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'The Amazing Race' continues to, well, amaze

April 20, 2009 | 12:11 pm

"The Amazing Race" may be in the final stages of its 14th installment on CBS, but powerhouse episodes such as Sunday night's are why this six-time champ has never lost the Emmy Award for best reality/competition show, not even to TV's biggest ratings smash, "American Idol." The losers on this leg of "The Amazing Race" were an almost-foregone conclusion with brothers Mark and Michael facing a four-hour penalty. The most excitement was at the front of the pack.

The Amazing Race-2

This iteration of the race includes the first deaf contestant, Luke, who is teamed with his signing mother Margie. They have won several legs and are fierce competitors. Last week, they were pitted against sisters LaKisha and Jen as both teams struggled to find their way to the next route marker in Bangkok, Thailand. Each side felt the other had done it wrong and that set the stage for this week's confrontation.

First, Luke and Jen jostled at the clue box with Jen ending up calling the openly gay Luke a derogatory name. Then later in the leg, Luke and Jen got into it again at the next clue box with even more pushing and shoving. Finally, at the mat where they were only seconds apart, the gloves really came off. Jen said she thought Luke was a dirty player while Margie rushed to her son's defense and called out the sisters for mocking his deafness.

"The Amazing Race" emcee Phil Keoghan — who, surprisingly, wasn't nominated last year for the first Emmy awarded to reality show hosts — tried to calm down the combative contestants. His efforts were of no avail. With tensions mounting as the final four teams race for that million-dollar prize, expect even more fireworks. And expect "The Amazing Race" to be a strong contender for a seventh straight Emmy as best reality competition series with episodes such as this one.

Below is one snippet from the show. See more and vote for your favorite here.

Photo credit: CBS

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