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'The Amazing Race' races to finish

May 4, 2009 |  4:40 pm

Sunday night's penultimate episode of the 14th installment of "The Amazing Race" offered another edge-of-your-seat finish. Sisters Jen and Kisha have been both up and down in the standings but never out. Last week, when Jen floundered in the swimming pool, they soldiered on, determined to finish strong. What a surprise then when host Phil Keoghan told them at the mat that the leg was not over and they had a chance to stay in the race for $1 million.

Amazing Race Kisha Jen Emmy Awards This week — even after being U-turned by brother-sister team Victor and Tammy and forced to complete both roadblocks — it looked like Jen and Kisha would make it into "Amazing Race's" final three. At the second of these roadblocks, Jen drank bottles of water as she choked down such fried delicacies as scorpion and starfish.  Ahead of Jamie and Cara when leaving the sidewalk stand, Jen then decided to make a pit stop before reaching the pit stop. That decision cost her precious time and she and her big sister were eliminated from "The Amazing Race."

For our forums poster Buffy Mars this was, "One of the biggest mistakes in 'Amazing Race' history." Jackie Schnoop of TV Squad thought, "Yeah, she had to pee. So what?! Dammit, it's a race for a million dollars and because she had to stop to use a port-a-potty, they lost by seconds!" And as Josh Wolk writes over at Entertainment Weekly, "Jen, you were wearing a robe. Pee your pants, no one would know! There can be an 'anything to win' dignity to such a thing, anyway."

Next week's finale promises more of the same feverish pace that has made this show such a winner with Emmy voters over the past six years. "The Amazing Race" has never lost the Emmy Award for best reality/competition show. Among those shows it has shut out of TV's biggest prize is TV's top-rated "American Idol."

Photo: Jen and Kisha. Credit: CBS

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