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Which 'Star Trek' versions deserved Oscars and Emmys?

May 9, 2009 |  3:45 pm

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If you could scoot through a worm hole to a parallel universe — and give the "Star Trek" films and TV versions the Oscars and Emmys they deserved -- what awards would those be?

"Star Trek" flicks didn't win any Oscars, and the TV renditions won just a smattering of Emmys in the tech races, with one exception: the animated series won a Daytime Emmy as best children's entertainment show of 1975. "Star Trek" and "Star Trek: The Next Generation" did nab noms for best drama series, but neither William Shatner nor Patrick Stewart ever got nominated. It wasn't for lack of trying. Stewart even funded his own personal Emmy campaign, buying "For Your Consideration" ads in Variety and the Hollywood Reporter.

But in an ideal universe, what awards should this franchise have won so far? I put that question to our forum posters, with interesting results.

Boomer thinks Ricardo Montalban should've won an Oscar for "Star Trek: The Wrath of Khan," adding, "Yes, it is over the top, but in just the kind of way that fits the role and is very memorable even 25 years later."

Of course, Shatner and Stewart deserved shots at the Emmy and Leonard Nimoy, who was nominated twice, deserved to win, according to poster rockstitution.

Our posters cite lots of examples of superb writing across the franchise. Read more of their views here.

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Photo: Capt. Kirks William Shatner, left, and Chris Pine. Credit: Paramount

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