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Jonas Brothers' new TV series will probably be the kids' choice

May 4, 2009 | 11:48 am

Watch out, Miley Cyrus! The Jonas Brothers' new TV series "Jonas" is about to cause more trouble for "Hannah Montana" at the Kids' Choice Awards and elsewhere in kudosland.

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As the L.A. Times review notes, the Jonas Brothers' show "feels long in coming" and it looks like a "classic high school comedy" quite similar to "Hannah Montana," considering it "stars stars who play stars." That's because KevinNick and Joe Jonas portray the Lucases, fictional "rock and roll superstar brothers as they try to live ordinary lives," according to the Disney Channel's description.

The series has some detractors like the snooty New York Times, which predictably dismisses "Jonas" as a "noxious, awkward mix of art, commerce and romance," but that won't hurt its kid appeal. In fact, when it comes to the Kids' Choice Awards, "Jonas" is just the kind of show voters adore.

In 2008, "Hannah Montana" lost the award for favorite TV show to "Drake & Josh," which also won in 2006 — another series starring dimple-cheeked brothers (well, step-brothers, actually). "Hannah Montana" has never won that category and, considering it will compete next year against "Jonas," doesn't — let's face it — have much hope of victory ahead.

Photo credit: Disney Channel


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The Jonas Brothers show is very cheesy! It is one of the worst show I have ever seen. The acting is very bad too! Hopefully, the show won't last long. I thought that it would be better. But, I guess I was wrong. To bad...

wat up janas im a big fan and i play drums and guitar to i want to go on tour with u guys one day by the way the show is awsome

I watched the J.O.N.A.S Show with my daughter Melanie. We were worried that the brothers couldn't act but they were delightful and innately on cue with each other. They play on their stereotypical profiles (Nick being the serious one, etc) and their timing very good. The school setting is great, love the uniforms. The female characters seem to be exaggerated and need a different direction. The plot was adorable, Nick's crush cute, and the object of his attention an adorably beautiful young girl.
I think Disney has a hit on their hands assuming they tweak the female characters and add other student characters. We were very surprised that the boys were actually very funny!
The Disney Channel (though my girls are 17 & 15) are one of our favorite channels. I grew up with watching Disney... Adding the Jonas Brothers will continue the clean cut, youth programming the Disney brand is known for.

Ok, JONAS is like the best show ever made. and to all you crakcheads. that didnt like it are stupid. that show is amazing. i loved it. cant wait for more episodes. saturday is like my new favorite day. haha. i love the jonas brothers. oh yeah, and they all did really good. and nick is hot.. and he had some really hot parts in that show. and then joe and kevin are so funny. i cant wait for them to show frankie. =] best show ever award. they would so win the kids choice award. =]]

i love the jonas brothers but i hate hannah montana

ewwwww you ugly

plz telecast jonas seriers
in india!!!!!

I was slightly worried about JONAS, especially Nick who, in my opinion, isn't much of an actor. I think he did pretty good, Joe did well, the girls did too, as well as John Ducey who played their dad. However, to me, it was Kevin who really made me smile. He was funny, witty and flighty, yet when he needed to be the older brother, he was there. I definitely liked his more dramatic serious acting over his comedy though. I think he could be a great actor on one of those crime shows or soap like shows.
HOWEVER, having said that, I think that they should have picked a different opening show. I have seen next weeks already (Groovy Movies) and it is much better in my opinion. It seemed to me like this episode should have been about halfway through the season. The Keeping it Real seems more like an opener. also, the mother is a great actress and Frankie is so cute, and they should have had an episode with them in it as the first. The premiere episode is usually the worst of them all, and after seeing Groovy Movies, it is true. It will get better, I can guarantee it.

seen it and it's not so good...sorry

i am a jonas fanatic! i saw the show it was awsome!!!!!! GO JONAS THEY SHOULD WIN KIDS CHOCIE AWARDS!

Every review I have read has said that JONAS didn't perform as well as even the most recent Hannah Montana episodes or even ICarly. But as always anything associated with Los Angeles Times seems to skew things against anything Miley Cyrus does. JONAS will probally do OK but like other people on other reviews on other sites, have said, it's not (as good as) Hannah Montana.

Jonas show will not do well.

Well, i have always thought "Hannah Montana" was a great disney show, but in my opinion it almost seems like they are running out of ideas.

Its just random stories right now and confusing at times. i still love it, but i think JONAS definitely has a chance with more viewers.

I have to admit i NEVER thought the jonas brothers could act, not after camp rock at least. and i am a HUGE fan, but i think they proved a few people wrong with this show

I'm a huge Jonas Brothers fan (of their music and live performance) and was really worried about how JONAS would turn out....but they really pulled it off, I loved it!! I don't think anyone but them handles their Disney "family entertainment" obligations with such (goofy) grace. Great guys, unbeatable charm in my book.

I think Hannah Montana has improved a lot in its third season but as for me any my house we are loving JONAS a lot! It was funny and entertaining! We planning on watching it each week.



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