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Jonas Brothers' new TV series will probably be the kids' choice

May 4, 2009 | 11:48 am

Watch out, Miley Cyrus! The Jonas Brothers' new TV series "Jonas" is about to cause more trouble for "Hannah Montana" at the Kids' Choice Awards and elsewhere in kudosland.

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As the L.A. Times review notes, the Jonas Brothers' show "feels long in coming" and it looks like a "classic high school comedy" quite similar to "Hannah Montana," considering it "stars stars who play stars." That's because KevinNick and Joe Jonas portray the Lucases, fictional "rock and roll superstar brothers as they try to live ordinary lives," according to the Disney Channel's description.

The series has some detractors like the snooty New York Times, which predictably dismisses "Jonas" as a "noxious, awkward mix of art, commerce and romance," but that won't hurt its kid appeal. In fact, when it comes to the Kids' Choice Awards, "Jonas" is just the kind of show voters adore.

In 2008, "Hannah Montana" lost the award for favorite TV show to "Drake & Josh," which also won in 2006 — another series starring dimple-cheeked brothers (well, step-brothers, actually). "Hannah Montana" has never won that category and, considering it will compete next year against "Jonas," doesn't — let's face it — have much hope of victory ahead.

Photo credit: Disney Channel


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