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Poll: Did 'Star Trek' animated series win an Emmy?

May 6, 2009 |  4:05 pm

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Although the original "Star Trek" TV series lasted only three seasons on NBC (1966-'69), its popularity increased with reruns, leading to the launch of an animated version of "Star Trek" during daytime in 1973. The original "Star Trek" was nominated for best drama series twice (1967, 1968), losing both times to "Mission: Impossible," so the new animated version gave the growing franchise another shot at a program award.

The "Star Trek" animated series was nominated at the Daytime Emmys in the race for best kids' entertainment series. Let's test your Emmy IQ. Did it win? Vote in our poll below, then check out the answer here.


Poll: Did 'Star Trek' win the Emmy battle in 1967?

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Photo: NBC

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ANSWER: Yes, "Star Trek" won this award contest, marking the first Emmy won by the franchise.