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Poll: Who will win / should win 'American Idol'?

May 20, 2009 | 12:51 pm

Just because Adam Lambert has the most buzz and the highest Cool Factor doesn't mean he's a cinch to win "American Idol." Many "Idol" fans have mistakenly underestimated Kris Allen over and over again in the past.

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Last year, remember, most polls projected an easy win by David Archuletta over David Cook. Then, everybody's jaw dropped when the actual victor was declared "American Idol" champ.

Victory may not even be decided by who has the most music talent. Winner is the chap with the most votes. Adam Lambert's disciples may be complacent, may make the mistake to think he's got this in the bag. However, Kris Allen fans, driven by the zeal of pushing hard for the underdog, may text in dozens more votes each.

Bottom line: It may not even matter who wins "American Idol." Clay Aiken's had a more notable career than winner Ruben Studdard. Heck, Jennifer Hudson came in seventh place, but now has an Oscar, Grammy, Golden Globe and a slew of other showbiz awards that winner Fantasia Barrino doesn't own.


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