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Gold Derby nuggets: Jamie Foxx hides his Oscar | Jonas Brothers to host Kids Choice Awards | Taking stock of 'Taking Woodstock'

April 24, 2009 |  2:53 pm

Jamie Foxx is so terrified that someone will steal the Oscar he won for "Ray" that he refuses to keep it at home. "My manager keeps it in his house," he says. "I got too many people coming to my house. I don't want it to walk off. People stealing it and leaving me with an Oscar Mayer [meat product] instead. Like, what's this doing here?" MOVIEFONE

Jonas brothers

• "The Jonas Brothers will do more than just sing at the Teen Choice Awards this summer, notes Elizabeth Snead. "Kevin, Joe and Nick Jonas also will host the awards ceremony, which airs Aug. 10 at 8 p.m. on Fox." DISH RAG

• "Billie Jean" was a key part of Michael Jackson's historic Grammy sweep of 1983, claiming two of his record eight wins (best R&B song and male vocal performance), but it almost ended up in the recording studio's trash can. Producer Quincy Jones almost killed it early on and then, later, MTV initially refused to air the video because black artists weren't considered "rock" enough. CRACKED.COM

• Drama Desk Award nominations are due out Monday morning. Will they forecast the Tony Award bids, which will be released May 5? Will there be more uproar this year following the scandals of last year? DRAMA DESK SHOCKERS

• The CLIO Awards celebrate their 50th anniversary in Las Vegas at the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino. Three sets of kudos will be bestowed: communications awards (May 12), emerging media (13th) and moving image (14th). Special honorary awards will be doled out to Matthew Weiner (creator, "Mad Men"), songsmith Barry Manilow and HDNet Chairman Mark Cuban. Walking down the red carpets — really, no joke — will be the Nesquik Bunny, Charlie the Tuna, the Michelin Man, Morris the Cat and the Kool-Aid Man. Oh, who do you think they'll be wearing? CLIO AWARDS

Woody Whatever Works

• The Tribeca Film Festival opened this week with Woody Allen's latest. Variety says it "feels forced, often losing itself in excess verbiage. Still, the Larry David/Woody Allen hybrid makes for a fascinating beast, of interest to acolytes of both comedians, if a far cry from 'Vicky Cristina Barcelona,' whose B.O. haul is unlikely to be matched by this June 19 Sony Classics release." "My real problem with 'Whatever Works' was the older-man-younger-woman theme," says Jeff Wells at, who also offers this report on the premiere. Hmmm, I don't hear any Oscar buzz to follow up Penelope Cruz's recent triumph as best supporting actress in "Vicky."

• The L.A. Times has this must-read on the fest — "Tribeca Film Fest opens in turbulent times"— and also check out the photo gallery that spotlights top pix to see at the fest.

• When trying to make your Emmy predictions, it helps to take stock of how the newest series are faring — which ones may survive, which may get the ax soon. Check out this breakdown of which shows are on the bubble or about to pop. USA TODAY

• While guitarist Joe Satriani continues his legal fight over Coldplay's "Viva La Vida," he notes how he felt when he heard the tune played at the Grammy Awards, where it won the prize for best song of the year: "I'm happy for the group, and, in a very weird way, I was happy to hear my melody being celebrated. However, I was slightly confused that NARAS [the National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences], the organization which handles the Grammy Awards, would even consider nominating a track which they knew was heavily contested." ULTIMATE-GUITAR.COM

• Three of Ang Lee's films have been nominated for best picture at the Oscars ("Sense and Sensibility" in 1995, "Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon" in 2000 and "Brokeback Mountain" in 2005). Below, the trailer for his next film release, "Taking Woodstock," which will be released in mid-August by Focus Features.

Photos: Walt Disney Pictures / Sony Pictures Classics

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