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Gold Derby nuggets: 'Passchendaele' sweeps Canada's Genie Awards | SAG trumpets next award dates

April 6, 2009 |  2:55 pm

• The 16th annual Screen Actors Guild Awards will be bestowed on Jan. 23, 2010. Nominations will be unveiled on Dec. 17. The guild also announced other key award dates. VARIETY

Genie Awards

• "Passchendaele," a World War I drama about the battle over a Belgian village, swept the Genie Awards — Canada's equivalent to the Oscars. The film — written by, directed by and starring Paul Gross — bagged six awards, including best film. Gross lost the best actor prize to Natar Ungalaaq, who portrayed an Inuit man placed in a tuberculosis sanatorium in Quebec in the 1950s ("The Necessities of Life," "Ce qu'il faut pour vivre")." Ellen Burstyn won best actress for her role as an older woman trying to reconcile herself with her past in "The Stone Angel." CANADA.COM/ GLOBE AND MAIL

• In The Envelope's message boards, our poster named Caresa has a terrific suggestion: creating a new Emmy Award for best foreign TV drama series. Think of it as the TV kudos equivalent to best foreign film at the Oscars. There is one, substantial problem. It would kind of duplicate what already exists at the separate International Emmys, but maybe there's a way to merge the two — or to include the International Emmy race at the prime-time Emmy show? Our forum posters recommend what they think should win. THE ENVELOPE FORUMS

• Director Baz Luhrmann blames the poor Oscars showing of "Australia" on poor early box office: "We opened badly in the US — the weekend where we went up against the Reese Witherspoon comedy ("Four Holidays") we miscommunicated the film and we collectively failed to get a big audience in on the first weekend," said Luhrmann, who is married to two-time Oscar winner Catherine Martin." AUSTRALIA HERALD

Photo: Still of "Passchendaele" / Alliance Films

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