominations came only in the guest categories — and there were lots of them (21) over the years — including bids for such luminaries as Alan Alda, Red Buttons, Don Cheadle, Sally Field, Ray Liotta, Bob Newhart, Stanley Tucci, Forest Whitaker, James Woods and George Clooney's real-life aunt, crooner Rosemary Clooney. Two guest stars won. Can you name them? Click through the photo gallery created for The Envelope by Paul Sheehan to see the answers and to revisit the historical guest turns on one of TV's greatest series.


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Note: An earlier version of this blog post mistakenly said that no regular series stars of "ER" won Emmys, thus neglecting to cite Julianna Margulies' win in 1995. The correction has been made.

Photos: NBC

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