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Poll: Did 'Star Trek' win the Emmy battle in 1967?

May 4, 2009 |  2:14 pm

With J.J. Abrams and crew relaunching "Star Trek" into movie theaters this week, the revamping of the classic franchise may be going where many previous ones have gone before: Star Trek TV movie J.J_Abrams-1into a kudos black hole. Voters of Oscars, Emmys and other industry awards usually snub sci-fi works like "Star Trek," of course — except in the tech categories like special visual effects.

But there are notable exceptions, like "Star Trek" being nominated at the Emmys for best TV drama series at the end of its first and second seasons on NBC in 1967 and 1968. As mania builds for the new "Star Trek" feature film over the next few days, Gold Derby invites fans to travel with us through a cyber-wormhole to revisit old kudos battles of yore.

First, let's visit planet Emmy, so that means hopping aboard "Star Trek" during its maiden voyage on TV in 1966-67 along with Captain Kirk, Mr. Spock and crew. It's a lonely trip, I warn you. "Star Trek" became far more popular in reruns than it was during its first spin over just three TV seasons before it was canceled. But — hooray — at least Emmy voters appreciated it with a best-series nomination. Below are the five contenders. Do you recall the victor?

First, vote below, then check out the answer here.Then take our next poll: Did Leonard Nimoy win an Emmy for 'Star Trek'?

ANSWER: Winner was "Mission: Impossible." In 1968, "Star Trek" was nominated again for best drama series, but lost again to the same show.


Did Leonard Nimoy win an Emmy for 'Star Trek'?

Photo: NBC

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