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More proof that award winners live longer!

April 13, 2009 |  2:51 pm

The Cleveland Plain Dealer notes, "According to a study from University of Warwick in England, winners of the Nobel Prize in chemistry or physics live about a 1.4 years longer than those scientists who are simply nominated for the prestigious award."

Katharine Hepburn

That info mirrors the research of the University of Toronto, Canadian Institute of Health and Ontario Ministry of Health, which discovered that actors who win the Academy Award live 3.6 years longer than mere nominees. Average age of champs was discovered to be 79.7, nominees was 75.8. In research published in 2005, the institute also found that victorious directors also lived longer, but not writers.

"Writers do not lead such exemplary lives," university professor Donald Redelmeier told the Associated Press. "They don't have to eat properly, sleep properly or exercise at all so, as a consequence of that they don't receive any of the monitoring that other notable individuals do."

Winning an award is a much better way to extend life than an alternative. "Two researchers examined the life spans of hundreds of men who were castrated in the 1920s," adds the Plain Dealer. "Their conclusion: Men who were 'fixed' — and therefore without testosterone — live a whopping 13.6 years longer."

Photo: RKO Studio

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