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Will '24' return to the Emmy race this year?

May 19, 2009 |  2:34 pm

Last night's seventh-season finale of "24" delivered the show's trademark mix of action and drama as it wrapped up another eventful day in the life of Jack Bauer (Kiefer Sutherland). This year the rogue spy battled friends and foes before ending the day facing imminent death.

24 Sixth Season Finale Fox Emmy Awards Kiefer Sutherland Elisha Cuthbert Many critics have hailed the creative resurgence of this onetime perennial Emmy Awards contender. "24" sat out last year's Emmy race due to the writers strike. In 2007, Season 6 was deemed a disappointment and the show failed to contend for the drama series Emmy for the first time in its run. While "24" had made the top 10 — as determined by a popular vote of academy members — the sample episodes failed to impress the judging panel enough for the show to make it through to the final round of nominees.

That snub was especially glaring as "24" had taken TV's top honor the previous year. That win in 2006 came for the fifth consecutive series nod. And Sutherland won the lead actor Emmy Award that night as well. Though the show was not in the running in 2007, Sutherland did contend again for the sixth year in a row. He lost to James Spader ("Boston Legal"). Both he and the show are certainly in the mix this year based on reviews like the following for last night's two-hour season-ender.

Robert Bianco of USA Today thought the show "capped its season-long creative resurgence Monday with a finale that was characteristically rousing and uncharacteristically thoughtful. Spurred by Tony's betrayal and his own sense of impending doom, Jack allowed his heroic façade to drop — allowing the show to dig a bit deeper into the nature of his heroism."

Dan Snierson of Entertainment Weekly said, " this wasn't '24's s most explosive! exhilarating! shocking! finale — it went for the heart instead of the jugular — but it effectively capped a much-needed comeback year for the show." And for Brandon Millman of Zap2it, "Believe it or not, “24” manages to wrap-up Jack Bauer’s seventh day to a most fitting conclusion … the day is saved, yet we’ve only just begun. Also, the character development knob is turned to 11 for the final two hours."


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