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'Hannah Montana: The Movie' bolsters Miley Cyrus' Oscar dreams

April 12, 2009 |  4:45 pm

Remember when Miley Cyrus told Ryan Seacrest on the Oscars red carpet in February 2008 that she hopes "to continue to do films and one day I'll be here with my own movie"? After three years of Miley Cyrus starring in the Disney TV series, the surprising success of "Hannah Montana: The Movie" at the box office this weekend may mean we should take her dreams seriously.

Hannah Montana The Movie Miley Cyrus

"Disney's second film based on its mega-hit TV-and-music franchise opened to $34 million, surpassing estimates of most Hollywood insiders who had pegged it to open in the $20-million range," reports the Los Angeles Times. Miley Cyrus' previous feature-film release, " Hannah Montana/Miley Cyrus: Best of Both Worlds Concert Tour," released in early 2008, grossed $70 million worldwide ($65 million in the U.S.).

"Hannah Montana: The Movie" is merely an extended episode of the TV show, of course, but it proves that Miley Cyrus has serious clout with moviegoers. Earlier this year she proved more of the same when she voiced the character Penny in "Bolt," which was nominated for best animated feature at the Oscars and reaped $290 million worldwide ($114 million domestically). Miley Cyrus even came close — yikes — to nabbing an Oscar nomination for herself as co-writer of "Bolt" song "I Thought I Lost You," which reaped nominations for best song from the Golden Globes and the Critics Choice Awards.

Next year she stars in a serious feature film, "The Last Song," written by Nicholas Sparks ("The Notebook") and directed by Julie Anne Robinson ("Grey's Anatomy," "Weeds"). According to, it's "a drama centered on a rebellious young woman who is sent to spend the summer with her estranged father."

Miley Cyrus has won two Kids' Choice Awards and a pair of Teen Choice Awards for acting — plus more for singing.

Photo: Disney


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