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Does Rob Pattinson thirst for Oscar and Grammy glory?

April 13, 2009 |  4:38 pm

Rob Pattinson is a vampire with a serious appetite, career-wise. His next "Twilight" film, "New Moon," will feature the lofty star of two movies nominated for best picture at the Oscars — Michael Sheen ("The Queen," "Frost/Nixon").

Rob Pattinson Twilight Little Ashes How to Be

Entertainment Weekly wonders if director Chris Weitz "sought Sheen out because he'd lend the production credibility." Answer: Yes.

Rob Pattinson is seeking artistic validity on every front, including his other film projects. Today Yahoo posted the exclusive trailer to his next "serious" pic, "How to Be," an indie drama about a misfit twentysomething trying to become a serious musician after busting up with his galpal. (Most of the trailer can be seen in the "Access Hollywood" preview below.) It debuts on IFC on demand television on April 29. Rob Pattinson performs three songs in the film. The soundtrack will be released on April 28. Hmmm . . . could it contain Rob Pattinson's big Grammy hope?

Pattinson aims to be taken seriously as an artist on screen — literally, portraying Salvador Dali — in "Little Ashes," his next feature film due out on May 8.


Photos: IFC, Regent Releasing


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Cute. Maybe I'll watch the movie...

i agree.He shot two movies before Twilight.i don't understand.why first tabloid magazines now some "serious" movie sites are supporting worried why?because his acting not special.i think critics never saw ben whishaw,gaspard ulliel,emily hirsch,daniel radcliffe and gael garcia bernal.i accept when fans say he is better than johnny depp but i never can't belive critics say it.its awfull.

WHY are there so many negative comments about such a talented, humble and genuinely nice young actor. Unbelievable. Anyone who follows robpatz interviews, comments he makes, etc. KNOWS he is a nice young man and quite the free young spirit -- OF COURSE he is ambitious --he obviously had a dream/goal. Since WHEN is this a negative thing? Really. This is getting ridiculous.

Well said, GOROB. Why is everyone in the media suddenly ;looking to discredit him? I dont know Rob personally, but from what I've read from his interviews, he's the last person whose Grammy or Oscar seeking. He;s such a shy humble person that it shocks the media that he's not actively seeking their approval. So, naturally, they turned on him. Like the whole...he smells ploy. What a load of crap! Poor guy.

I think Robert is thirsting for people like you to stop putting words in his
mouth! For them to also do their homework before printing articles like these! Which a real fan doesn't like the tone of!

He shot “How to Be” and Little Ashes in 2007, before Twilight.
He has expressed him self that he thought those films would had never seen the light if it weren’t because of the Twilight hype, they are very small budget indie movies, so they are just being release now; people seems to think that he did this films after Twilight to depart himself from the heartthrob image.
True to the fact is that Twilight was the difference to what it seems he was projecting for his career.
Since there is no next project confirmed yet outside the Twilight Saga, it seems he is in no hurry to detach himself from the image given upon him with any “serious award worthy” project, as many other actors would be running toward if were in his case, which is much more preferable that to see an actor desperate to be taken seriously.

I saw Pattinson at Raindance in Little Ashes and he gave an exceptional performance. Its a very difficult role and he pulled it off with aplomb. He doesnt have the largest role (that goes to Beltran as Lorca) but in my opinion the Dali role is much harder. He shows he is as comfortable with comedy as he is the more dramatic moments. I wasnt expecting such a fine performance but he won me over.

Pattinson isnt trying to be a serious musician in this. The whole point is that he is a terrible musician in the film but it makes him happy. Pattinson had to try to be a bad musician and singer in he film when he's actually wonderful at both.

Pattinson's songs in How To Be arent how he usually sings.He;s meant to be a poor singer and performer in the film so I dnt think he'd ever submit this sort of work for grammy consideration. I;d love to hear hsi own compositions and vocal arrangements.

I've seen Little Ashes and Pattinson is superb. If the producer pushed hard enough I think its worthy of a best supporting actor oscar nomination. But the compnay is too small scale for that type of campaign.

The music in How To Be is not his, but that of his character - it's not supposed to be any good.

Also - he did both How To Be and Little Ashes before he was hired for Twilight. They're more his usual type of movies, Twilight and HP are the odd ones out!



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