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Oscars buzz from the Cannes Film Festival

May 23, 2009 | 11:32 am

So far the flick with the most Academy Awards buzz at the Cannes Film Festival is "Bright Star" by Jane Campion of "The Piano," which won best screenplay in 1994 and garnered nominations for best picture and director.

Bright star cannes film festival

Variety's review: "Breaking through any period-piece mustiness with piercing insight into the emotions and behavior of her characters, the writer-director examines the final years in the short life of 19th-century romantic poet John Keats through the eyes of his beloved, Fanny Brawne, played by Abbie Cornish in an outstanding performance. Beautifully made film possesses solid appeal for specialized auds in most markets, including the U.S., where it will be released by Bob Berney and Bill Pohlad’s yet-to-be named new distribution company, although its poetic orientation and dramatic restraint will likely stand in the way of wider acceptance."

Roger Ebert reports, "I think I may have just seen the 2010 Oscar winner for best foreign film." Dishing "A l'origine" by director Xavier Giannoli, he adds, "Based on an incredible true story, it involves an insignificant thief, just released from prison, who becomes involved in an impromptu con game that results in the actual construction of a stretch of highway."


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Photo: Ben Whishaw and Abbie Cornish in "Bright Star." Credit: BBC Films

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