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Will 'Grey's Anatomy' shockeroo cliffhanger electrify Emmy voters?

May 15, 2009 | 11:09 am

"Grey's Anatomy" wrapped up its fifth season with a two-hour doubleheader that had our forum posters buzzing. The consensus was that the episodes — entitled "Here's to Future Days" and "Now or Never" — took their time to set up the story lines but the payoff was well worth it. In the stunning cliffhanger two of the main characters who deal with life and death every day at Seattle Grace confront their own mortality. Both Izzie (Katherine Heigl), who has been battling cancer this season, and George (T.R. Knight), who wants to fight for his country, were left in limbo when the show ended last night.

Grey's Anatomy Season Five Finale Katherine Heigl Justin Chambers That jolt to the system may be just what this Emmy also-ran needed to revive its awards prospects. Over its first four seasons, "Grey's Anatomy" has earned 25 Emmy nominations but managed only two wins — a 2006 casting award and the 2007 upset by Katherine Heigl in the supporting actress race.

"Grey's Anatomy" competed for best drama series for its first full season in 2006 (losing to "24") and again the following year when "The Sopranos" won for its farewell season. Last year, the show did not number among the final six series nominees, but it did make the top 10 runoff.

This year, the nominating process has been revised to eliminate the juried runoff and the contenders will be determined solely by popular ballot. That "Grey's Anatomy" ranks 14th so far this season in TV's Nielsen ratings should help its cause. Up against ratings powerhouse "CSI," the show's average audience is 12.5 million (about half the number of who tune in to "American Idol")  And last night's finale was up substantially from that with 16.3 million viewers.

Among those watching were many of our forum posters who weighed in with their thoughts on the Emmy prospects for the show. Said Atypical, "Katherine Heigl and Justin Chambers need dual Emmy nominations this year, b/c they both were devastating tonight and made the last third of this season come alive. Who in their right mind would save a stranger from a speeding bus at the risk of his own life like that? George would. This ranks right up there with the season 2 finale as one of the best conclusions that the show's done to date."

Hingle thought, "Justin Chambers deserves an Emmy. He has been amazing this season. So does Heigel. I also think Pompeo has been phenomenal this season. Really, I'd love to see Grey's get some Emmy love this year, because it has been really good."

Admitted Bazookka Joe, "I didn't see that ending coming at all. I knew George was going to be injured, but everything was pointing towards him being injured in Iraq. So him being John Doe was one hell of a twist. Wasn't sure where they were going with Izzie, but it looks like she's a goner. George probably will too. Best cliffhanger this show has done. Nice job."

LindaTNo1 said, "What an emotional finale with superb writing too!!! Applause, Applause, Applause! A standing ovation for all the cast and crew for a really gut wrenching and deep thinking finale. T.R. Knight and Katherine Heigl did an outstanding job in their respective characters. Shonda Rhimes is to be commended for a job well done! Alot of "money scenes" with twists and surprises to capture their audience from start to finish. Great work and anticipating next season!"

To Jss0058 it was, "One of the most shocking twists that I have ever seen. I enjoyed the whole episode especially heigel in the first hour and chambers in the second." However, for GH, "The 2 hours felt a little padded, but there was still wonderful stuff. And whoa, what an ending."

And nicolefan19 said, "I thought this was a pretty good finale, my only complaint being that I don't think it should have been two hours. Maybe an hour and a half, but at two hours it definitely dragged at places. I definitely didn't see that twist coming with George. That was a true surprise and completely emotional. Those last 10 minutes were pretty gripping and the way they had Izzie and George in the "ghost" world (especially George dressed up in uniform) was intense."


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