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'Hannah Montana: The Movie' bolsters Miley Cyrus' Oscar dreams

April 12, 2009 |  4:45 pm

Remember when Miley Cyrus told Ryan Seacrest on the Oscars red carpet in February 2008 that she hopes "to continue to do films and one day I'll be here with my own movie"? After three years of Miley Cyrus starring in the Disney TV series, the surprising success of "Hannah Montana: The Movie" at the box office this weekend may mean we should take her dreams seriously.

Hannah Montana The Movie Miley Cyrus

"Disney's second film based on its mega-hit TV-and-music franchise opened to $34 million, surpassing estimates of most Hollywood insiders who had pegged it to open in the $20-million range," reports the Los Angeles Times. Miley Cyrus' previous feature-film release, " Hannah Montana/Miley Cyrus: Best of Both Worlds Concert Tour," released in early 2008, grossed $70 million worldwide ($65 million in the U.S.).

"Hannah Montana: The Movie" is merely an extended episode of the TV show, of course, but it proves that Miley Cyrus has serious clout with moviegoers. Earlier this year she proved more of the same when she voiced the character Penny in "Bolt," which was nominated for best animated feature at the Oscars and reaped $290 million worldwide ($114 million domestically). Miley Cyrus even came close — yikes — to nabbing an Oscar nomination for herself as co-writer of "Bolt" song "I Thought I Lost You," which reaped nominations for best song from the Golden Globes and the Critics Choice Awards.

Next year she stars in a serious feature film, "The Last Song," written by Nicholas Sparks ("The Notebook") and directed by Julie Anne Robinson ("Grey's Anatomy," "Weeds"). According to, it's "a drama centered on a rebellious young woman who is sent to spend the summer with her estranged father."

Miley Cyrus has won two Kids' Choice Awards and a pair of Teen Choice Awards for acting — plus more for singing.

Photo: Disney


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Miley “Maiden America” Cyrus is being groomed for a mission from rhe Creator, God. To Rock the foundations of the earth and lead a generation of young folk …, why, Miley’s just warming up. Gettin’ ready, practicing …, I’m mergatroidal on YouTube for more info … .

I think you're right that not that many people saw Bolt because of Miley Cyrus, but I was one of them. I support all the work by the Cyrus clan especially Miley. A voice in an animated film can be an added reason to see it and something you can bring up as added cache if someone is asking why you are watching it. Miley has three new films in various stages of development. She is talented, somewhat of a workaholic, and a past award winner. So you are going to be seeing her alot including winning more awards. Miley Rocks!!!

Are you sure to whoever wrote this article you were not getting her mixed up with Dakota Fanning? Because Miley "I cant act or sing" Cyrus and Oscar/Academy Awards are not synonymous with each other.

Working for the tween factory that is Disney and getting a Kids Choice nomination is a huge chasm away from becoming a legitimate actress and receiving an Oscar nod. The girl can't act, she overacts, she can't sing, and she is not especially pretty. Her teeth on the big screen must look 100 x's worse than they do on TV. And as for her doing a movie by Nicholas Sparks, I suggest gummy mouthed Miley watch The Notebook over and over and over and over again and try to learn some real acting from gorgeous Rachel Mcadams. She will NEVER look like RM, but maybe she can learn to be an actual actress. Doubtful, but who know. OK, I'm ready to be attacked by all the 7-12 year olds on this blog now.

you are just all insecure of miley cyrus,get a life,try looking yourself in a mirror,are u perfect enough to judge a young girl with little experience in life?She'll learn to make it right anyway.Your all dumb.

Oscar! Don't make me laugh! Who is she anyway? Nobody...just because teeny girls like her, doesn't mean she has any talent!

She is an awsome rolemodle & idol for boys & girls )

she is my idol i love this Miley Cyrus she is just my little doll

peace out

Wow 50% of 34$ million plus all the other income. Then why does she stick with the 7/11 base?
If she wants to dream big and make it in the film world she should immediately buyout of her Disney contract, learn the actor's craft in New York, cut out the mermaid tjmaxx l, try less flirting with the remote paparazzi, and more sincerity with mainstream reporters. But then again, why not stick with the wholesome default, get the ditz glitz generation to blingbling standards, and bring the oscars down to where it recognizes you as the fairest of them all! It sure beats earning respect the more christian way, and is way good for the economy in these tough times where we don't wanna stretch our valuable cultural institutions.

What's stopping her then from being a serious actor?
Why is she supposed to overact on her TV show? Why don't her directors tell her that she doesn't have to perform as if arousing an adult audience? Why do the cinematographers saturate every scene with symbols of a repressed sexuality? With all her business success why can't she be a real role model to her generation, and why doesn't she have any professional mentors to explain these things to her? It is a big deal, isn't it? Besides there's a lot of talented and far more successful professionals who wouldn't exploit her, or be jealous of her private arrangement, and would probably love to give her free advice cause she has a lot of influence on a demographic that a lot of our economy caters to. Teaching kids how to express themselves through healthy consumption, aren't there awards for that too?

A girl should never be forced to do what she is too young to discern as unwise. But she can unlearn and learn why some girls do so, and why 'proper teen popularity' is a function engineered for middle-aged taste. So she can decide to define her own worth. She can aspire to wisdom, and lead her friends by the attractiveness of her whole person.

Disney's response to healthy parents' demands by making it seem like all father-daughter relationships are like the tarzan/jane, executive/ingenue scheme, even down to showcasing other mammals as role models!So the assembly line idea of growing up is by hypnotized initiation, jittery lower and bobbing upper adolescence, and then when diva starts having flashbacks or off-stage split starts to act out, we shut her wide eyes with a few humiliating spreads, lunacy protocols, and off to the next dispensible cycle. The audience keeps chowing, and ronald obeys.

Did her dad ghost write this article, is this his new pseudonym...this hick has no discernible talent, i cant wait until the Nicholas Sparks movie comes out, and it bombs. it will sink faster than the Titanic. Hey Mr. Sparks, you will be begging for Rachel McAdams to act for you again when you see the acting "talent" of Miley Cyrus, the day she is considered, let alone actually win, an academy award, is the day I marry Prince William.

apparentllyy with all her movie success she won back nick jonas heart?! sorry justinn.. just reaad about a date they had here hope its true! cutest couple!!!


Oscar could be in the film's future, it does have 12 new songs written for the film. The most likely to be nominated is, of course, "The Climb." Unfortunately for Miley she didn't cowrite it. Taylor Swift, however, may have a shot with "Crazier" which is swiftly climbing up the iTunes music chart and may soon be a hit like "The Climb." Swift also has another chance with the film's opening number "You'll Always Find Your Way Back Home" and Miley has her only chance with "Don't Walk Away"

So much to say here and so little time.

First to jolie:

Have you ever heard of the ratings system? Not every movie that gets released was intended for you and your family. If you can't make an educated, informed choice about age-appropriate content, it's not the MPAA's fault.

On to truth:

I'd rather any kid emulate Diesel as opposed to a vapid waste of giggling that is Miley "I let my father rape my childhood" Cyrus. "Life's tough, ya'll. Let's go shopping."

Yeah, that's a great life lesson.

Lastly, Miley Cyrus and Oscar consideration? Surely you jest. The day Miley "I'll raise your kids for you so you don't have to be a responsible parent" Cyrus is worthy of Academy consideration is the day the polar caps melt and the entire world drowns.

Is that what you want? Recognition for trend that shouldn't be to begin with?

I haven't seen the movie but I think it's already good!!
Miley is my fave singer!!!!!
I realy wish I could meet her!!!!!!!!!!!! (I hope she does a concert in Ireland!!!)

Adults, who call children names to make themselves feel better should think of moving out of their parent's basement. Seriously most of the decisions in her life were not made by her. Judge what she does when she is in control of her own life. In other words, get a life.

I think it's a little early to say if she's a good actress or a terrible one. Miley is only 16 and has been in a corny tv show turned movie and an animated film. Not exactly material that shows your acting chops. If she slowly transitioned into more adult stuff taking small parts with great directors, I think she could grow. Miley definitely has a solid presense. I hate how everyone keeps calling her a tramp and stuff because of what they read on some internet blogs. She's 16, you don't know her, and all teenagers make mistakes just not broadcast to the world. I'm not her biggest fan, but the internet hatred for Miley is really sick.

First of all, you people need to SHUT UP! If you havent seen the movie yet, than seriously shut up. It is amazing and im not just saying that becuase i like her. She was an AMAZING actress in it. Her TV show now SUCKS compared to the movie. I do not like the TV anymore because of movie. Seriously if you guys dont know that her TV show she is supposed to act over dramatic and such, but the movie really shows her talent. SHUT UP IF YOU DONT KNOW!

I hope the movie industry will wake up and begin to understand that a huge majority of parents and kids alike would prefer to see movies that
1. do not have foul language not "sexint eh city" type of characters or scenes to wit: Carrie bradshwa and her ilk sleeping around or gossipos girls being catty and sleeping around.
3. movieswhere parents are actually helpful, smart and raising thier kids, not portrayed as ignorant, or arrogant fools that kids make contemptuous fun of,
4. there are real, age appropriate dilemnas that are correctly solved, not adult themes for kids to wrestle with.
5. no characters who go around looking like tarts and acting like tarts.
WAKE UP. People are sick of having to deal with the media pushing our kids to grow WAY TOO FAST.
Our kids are KIDS not minii adults

You are so awsome Cant wait till I go and see it t gonna be Soooo cool Luv yaaBy the way can you send me luv on bebo Rock On . P.S I think you are the beat singer in the world xxx Keep on rokin babes xxx cuz a girl got to do what a girls gotto do xxxxxxx

Terry, I doubt you know the reasons people go to see certain movies, unless you're a mind-reader. And isn't it time the media stopped picking on Miley? I mean, would you rather kids emulate Vin Diesel in Fast and Furious...or isn't there enough carnage on the streets already?

Well she did knock out "Fast and Furious" for the #1 spot over the Easter weekend with her new Hannah movie.'s not April 1st. You can stop joking now. She's a little gravel-voiced harpy straight off the Disney assembly-line.




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