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Emmy category shockeroos: January Jones moves up, Patrick Dempsey drops down

May 25, 2009 |  4:57 pm

There's a lot of curious stuff in the campaign material being shipped to Emmy voters, chiefly about category placement. Let's take this show by show.

"The Big Bang Theory" — Kaley Cuoco goes for lead.

"Big Love" — Among the female stars, only Jeanne Tripplehorn has been submitted for lead.

Mad men grey's anatomy emmys news

"Damages" — There was speculation that Rose Byrne might move up to lead from supporting, but she remains in the second tier. (And who can blame her? Would YOU take on Glenn Close, who won last year for her fire-spitting portrayal of a dragon corporate attorney?) Also in supporting: John Doman, Tate Donovan, Anastasia Griffith, Marcia Gay Harden, William Hurt and Timothy Olyphant. Ted Danson drops from supporting to guest star.

"ER" — Angela Bassett goes for lead.

"Friday Night Lights" — Connie Britton stays down in supporting after initially competing in the lead slot in the show's first year.

"Gossip Girl" — All in the lead races: Chace Crawford, Ed Westwick, Leighton Meester.
"Grey's Anatomy" — Only Ellen Pompeo remains in lead. Patrick Dempsey has dropped down to supporting.

"Mad Men" — January Jones moves up to lead, alongside Elisabeth Moss and Jon Hamm. Only Christina Hendricks, Vincent Kartheiser and John Slattery are in supporting. All others in guest, including Patrick Fischler, Colin Hanks, Melina McGraw, Robert Morse, Mark Moses and Joel Murray.

"Scrubs" — After all of these years, Judy Reyes competes for lead comedy actress

"Secret Diary of a Call Girl" — Competes in comedy categories, not drama.

"Sons of Anarchy" — Only Charlie Hunnam is lead. Katey Sagal is supporting.

"Southland" — Regina King goes for lead.

Photos: AMC, ABC

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Note: An earlier draft of this article incorrectly cited Cannes winner "Fahrenheit 911" as an Oscar winner. The correction has been made.

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I am so pissed that ed or leighton were not awarded the nominations they deserved, i mean, they pretty much carried the show all the season long. They are great actors with more ability than some who are nominated just because they are on a cw show and it is not nearly as respected as others. Completely unfair. I actually think there were way to many fast judgement noms this year.

I'm glad that Gossip Girl is getting some Emmy consideration. Aka: Leighton Meester and Ed Westwick. They are brilliant, not just together, but also separate. Chace Crawford's acting ability is fair, but in no way is up to par with Ed's and Leighton's. Go Gossip Girl!

regina king for southland? really? there have only been a few shows on so far. the show where she was the "lead" was the weakest of the bunch. she's not bad, but NOT emmy worthy.

rose bryne for an emmy? again, really? she had one facial expression the entire season and NO acting chops at all.

I really hope WALTON GOGGINS as Shane on THE SHIELD gets nominated for supporting actor this year.

He is one of the best actors on television.

I saw the FX package. The quotes about him on his page were amazing. What does it take for the Emmy's to acknowledge someone like this?

I don't care much about most of the performances/shows mentioned (Gossip Girl? Gray's Anatomy? Puhleeze)!, but I do want to add that if Aaron Paul is not nominated for his honest & harrowing performance on Breaking Bad, I'm going to be mighty disappointed, but then I usually am. I tend to like a lot of stuff that gets canceled, though. Sigh.

Charlie Hunnam has done great acting. All the best for him in Sons of Anarchy, one of my very few ultra favorite shows ever! Go Charlie!

Leighton Meester and Ed Westwick for sure deserve emmy noms - they both carried the show this past year. Ed's portrayal of Chuck Bass in episodes 13-15 were amazing and only made for great tv viewing and Leighton brings such a presence to the screen as Blair, she has had an outstanding season and the scenes they share whether screaming at each other or totally in love are what makes the show. Chase on the other hand yes is a gorgeous guy and a good actor but as for an emmy nom. i can't say i see it!!

LMAO@all the delusional Gossip Girl stans in here. Reminds me of those Jonas Brothers stans.

It doesn't really matter what category Gossip Girls submitted themselves in they are never getting a nomination. If MUCH better shows like Gilmore Girls and Buffy the Vampire Slayer couldn't break through a lesser show like Gossip Girl isn't getting in.

I'm a 47 year old football coach from Chicago. I found myself crying when Joel Murray's character on Mad Men got in the cab at the end of Six Months Leave. Great stuff.

Leighton Meester deserves to be nominated. She plays Blair perfectly. Her character has the most dept.

I applaud the cast of "Gossip Girl". The actors with the best storylines and screentime all submitted themselves as lead - Meester, Westwick, Rutherford and Crawford. You'd think only Meester and Lively would submit as lead. They don't have a chance at a nod either way whether submitting in lead or supporting but at least they were honest in their classification.

The "Mad Men" situation is similar to "The Sopranos". Lorraine Bracco was lead in the first season with all the therapy sessions. But by second season, the show shifted more to the family and wife. Elisabeth Moss' Peggy opened the first season of "Mad Men" but the second season she was more supporting. January Jones was true lead of the season. I hope they are both nominated either way.

For Damages, I hope Rose Byrne is nominated as well. She should have WON best supporting actress last year - yet wasn't nominated. I would personally place her in lead. She owned this season.

Ed and Leighton totally deserve the nomination and maybe even an emmy. But Chace Crawford? You gotta be kidding me!

Ed and Leighton totally deserve the nomination and maybe even an emmy. But Chace Crawford? You gotta be kidding me!

Leighton Meester deserves a nomination. She is just awsome!!!

Patrick Dempsey is not a supporting actor on Grey' Anatomy.. He's the lead. Angela Bassett should be nominated this year for lead actress for ER.

Some of this looks like cheating. Is it?

Ed Westwick and Leighton Meester are the only thing worth watching Gossip Girl and they certainly deserve a nomination. Chace Crawford though, not at all!

Ed Westwick and Leighton Meester certainly deserve at least a nomination and maybe an Emmy! But Chace Crawford, wtf???!!! The guy can only deliver confused stares, pleeeease!

Mcdreamy Can't Act

Ed Westwick and Leighton Meester both did a fabulous job on Gossip Girl this year and definitely deserve Emmy noms. Chace Crawford, on the other hand, does not.

I agree mysteriousrent a supporting role is just as important as a lead role. Rose Byrne is making the right decision to go supporting for Damages. I mean who can compete with the dominent Glenn Close?

Gossip Girl cast should have went supporting.

We've started our own Emmy campaign to stir up some buzz for Leighton Meester and Ed Westwick. I do think they deserve something because they truly carried this show and GG has a lot of hype behind it.




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